13 October 2012


Life has been hectic, that's for sure. We went to Ca on September 17th & came home October 1st. We spent the first week at my parent's house & the second at Mike's parents. It was mostly a good visit but it seems every time we go home Mike & I leave feeling weird. I won't go into details but I guess there is always a sense of disappointment with some part of the visit each time we go home. Oh well I guess, such is life & we need to just focus on our lives. We have a beautiful daughter & she is now our lives. Katie did get to meet some amazing people! My dad was crazy about her & she was of course crazy about him. She "talked" so much to him & really only him. She'd "talk" to other people but not like she did with my dad. She also got to meet her great-grandpa & he got to meet her, the first great-granddaughter of the family. I have some amazing pictures of our visit to see Papa. :)

Our Bug-a-lug is now about 9 lbs. She was 8lbs 6oz & 20.25 inches long on October 2nd. She was about 8lbs 13oz on the 9th. The 9th weigh is a guesstimate from weighing myself, then myself with her on our scale. She's growing so big & changing so much! She's talking more & more and smiles more. In 3 short days she'll be 11 weeks/2.5 months old. Where has the time gone?! My baby girl! At 10 weeks old I finally packed up her newborns. She's now in 0-3 month clothes! At 9 weeks I moved her up to size 1 diapers. Off-brand size 1's because pamper 1's are ginormous still. I'm amazed how long she stayed in newborn diapers & clothes though honestly she could've moved up a few weeks ago. I was just holding on. 0-3's fit her pretty well already. :) Hopefully we make it to 4 months before having to move her up to size 3m or 3-6. Yes, I'm trying to hold onto my tiny baby!

Health. Man, it's time to kick our butts into shape. Seriously!!! I'm still extreme-slowly losing but I need to lose real weight. I'd like to lose about 20 lbs by Christmas. Before pregnancy I had lost 28 lbs, gained it all back during pregnancy & I've lost all of that plus 2-3 lbs. That's all good but I don't look like I did a year ago. I know pregnancy changes your body but I'm not happy with it. In my mind I look pregnant. Not happy with that so I need to change it. I plan to start walking with Mike when he gets back from Utah. He's there for a work/training thing & gets home tomorrow. I know Mike will be completely on board with losing weight & eating healthier because I know he's not happy with himself either. Plus, we need to be good examples for our daughter. We need to eat healthy before she starts eating solid foods so she'll be eating the same things as us & not healthier than us. :)

Welp, that's about it. Here are a few photos from Tuesday. Miss Katie's 10 week birthday!

03 September 2012

Month 2

We have entered our second month as parents. Tomorrow Kate will be 5 weeks old which isn't real. She's getting SOOOOO big & it makes me sad. At her month appt last Tuesday she weighed 6 lbs 9oz & was 19 inches long. I don't think she really stretched her out though because she had to of grown more than 1/4 inch in 2 weeks. She grew 1.5 inches in her first 2 weeks & she seems so much longer than 19 inches. She's getting so heavy too. I'm amazed how heavy she feels. She's still a good baby but she fusses way more than before. Sometimes she just needs her daddy though. I can rock, bounce, pat, jiggle her for an hr but daddy takes over and 5 mins later she's asleep. Grrrr! It's quite frustrating. My patience has grown though, I don't get as frustrated or overwhelmed during her crying fits now. Mike's patience is still growing, he gets frustrated quickly but he sticks with it now instead of handing her back off. :) She's still in newborn clothes & newborn diapers. I will sad when we need to move up to size 1 diapers & bigger clothes. Thankfully I do have some bigger newborn clothes so I can pretend my baby isn't growing so quickly. She's still in the smaller ones but when needed we can switch to the slightly bigger ones and Mommy can take happiness that Kate is still wearing newborn clothes. :)

Weight is not still coming off. "Breastfeeding melts the weight off" my ass! I've stayed the same weight for 2 weeks now. Not sure how Mike is doing but he's been gyming it.

CA! We'll hopefully be going in 2 weeks. My wound isn't healing quite as fastly as hoped. It's about half closed & it's been a month. Currently *TMI-maybe* it's 3.75 inches wide & 1.75 inches deep. It's infected too because some dumbass nurse didn't use proper hygeine practices when changing & repacking my wound. It now has 2 infections & I'm on 2 meds to fight it. We found out about 1 infection & quickly the wound started looking better but this weekend it started looking worse & come to find out it had developed a second infection. Grrr! We called off the CA trip because of infection 1(& other reasons) but once it started getting better I pushed for going again. Then infection 2.... So we'll see. I am worried about going home while the wound is still open but I really really want my dad to meet his granddaughter. Mike's parents have met her & my mom & sister have met her but the one person I desperately want to meet her is my dad. I also want her to meet her great-grandpa Papa(Fred) & also Mimi. She is their first great-granddaughter & all. :) I know other people want to meet her too but the 2/3 people I care about her meeting are my dad & the great-grandparents. :)

Well, I guess that's all. I guess I should get back to baby girl. I think I'll always call her baby girl.

19 August 2012

Crazy Life

Life is so totally crazy but so totally amazing! Our daughter is 19 days old & I'm still in denial that she's ours. Our baby girl, our daughter! It's weird to call her Katie & know we have a daughter named Katelyn. A name I picked out 10 years ago for a daughter should we ever be blessed with one. Life is so totally amazing with her. I admit, the late night/early morning feedings are HARD! It's hard to have to wake up every 3-4 hrs. I often take midday naps because my energy is zapped. I'm also still healing from the Csection. Mike is a pretty good daddy but his patience is lacking. A fussy baby & daddy don't mix. :) She's actually a really really good baby so we're definitely lucky when it comes to that. If you want to know all about her birth click here.

The dogs are doing pretty good with baby. Hershey of course is a big brother & wants to help when she's fussy. Well, he wants to help all the time. He kisses her whenever he can sneak a kiss & he's always checking on her. Cinnamon has kissed her a few times but she's more interested in getting attention & being loved on. Both have had their jealous moments but Cinnamon definitely is way more jealous. I figured she would be. She can't have all the attention now which she doesn't like.

I'm not sure how Mike is doing on weight loss but I am nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm definitely hoping to be at pre-pregnancy by Katie's 3 week birthday which is in 2 days. :) I can definitely get there if I don't eat horribly. Not that I've been keeping track of my weight, I actually just first stepped on the home scale 3 days ago. The next goal will be to get to my lowest weight so far which is 10 lbs away. :) Mike has a PT test at the end of this month so fingers crossed he's ready for it & is at a good enough weight for it. :)

Well, that's about it. Have a great day!

23 July 2012


Today is a big day! Today I find out whether I'm being induced or if I'm staying on bedrest for a little while longer. Could be til tomorrow, could be for another week or two. I honestly could see it going either way. I don't know how serious my protein numbers are. I know what they are, the actual number, & I know it's considered high, but I don't know if it's induce today high or bedrest is ok high. I slept surprisingly well which may bite me in the ass. Just because if I slept a little crappy then I'd probably zonk again before I have to call & he can't get mad at me for calling later if I'm sleeping. Sleep is great for high bp! :)

Induced today?! Am I really ready to meet our daughter? Not that it matters if I am if the doctor wants her out. I'm hoping because she's still doing so well, because the preeclampsia isn't affecting her at all it seems, that I can stay on bedrest. I will try to take it easy but pst! I have a baby to finish getting ready for! :) Mike is really scared of being induced today or soon. He kept saying it seems too early for her to come, it's only 5 days short of a month early. *Big Breath* I don't know, I honestly don't know what Dr. Silva is going to do or if he even works today. I'm semi hoping he's not there so he can't make the call today. But Stephens would be & they'd most likely let her decide. My life, today, is in my OB's hands. Even if I make it past today without induction it could be tomorrow. I hope they let me wait it out til at least tomorrow since I have an appt. I know if I do make it past today chances are I might not tomorrow. My levels were above the all mighty 300 but the on-call OB did let me go home so it's not super duper induced that day high.

My feelings on it. It is so early! They have me at 36.5 weeks which while is considered 'pre-term', it's only a few days short of 'term'. I know staying in there would be beneficial to her if the pre-eclampsia isn't bad, which I think it is still in the beginning stage...hopefully. Either way, induced or not, I will be happy & disappointed! Not induced- happy we're still ok to keep cooking but a little sad it's not time to meet her. Induced- so scared, she's preterm still, but excited to be on our way to meeting her. I don't want to be induced but part of me does. Ok, I am psycho, I will not be happy either way. I will not be happy if they don't induce me because I am & have been worried sick about being induced. The charge nurse insisted she thinks I'll be sent right back on Monday so in my head I should be being induced today. Also in my head I think "oh, he won't induce. All my labs beside the urine were great!". Only the protein & slight high BP are my problems. I will not be happy if I'm induced because that means right back to the hospital, boo! It also means my numbers are high enough to be dangerous to our daughter & that's really not cool. It's scary as hell! I am SO ready to have her in my arms but I'm also so Not ready yet!

It is a huge week basically. Because like I said, even if I make it past today, if they don't induce me today, he very well could induce me tomorrow! I don't want 8-9am to come because I'm not ready to know but oh my gosh, get here so I can know already! If I'm not induced today then I get to experience all of this anxiety tomorrow!!! Yay!

Update: No induction today (Monday, July 23rd) but I have a feeling I might be tomorrow. I may be able to stay on bedrest if my BP is normal enough but we'll see. At least I'll know by 9:30-10am either way.

22 July 2012

July Baby

I'll start with what's new with us. Mike got evaled for instructor of the quarter so YAY to that. He got instructor of the month for June. :) He was suppose to have a PT test at the end of this month but it got moved to the end of next month. He figured he'd miss next month's one because he plans to take a full month off after baby but....that might not incompass his PT test anymore.

The dogs are good. Spoiled as always. It'll be interesting how they do with baby. Hersh will be great I know, Cinnamon will be the real one to see.

Baby. Well, high blood pressure is definitely back & it's prenatal hypertension now. It's gone up. It was quite high this week & I ended up being sent to the hospital for a 24 hr observance & urine collection. I did the urine test & blood work this week but the stupid lab didn't do it correctly. It was frustrating being at the hospital for over 24 hrs just because the lab fucked up my protein analyst & trust me, I was B I T C H Y! :) I figured all would be fine. Not so fast! My BP in the hospital (once I settled down from the shock & anger) was decent. It was my high normal, 130's. It went back into the 120's for most of the stay & it went back to 130's waiting to leave because, yeah I was BEYOND ready! Protein analyst came back high. My OB wasn't working this weekend so I was released, thank goodness. I have to call my OB on Monday to see what he wants to do. If I can just stay on bedrest for another week or two or if they're going to induce me. I'll be at least 36.5 weeks according to them (37.5 according to me). Oh, I did get an ultrasound at the hospital to measure her size & she's now 6lbs. She was 6 exactly on Friday! :) It's crazy to think we may be holding a 6 lb baby in our arms this week. :)

Well, that's about it. Tschuess!

Oh, a few fun tidbits. She's still very active!!! Also, I felt my first set of hiccups. Actually, I've felt 2 sets for sure & both were at the hospital. Oh my gosh, she takes after Mommy with those, they were SOOOO strong. It really was amazing! :)

12 July 2012

Baby Girl

Who would've thunk it. Little baby girl will be here in less than a month. Saturday hits 4 weeks til she's due. Now, she may be early or late & I'm hoping she's not late! I told her before anything after 36 weeks is good. Now.....she must wait til 38 because I can't imagine her coming already. That'd just crazy! I probably won't be ready at 38 either but those 2 extra weeks currently are letting me breathe easier. Speaking of breathing...ok, not really. Supposedly these little ones should be less active because they have less room right? Pst! This little girl is an acrobat at night. Bedtime is her playtime & she moves like crazy. It's so amazing! She's everywhere too. Low, Middle, High. Everywhere. No rib kicks yet & I wonder if I'll get any. Maybe as a parting shot she'll kick ribs. :) No braxton hicks either. No hiccups either. :)

The good stuff. We had an ultrasound today & for the first time they were incredibly slow & I got called early. Whoops, Mike wasn't there so I waited. Baby girl was active today which they always seemed to want at other appts (where she was sleeping) but today the lady said "oh, she's tired of being messed with". You want her active but when she is you make the scan short. Not happy because we didn't get a single picture. I was hoping a face shot would help us decide on her name. But nope. We do know she's measuring at(about) 5lbs 7oz which is the 41st percentile. She's a small average baby! :) I told Mike at lunch "I have a 5.5 lb baby in there right now! That's crazy". It truly is crazy.

Well, that's all I really wanted to write about. We're down to 2 names & one of the choices changed but oh well. Mike polled his work & they like one name a lot. I'm not so sure about the name. Most likely she'll be named at the hospital, once we see her. :)

03 July 2012


Today was my first weekly OB appt. I admit since my last appt I've been so anxious to get everything ready for the hospital. Nothing like being admitted to kick you in the ass & tell you "hey, baby could come any day". I didn't go crazy prepping because I still had 6 weeks til she's due and my bp was nearly perfect at the hospital. Still, there was still always that "you need to be ready in case....". I washed, santized, & prepped quite a bit for baby. My diaper bag is about half packed & my hospital suitcase(small) is basically empty. Should I have been sent back to the hospital today I probably would've been fully ready by next week BUT I wasn't. BP still high but high normal. No concern! I can rest easily for another week & hope for the best next week. The BIG week. We have labor class & an ultrasound next week. An exciting week! :)

Her name, our munchkin's name. We're close. It's down to 2. I've yet to talk to Mike about them because it never seems like the right time. Why is it so hard for me to bring up what we want to name her? I don't know. But I do know it's between 2 names. 2 good names! :)

Mike is rocking it on exercise. He goes to the gym often and he's been doing nightly walks with the dogs. I usually am too sore or not feeling well. I'm hoping to be able to start going again soon. This week though it's been gloomy & stormy. You don't know if it's going to rain or not & here it starts at the drop of dime and it starts out HARD! If we were in the middle of our walk we'd be completely soaked within 2 mins. Just what I need, the extra weight of drenched clothes. It's hard enough with the weight I already have. :) But I'm proud of Mike. He has a PT test at the end of this month.

Welp, that's all folks!

26 June 2012

Eventful Week

This week is going to be eventful kinda. Mike volunteered the both of us to work at a softball tournment this week. Mike volunteered me because he gets my hours too towards his total. We showed up yesterday & she(volunteer head) wouldn't let me do anything because I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant, not crippled! Oh well I guess, I get to sit there watching the game while supposedly "earning" hours towards Mike's total. Good for him! I guess we'll work Wednesday & Friday again. Then I believe the 7-12th we'll work probably every day through 2 games so it'll add 4 hrs per person per day.

Today I had my first L&D admittance. Technically it's Maternal & Child at our hospital. My BP was very high at my OB appt so they sent me to the hospital. I was scared to death & Mike didn't take his phone today so I was alone. That was the worst part, just not having him there for support and knowing if something was wrong I'd have no way of getting ahold of him. My BP there was nearly perfect & baby was completely fine. She was actually quite feisty today & kicked the doppler machine both at the OB & at the hospital. Her heart beat stayed mostly around 147-154 while we were there. I have no gestational diabetes, I have no signs of preeclampsia, there were no proteins in my urine, & baby is not stressed in any way. I was & am completely fine. It was a long long 2.5 hrs though I will tell you. The last hour was just waiting on results which is frustrating when all you want to do is go home! I did LOVE getting to listen to baby girl's heartbeat non-stop for at least an hour. It's such an amazing sound!!!
Because of the high bp(at the ob) I've been taken off Curves which sucks! I will miss my ladies! I was hoping & expecting to continue past 36 weeks but I'm only 33 now. :( Oh well I guess. If my bp continues to be high I may be put on partial bedrest. I don't do much during the day anyways so that's not really an issue. We'll see I guess. Good to know though that I don't have to worry about g.d. & I have no signs currently for preeclampsia. :) Baby Girl & I are healthy!

The dogs are good also. Our spoiled brats! :)

21 June 2012


The sun is surely shining here. It's been in the 100's this week, ugh! This weekend is suppose to be 100 + rain/storms! Double Yuck! But when I say Sunshine, I mean our baby girl! She loves the song "You are my Sunshine". Almost every time I play it on my phone (& hold it to my belly) she'll react. She loves any music played though. I've also started singing it to her & today she reacted to my singing. Maybe to tell me it was bad, who knows. :) I don't know if this little girl will ever know how truly loved & how truly wanted she was. No one who hasn't struggled with infertility will ever know the pain or heartache and will never know the depth of the love you develop even before conception. I will never be able to show her how much I love her, even if I kissed her non-stop for the rest of her life. She is such an amazing blessing & I can't wait to hold her in my arms. I can't wait to see her, smell her, hold her, comfort her, & love on her. She is my sunshine & she is my everything! My dream come true!

Names, we are getting close. I know she will either be Katie or Allie! I've narrowed it down to 3 names! One of which Mike doesn't like BUT it may be our compromise name. He dreamt of & wants "Allie" but the Allie name he likes I'm on the fence with. At times I love it & times I hate it. The second Allie name is the one he doesn't like. "Katie" is the name I've had picked out since I was 18 so...10 years. Gosh I'm old! He likes the Katie name but he doesn't like my spelling. I'm telling you this man is picky! We're both stubborn so it's been really hard. At times I feel she's a Katie & other times I feel she's an Ally/Allie. Mike also likes the spelling 'Allie' & no other way! I'm telling you, we're two super stubborn people! But I am usually the one who gives in. I don't know if I can give into the Allie name he likes though. We need to discuss it but it never seems like the right time. Oh well, at least I know for sure we're narrowed down to 3 names! Or I am. :) She could surprise us & be born on August 12th, Mimi's birthday. Then she could be named Melissa & I'd call her Ellie. I've decided that I'm not letting one or two people decide what we name our daughter. I don't care who or what was named it before or how this person was associated with the family. This is OUR daughter & that is the name Mimi picked. It is OUR choice whether we use it.

The rest of us are doing good. Baby girl is getting bigger & making me more & more uncomfortable. Mike doesn't seem to understand & he still expects me to be a sprite young thing. He doesn't understand how painful walks can be or how lack of sleep affects me. He's a man! He has a PT test in about 6 weeks, hopefully he'll be good for it. The dogs are good. Spoiled still but they're becoming more momma dogs at times. It's odd but I'll find them crowded around me or snuggling with me when I'm use to them being daddy's dogs. Don't get me wrong, they are still Daddy's dogs but they're having mommy moments. Especially Cinnamon, she's followed me more. :) Welp, I guess that's it for what's new. Tschuess!

13 June 2012

Why is this so freaking hard!!!

I am so tired of trying to name our daughter! So tired! I'm tired of hearing about what everyone thinks of the names we're thinking about. I like this name, I think that one, no you can't name her that. Everyone is going to have their opinions & that's fine. It really doesn't bother me hearing what everyone likes or doesn't like. My problem is I can't decide what I like. No, I take that back, I KNOW what I like but Mike doesn't. Mike thinks we're close but we did kinda have a "it's coming together" moment a few nights ago. We were watching TV and one of the names I like came on the screen. Mike asked if that's how I would spell it. Yup! What would her nickname be. *name* Of course he likes it, I knew he would. It's the nickname he dreamed about in December before we knew we were expecting. I ran with it, ok, these are 2 other names that would also use that nickname. He likes both. There are 2-3 names popping around & I was SO excited that we finally had it narrowed down. 2 names but one has 2 ending options (ra or ria). I have tried so hard to accept one of these names. I LOVE one name but it seems to big & fancy for our sweet little girl. I like the other but it seems a little plain & I know someone who has a daughter with that name. Why can't Mike just like the name that originally started that night's conversation?! Then we'd both be extremely happy. He'd get his nickname & I'd get the name I like. But is that name too cute & sweet? Both of the name Mike thinks we're considering would be great adult names. Great for when she's going out into the world & making a great success for herself. Yes, I have high hopes for her. But I can't picture our sweet girl with such a strong powerful name when she's so tiny.

There is another name that we're suppose to use if baby girl is born on someone's birthday. We made this person a promise, if we liked the name she could name her. It's a great name & EVERYONE loves it. Everyone seriously loves this name. I haven't had one negative comment on it......except for one person on Mike's side. It's the name of an ex-wife of someone. Everyone tells me & even Mike says it, "so what! what does that have to do with your/our daughter?". It has nothing to do with our daughter really & it shouldn't matter what we name her. It would be HER name. Yes, it's an ex-wife's name but it's also a friend's name that is partially to thank for our miracle even coming. She was a little birdy in my ear telling me "hey hey, maybe.....". I mean, Mike & I did the work so most of the credit goes to us. :) & God! We wouldn't be using the name to honor the birdy or to spite a family member opposed to the name. We'd be doing it because Mike & I both like the name & it's the name birthday person picked. I know we can't use it though because it would seem like we're doing it out of spite. That even though we know it may make some people uncomfortable we used it anyways. It's really not fair, it shouldn't be an issue because this is OUR daughter! Our Miracle! The good thing is this is only a problem we'll face if baby girl decides to share her birthday with someone. This single day out of the whole month. Then again, she may come out & the name will seem perfect for her. Then we're screwed! :)

So, hopefully baby girl's nick name will start kicking in because I've still yet to use it when talking to her. I like the nickname & I love that Mike had a dream about having a daughter with that name. It's very sweet. I just wish I could love a full name to go with it. :| It's very frustrating not having a name for her when she's due in 2 months.

The End!

09 June 2012

Long Time!

Is it really June already?!? That's just crazy I tell you. I haven't written in a long time. I know, lazy me! Baby shower came & went, it was awesome! I got a lot of great stuff. Read more on my pregnancy blog if you want. Apparently baby girl is about 3.5 lbs currently & 17 inches. The tickers actually say "almost 4 lbs" but she's a small-in so probably closer to the 3.5 mark. I still feel her moving around & she loves to stay low. Some people have rib monster babies but she's a pelvic monster baby. I swear she's going to pop herself out early because she insists on staying so low & pressing/stretching down there. Anywho, enough about her. There is plenty more about her on the pregnancy blog so I'll let you go there for more deets! She's still nameless, we haven't even discussed possible names since our last talk weeks ago. Yeah....we should get to that. :)

Not sure how Mike is doing on weight loss. We haven't discussed it so I'm guessing not great. I'm refocusing on losing alittle. I went a few weeks/months with not caring about gaining or focusing on my food choices. I haven't gained a HUGE amount but more than I care too. So, I'm refocused on eating better & maybe losing a few lbs before I start gaining again. I know I'll gain more, it is prime gain time, but I'm hoping to minimize it now. Less gained is less I have to re-lose & heaven knows how hard I worked the first time to lose it.

The dogs are doing well. I'm not sure if they know/understand that a baby is coming. I've talked to them about it but who knows what/if they understand. I look forward to seeing how they interact with her. I know Hershey will be a rockstar brother. :) Cinnamon....will probably come around once she stops being so afraid of her. She really is a fraidy-cat.

16 May 2012


Tomorrow is the day I fly to CA. I am extremely sad & I know I won't sleep well tonight. I'll be stressing & thinking over every little detail. Thinking of every negative possibility. Thinking about leaving Mike & our dogs. Mike has been ULTRA sweet since Friday & it needs to stop! Ok, it doesn't, it's been amazingly awesome, but it's going to make tomorrow morning even harder! Good thing a friend is driving me to the airport! I get to say goodbye to Mike at our house where I can cry alone. :( I wasn't an emotional preggo but apparently in the last few weeks that side has come out! I'm not excited about WHY I'm going to CA because I'm so sad about leaving Az, even if it's only for 6 days. I am sad! I am dreading it! :(

Baby girl has been active lately, so active. She kicks all the time and she seems to respond to me. As crazy as that seems it's true. If I ask her to kick me she will. I guess she's responding to my voice & she likes to be talked too. We're still in the air about the name but we maybe agreed on one possible. All others are out the door. Abbigayle, Katherine, Madilyn, Alyssa! Oh, we have 2 possibles.....maybe! We MAY have 2 possibles. It's hard to tell with Mike. So awesome having a shower for a nameless baby. :) She's loved, that's all that matters. :)

Mike had an eval on his teaching today. I guess it didn't go as well as he hoped but he passed! Yay! That means he can go to a class & become a SILVER instructor! The middle level of instructor. Hopefully he has enough time to make it to Gold, that'd be great for him! :)

That's about it folks. Tschuess!

13 May 2012

Mother's Day

My first real Mother's Day! I've celebrate with our dogs but this year, I get to celebrate because of a little miracle growing inside of me. A little 2+ lb miracle daughter! I do not know if Mike has any surprises for me but I HOPE so! I know we're suppose to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast & I picked raviolis for dinner. We aren't daring to go out tonight because every single place will be packed all day long! We're having a big outing tomorrow. Well, movie & food in Tucson. The Avengers! :)

The last 2 days have been amazing. Mike took a 4 day so he's been around to annoy me since Thursday night. But we've actually had a great time so far. We went to the movies on friday, then lunch, then grocery shopping, then chilling. :) Yesterday was by far the best day ever. Mike was in a cleaning mood, thank goodness, & did lots. Made our bed, picked up a few things in the livingroom, cleaned his part of the spare closet (baby girl's closet now), put away all his folded clothes, cleaning the computer room, did dishes, & cooked dinner. I'm so glad he cleaned the computer room because my family will be here in just over 2 weeks & I needed this room clean. Then we (he) put together the crib & the baby's dresser! AAAAHHHHH, It makes it more real! I love the crib & dresser! Mike worked hard getting them together! I did help. The crib is in the spare/baby's room and the PnP(pack n play) & her dresser are in our room! She's officially taking over our house. Just wait until all the presents from the shower show up! Crazy! Best part of yesterday though was our baby girl decided gymnastics was on the agenda. After some ice cream she became a tumbling star. Normally I just feel kicks but I felt her MOVING. Moving all around in there. I called Mike over & of course impatient male with his "I don't feel anything" after 5 seconds. I made him wait, told him she was moving like crazy, & 30 seconds later JUDO KICK! He looked at me because he thought I did it. That I flinched my muscles or something. Oh no, that was ALL baby. It stunned even me, she's never kicked so hard before. She kicked again about a minute later & Mike was done with being patient. She continued to be active the rest of the night. From 8 until midnight, kicking a few times at least every 45 or so minutes. She even kicked at 2 am when I used the bathroom & immediately after waking up at 6 am. She's continued to kick here & there since then, it's 7:30. She is an ACTIVE one these last 12 hrs! About time, she's been super chill for the last 10 days.

So, it's been an amazing few days. I really love feeling her move & kick. Best Mother's Day present I could ask for. :) Also, my awesome husband! Cleaning & getting baby stuff up & ready! :)

07 May 2012


Life isn't too bad. I am exhausted today. Benadryl does not always work for helping me get a good night's rest. Boo to that!!! Weight loss-Mike is kicking butt. He's doing great! I apparently am finding the weight he's losing times two. My preg appt says "excessive" next to my weight gain. Thanks alot app! I did make  it to Curves today so that's an accomplishment! :)

Baby- Oh baby! It seems Mike had a mini freakout about baby stuff the end of last week. I think the price of everything hit him hard and he decided being a butt was his way of coping. Didn't help that I've become highly sensitive. That crazy super emotional preggo! Anywho, after the shock wore off & he realized I'm not trying to bankrupt us we were able to get stuff for our baby. I finally found our crib on the walmart site (it had said it was only available in stores) & I even got a mattress! It'll all be here by Friday! Exciting! I insisted we get the playard I wanted (with newborn sleeper) from the store(target) because we do have a baby fund that we gotta spend. We started saving in January for all the big stuff we'd need to buy except I failed to realize you buy most of that stuff online & ship it to yourself. Especially since we just have cars. Slowly I've been using our baby fund for baby stuff. A few clothes, a few items from army wives, our playard!!!, & today, a breast pump! Found an amazing deal on a Avent Isis IQ uno breast pump. Normally $120 for $25! SCORE! The replacement parts are super cheap too! :) It's weird truthfully to baby shop. We put the playard together, Mike couldn't wait! It's.....weird seeing it up. Maybe it's just still denial. Who knows. I do enjoy hearing Mike talk about our daughter. He said in Target "ugh, Justin Bieber.......thank goodness he'll be like 30 by the time our girl is old enough to like boys". I had to process that, did he just say "our girl". Haha! I laughed so hard and Mike didn't understand at first. He told me "yeah, that's going to be my job. To keep the boys away". He laughed when he really thought about it.

Well, not much is going on this week. Probably just cleaning & whatnot. Fun stuff! Mike has a 4 day weekend starting Friday, YAY!!!

03 May 2012


May is going to be a very interesting & full month. I had my OB appt on the 1st & girl's lunch on the 2nd. I have an echocardiogram on the 10th, I fly home the 17th, my baby shower the 19th, fly home the 22nd, family comes out the 28th-29th, OB appt on the 29th, & an ultrasound the 31st. Busy!
May has not started healthy. Last week I was super healthy & wanted so much to get back on the eating right train. Yeah, not this week. I want junk junk junk! I did finally go to Curves for the first time in like 2 weeks yesterday. I had to drug myself to sleep with Children's Benadryl but it was SOOOO worth it. I slept good & felt amazing when I woke up. Felt amazing working out & after I worked out. I even took the dogs around our little block. My hips & butt were hurting. Not sure how Mike is doing, he hasn't talked about it.
Pregnancy-all is well I suppose. I recorded our daughter's heartbeat at my appt. I bought a few things from an army wife who had a 2 month old daughter. A sanitizer, belly pillow, bottle rack, & a breast feeding cover that was too small. I got my first baby gift! YAY! Such adorable stuff. Mike even seemed happy about everything we got. He remarked "I'm surprised there isn't a monkey on the butt" of one of the onsies "there is always a monkey on the butt of these things". Then he pulled out the bunny outfit that did have the bunny on the butt. "Like this". But he seemed to really like everything. Maybe because it was our first baby present. :) He hasn't been interested in any of the clothes I've bought.
Our daughter is going to be known as Penny for P.N.D/Poor Nameless Daughter for now! Every name I've picked is vetoed! I was told Katherine, the name I had picked YEARS ago, was an old person's name. Abigail is an old person's name. Madilyn is a "grey haired, tea & crumpets" person's name. It's not a nice simple "nope, don't like it", he goes on & on about how horrible the name is. Don't be surprised when I knock his ass out with drugs when it comes time to filling out the birth certificate. I take naming our daughter very seriously & I pick names that I love, that I could see our daughter being named. He refuses to pick any or discuss names. I am so frustrated by him! I don't want to go to the hospital with no idea what we're naming her. We don't have to be completely set, I understand her name may change once we meet her, but at least have a few that we're agreed on. So Penny it is until he gets his head out of his ass so we can come up with some names.
Why Penny is PERFECT(right now)!
Mike's car is Penny & it's his baby! Baby Girl is my baby!(our baby yes but he's off in lala-land).
Mike's car cost him a pretty penny & has continued to cost us a pretty penny with all the work she's needed, plus the 2 times she's been in the paint shop. Our daughter is going to cost us many many pretty pennies over the years. I will have fun spending those pennies!
And...that's all I got.

27 April 2012

End of April

How weird is that?! That it is the end of April! We still have a few more days left.

TGIF! Weeks seems so long, especially since I kinda do nothing all week. I clean the house & that's basically it. It's too late to look for a job because we only have 3 1/2 months left on this pregnancy. Whose going to hire a 5 1/2 month pregnant chick? No one. Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy the peace & quiet before our beautiful storm comes.

Health & Exercise- Mike is kicking ass! He kicks butt at the gym & he's been eating pretty healthy I'd say. Not sure how much he's lost but I'm sure he hit his goal this week. :) As for me.... exercise is lacking, seriously lacking, but I've actually been eating really healthy. Well, I've been eating way more fruits & veggies. It's helping on the scale which I like!!! The last few weeks I've gained between .2-.6 per week. Not horrible! But I didn't like the number I was getting close too so I decided to try & lose some again. I lost .8 this week which makes me very happy! My pregnancy app uses week ** day 6 for what you've gain for that week. Kinda makes sense I suppose. Today's "gain" is the same as 3 weeks ago. Heck Yeah!!!

Pregnancy: Everything is fine. Sleeping crappy some days, exhaustion, fatigue, pregnancy brain. All the fun stuff. Then you have the really fun stuff, kicks! Mike has still yet to feel one. He's very impatient though & since she kicks all over you never know where she'll strike. :) I did a little shopping at a consignment shop this week. It was weird! I felt awkward in the girl section & had a hard time finding things I wanted. I also didn't want 0-3 because I'm sure we'll get a lot of those at the baby shower. I did find 2 very cute 12 month outfits. I got 6 items for under $18! Heck Yes! In about 3 weeks I should be heading to CA for my baby shower. That is if everything works out which I hope it does. :) It'd be nice to have one. :)

Well that's about it. Tschuess Gooses!

19 April 2012


To say today's appt was annoying is an understatement. I had my OJ, a dark chocolate square, & my ice water. Baby was active at 10:45, my appt time. 11, still active. 11:15.....barely active. 11:25, ASLEEP! I was so pissed! "Did you have a good lunch? You should make an appt for when we first open, it's better at that time". I was good!!!! My baby was active when it was suppose to be active! At My Appt Time!!!! I'm sorry I didn't plan to be seen over 30 mins AFTER my time! Grrrr! Ask Mike, I was very bitchy!

So, because Baby C was sleepy, she didn't get the measurements she needed. She did measure head, stomach, & femur. She asked if I wanted to know what it was & I informed her I thought I saw a penis or balls. Ok, I thought I saw balls! I declared it was a boy. Um...nope. The "balls" were her girl parts. It's A Girl!!! I was so ecstatic! I actually put my arms up in celebration & I kept mumbling to myself "it's a girl!!!". I couldn't believe we're actually having a girl. Still a tiny bit in denial. I just knew it'd be a boy. Awww! So excited & everyone is so excited for us! Great Great Day!!! :)

We only got 4 ultrasound pictures. One showing us it's a girl & 3 head shots. Those creepy front view ones. I like side view, it looks like a human that way. Here is the best one!

This is our Baby Girl!!! Now it's time to settle on her name!

Today is the Day

I'll get back to the title!
Weight- Mike is kicking weight's butt! I have every confidence that he'll succeed to his goal. Very proud of him. Me on the other hand....gaining is my destiny for now. Slowly at least! The CA trip really really screwed me. Like so royally!!! But at least I'm still within a normal gain. I just wish I had more energy & stamina for working out. Any kind of working out. :)

Pregnancy- Baby has been kicking up a storm lately. I have felt it on the outside a few times and tried to get Mike to feel but he's not graceful in bed and not patient during sleep times. :) All the rocking from him trying to get over to my belly made baby hide. Silly boy! I think I'm finally looking pregnant. Fat pregnant. Still have 2 rolls which amazes me, I'd figured it'd be morphed into one by now. But the top roll definitely has a pregnancy roundness to it. It's just cut off by my belly button dividing line. Grrr! Baby's sex. Today we find out. Here is my prediction. Boy! I instantly felt girl when we found out and did so until at least 16-18. Then I wasn't sure & would have times of strong feelings towards a certain sex but I still would say Girl. I think it's a girl! Everyone wants it to be a girl & heaven knows the Cosgrave side needs a girl. All boys on that side, all boys! I've been feeling the pull towards boy for a few weeks and I think I've finally accepted it. I think, even though I felt SO strongly we were having a girl, this munchkin is A Son! Mike says he's going against the odds & saying it's a Girl. Odds because you typically look at what the father's father & the father's grandfather had (kids). Points to 2 boys, then a girl so....Number 1 should be a Boy! We'll see today!!! :)

13 April 2012

What's Up!

Michael's birthday came & went. We did head to Tucson & tried to do the double feature but we're old & crapped out. We had lunch at On The Border, then headed to Wrath of the Titans. 21 Jumpstreet didn't start for 90 mins so we went outside. It was hot & we had to use the restroom so we headed to Coldstone. Mine sucked but Mike's was good. We sat outside for a while, trying to decide whether to stay or go home. I finally suggested seeing the movie the next day in town. It was HOT, we were both thirsty, & I was just done with the day. We stopped at a gas station for waters & Mike decided to get birthday scratchers. $20 worth. He won $20 back! Not bad! $5 of it was my doing because I picked a certain scratcher for him & made him get 2! The second one was the winner! Oh yeah! :) We came home & later went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We went to 21 Jumpstreet the next day, HILARIOUS!

Baby! Mike got some money for his birthday & we also got some extra cash from an awesome relative so we put all of that into the Baby Fund! I told Mike he had to at least keep a little of his birthday money but he refused. :) Awww! We have $500 in our baby fund now! That's so awesome! We haven't bought anything though. We have onsies but I know not nearly enough. I want to start looking at & buying some baby stuff soon. It's about time, we're already 5 months! I've cleaned my closet & part of the spare closet. I know I'll use the dresser in the spare room for bigger size clothes & whatnot. I want/need a dresser to go in our room for the baby too. The stuff we'll use right away. I want to buy a mini crib/bassinet too. I really don't know how we'll fit baby in our room but I may just have to go with a carry bassinet/basket for at first. I know I don't want a changing table. If it's attached to the dresser that's cool but I don't need one. It's weird to me to change the baby sideways. I have a perfectly good bed, couch, & floor that'll work. :) Hmm. I guess that's all for baby. Nothing that exciting. 6 days until we know. That is exciting! :)

05 April 2012


April is going to be a busy but good month! Lots of stuff pertaining to the pregnancy & a special birthday!!!

The most important dates:
April 7th-Mike's 30th Birthday
April 19th-We Find Out If Baby C is a Boy or a Girl!

I had a OB appt on the 3rd & it was ok. The baby's heartbeat was strong, so strong! 159 which still points to girl! Yay! When I found out we were pregnant I instantly felt it was a girl. About the second trimester I started wondering if maybe my initial prediction(pre-pregnancy) that we'd have a boy first was right. Then last night I had a dream that indicated we might be having a boy, not a girl. It'll be interesting because I did strongly feel girl & it's not because I wanted a girl first. I know some people insist they're having a certain sex because that's what they really want. That's not me, I honestly just wanted to be a mother & the pregnancy was a complete surprise. I know I'll be surprised either way when we find out. That we're having a SON or that we're really having a Daughter! I want to know & 2 more weeks is AGONY! April is full of baby stuff. I did a glucose test & bloodwork today. Also I did my EKG(history of high bp) & pre-registered at the hospital for maternity. I have more bloodwork on Monday. The 17th I/we go to Tucson to see an Endocrinologist about my possible adrenal problems. Wow, talk about overwhelming!!! Then finally, the 19th....We See Our Munchkin again & find out BOY or GIRL! Seriously Apr 19th Get The Freak Here!!!!

Mike's birthday! We're heading to Tucson of course. Mike wants to do a double feature but I don't think I could. I understand it's his birthday but one movie & lunch/dinner usually exhausts me. I don't know if I can handle 2 movies! I guess I can try to soldier on. I do also kinda want to baby shop. Mike has gotten more into baby shopping which is so fun. Most likely we'll wait til we find out chico or chica!

Welp, that's about it. Tschuess!

31 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

I can not tell you how stressful our trip was at first. It seemed nothing was meant to go right for the trip. By trip I mean the driving part. Mike came home at 5:30 with his signed papers & decided we should leave that night. An hour later (because I prepacked everything but Mike's clothes) we were on the road. Only to hit an accident 10 minutes from the house that delayed us 30 mins, then Cinnamon got car sick. We get to where we plan to stop only to be told "sorry, spring training.....no hotels here or anywhere close". Mind you, it's 10:30 at night. So, on to Blythe, 90 mins away. We spotted at a few hotels along the way only to be told the same crap. The 4th hotel in Blythe & 7th total we tried FINALLY had a room & one away from everyone else. It was 12:30 at night, we were exhausted! The beds sucked & it was on the second floor. It had the open stairs which Hersh is deathly afraid of so he had to be carried up the steps. 40+ lb Hersh! We went to sleep at 1am & at 4:45 I woke up with the world's worst tension headache. I got ready, took the dogs out (carrying my 75 lb dog down & up the stairs), feed them, & we (dogs & I) were fully packed by 6 am. Mike refused to get up before 6:30 & we were both bitchy, majorly bitchy! Mike had forgot his barret so we had to detour to Ft. Irwin! It was a LONG LONG LONG day of driving, of course with another Cinn car sickness. My headache never went away & would come rushing back with a venegence anytime I used the restroom. Something about sitting down on a toilet made the blood rush to my head. I felt like I was going to die. Sounds, smells, anything would make it so much worse. Ugh! I only drove for about 2 hours, of course with my headache splitting nicely. Mike was really awesome though because we were in the car for about 17 hrs total & I only had to drive 2 hours. Anywho, 30 mins from home I sneezed and I thought I might pass out. I started crying, I couldn't help it. I focused on my breathing & trying to not full out cry (just tears). It was from the pain of the headache but also frustration. It had been over 12 hours of a horrible tension headache and I wanted it to go away!!! When Mike noticed my tears he threatened to take me to the ER but I told him I just wanted to get to the house & relax. I wanted to have peace & quiet and be out of that God-forsaken car!!! So yes, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE drive to CA!

Funeral was Friday & it was way more emotional than I thought. Mike looked amazing in his class A's, even though he thought he looked like a stuffed sausage. After the funeral vacation started. We did get to see Mike's aunt & uncle and so awesome-Mim & Pop! Mim rubbed my fat roll but it was nice to have a reason for a rub. :) Anywho, back to vacation. Mike's dad BBQed burgers & we all relaxed. The rest of the vacation was mostly great. Pregnancy & Baby talk, actually being one of those preggos which still to this day seems surreal. Seeing all the stuff our families have bought for our bundle. Showing off all the ultrasounds. Baby shopping, MATERNITY shopping-buying my first actual maternity clothes, not just a size bigger to fit my will be huge belly. At Motherhood, yeah the official maternity store....big time, I put in the "7 month" bump & it was unbelievably surreal. That I will one day be THAT huge. I'm glad Motherhood goes up to 3x because actually maternity clothes shopping is really something every women should get to do. Online or just bigger size shopping isn't the same. ANYWHO!!!! I had a great time shopping & I felt a closeness with Mike. I also got pampered with my sister. Pedicures!!! That was really nice too.

Driving home was so much better than going there. It was easy & breezy!  Mike again drove most of the way. I know he didn't appreciate it but I did. We got home about 2 & I immediately unpacked myself. I was ready to be settled back in home!

As for Baby! We are 21 weeks today. I felt the baby so much over the last 10ish days. Active Active Baby! My next appt is Tuesday & I am so anxious to get the anatomy scan! I want to know what the heck we're having! And, that's all. I want to know what we're having & SEE the baby again. :) So ready!

Well, have a great day. Tschuess!

21 March 2012


Life likes to kick you when you're down. I wouldn't say we're down but life sure is kicking us quite a bit it seems. That's life though right.

First off, Mike's grandmother passed away on Friday. It was a month long roller coaster with her health & finally she was relieved of her pain & suffering. I wish she could've gotten better because she was one of the sweetest women I knew. I'm glad her suffering is over but it is very weird that she's no longer here on earth. The funeral is Friday which means we have to leave early Thursday, seems simple right?! No way. Mike is in class & he's been trying to get it OKed to miss the last 2 days while still passing. Monday was "I'll ask". Yesterday was "it's OK with us if it'll be OK with them" & of course everyone had gone home by then. So, here we are, the last day before our maybe trip & we still don't know if it's a Go or a No. Mike thinks it'll be easy as pie. Just fill out the paperwork & blamo but he's failing to think about how he'll be in class ALL day & everyone will most likely be gone by the time he's out of class like they were yesterday. He called his NCOIC(I think) at 5:30 yesterday & of course the jerk never answered or called back. I know Mike is probably stressed but he's playing it like he's not & this is all no big deal. It would be no big deal if I didn't have to take care of most of the packing. I've been waiting to see if I would need to pack mine & the dogs stuff but I guess today I'll pack in case. I won't know IF we're going until 5-6 pm tonight & we have to leave by 6am to get home by 10pm. That's not including work traffic or delays since it's Thursday. IF we go, we're not sure how long we'll stay but probably around early-mid week. So, that's the MAJOR stressor in my life which basically means I've had a headache off & on for a few days. That's life right! :)

Other Stresses but not major!
My phone died basically for no apparent reason. I didn't drop it, I didn't get it wet, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The screen just went out & I may not be able to get calls. I can still touch the screen & it responds but I can't see anything on the screen. I think I silenced it or turned on airplane mode a few times. I tried getting it off airplane/silent mode & calling it from my temporary/old track phone we have but what I didn't know until last night was It's Not Functional! It's not registered & the minutes are expired. Man, I would've been in deep schiesse if something happened while I was out yesterday! Oh well, I guess I MAY be able to get calls on my black screen phone & that's good enough for now. I'll look into a new phone when I can. :)
Stress #2: Vets! Yesterday I had to take Hersh for his shots. No big deal, it was only $45. Still seems high for 2 shots but it's close to the house & it was a quick visit. Not quick or cheap was Cinnie's vet trip. She had an ear infection, a very bad infection! Apparently the nurses & the doctor are chickens without heads at 3pm, it was majorly frustrating. The doctor comes in, checks her out, & tells me he'll have someone add up the cost for my approval. It's an ear infection, not a surgery! Still nice that they'd let me know the damage before they did the treatment. $250. I figured between 200-300 anyways so while it sucks it wasn't a total shock. 2 shots, 2 twice a day ear cleaner/cream, & 2 pills! One pills is twice a day for 10 days, then once a day for 10 days & one pill is 3 times a day for 10 days. Whooo! I'm suppose to go back in 2 weeks but hopefully her ear will be good by then.
Stress #3 & the least stressful. My OB appt! I'm paranoid, very paranoid! I haven't felt the baby in over a week & that worries me. I've had growing pains, I've had boob/nipple pains, I've had slight nausea. These still don't convince me everything is ok. I need to feel the baby move. Now I kick myself for not getting a doppler! My appt is Tuesday! My appt will need to be moved if we go to Ca which is fine, I just really really hope they can get me in early that next week. I have to go to that appt to get scheduled my anatomy scan & I really want to know what we're having. Mainly, I need to go to my appt to start the other doctor visit to test my adrenal gland & get paperwork for more bloodwork/tests. Adrenal problems I'm told are very bad for pregnancy. So, I'm stressed that everything has to be postponed at least a week.

Mainly I've been stressed being in limbo. Do I need to pack, do I need to reschedule, do I need to prepay our rent before our trip (which I will do today). ARE WE GOING TO CALI!!! Ugh, stress! Which is horrible for pregnancy! :) I'm stressed about the financial aspect too. Replacing my phone, the vet visits, OUR TRIP! Gas is horribly expensive right now, add dietary supplement (food), & any outing that may happen while home. Goodness Gracious!

I am trying hard to not stress but it's my nature. I have to stress because Mike doesn't & A LOT has to happen for this trip. BUT! I will pack for myself & the dogs today in case. I will have all clothes washed for hopefully an easy pack for Mike. I will go drop off a check for the rent & I will stash my appt card in my purse so I can call if needed. I will be ready to throw snacks in a bag for easy travels tomorrow & to throw away all foods that will go bad in the fridge. I will have all dishes washed & the house looking tidy. The house has to be clean before we leave, it's a weird pet peeve! I will think of all the small items & details that we'll need on our trip. I tell you, if we don't end up getting to go it's going to suck unpacking everything. Haha! Oh well, at least I'll be ready! :)

12 March 2012


It's Monday which means another fun filled week. I have nothing going on this week so it's just a week for me. Mike started classes at work which he was excited about. I guess the next 3 weeks are classes for him too so he's really happy about that. We seem to be back to our really good relationship. He still annoys me something fierce at times but it's marriage not a fairytale. Also I'm a moody preggo so there's that. :) Nothing new on that front, no new baby feelings/flutters.

Diet/Exercise: Mike insists we need to start walking but I think he's crazy. A) he gets home fairly late  b) I don't have the energy some days to not nap, let alone leave the house c)I'll definite not feel like it after dinner. Exhausted & Full!!! He's crazy! Eating right.... Mike means well & I know he really wants to start but he's just been doing that all talk no action stuff. I would like to eat healthy but I seem to be seriously replused by healthy food. We're trying though, just gotta keep trying!!!

Scrapbooking! Today I was going to start my pregnancy scrapbook. I don't have a book yet because I'd like to get either blue or pink to go with gender. Who knows I may end up buying a neutral color anyways. I was going to start scraping our ultrasound pictures & my appt cards. I was going through my scrapbook cabinet thing & realized I have a lot of junk in there. So, I cleaned it out so only scrapbook stuff is in the drawers. I also realized I have A LOT more stuff than I realized. I know I'll buy more scrapbook stuff; stickers, letters, etc, but I could probably get away with not buying a single thing. Now too I can just carry my cabinet to the livingroom or table for easy access. Tooo easy! Scrapbook Party at my house soon! After cleaning it out I was too tired to actually start scraping. Another day I suppose.

Welp, that's about it. I could so go for a nap but I won't. :) Good day!

09 March 2012

New Blue

So, yesterday was 13 & 1/2 years that we've been together. Crazy! It was also our ultrasound & my appt with their doctor. I'll paragraph good & bad!

Bad! First off, Mike couldn't record the ultrasound which sucks because I didn't get to watch too. She turned the screen for about 15-20 seconds for me to see the baby but that's it. It SUCKS only being able to hear people talk about the baby & body parts. I asked about gender & she was snappy about how it's too early. Whatever lady! She did look but couldn't see. Oh & the US hurt so bad! She pressed so hard & I actually have sore spots today. Bitch! She also ignored my questions. I had to repeat myself 3 times to get an answer. The US was fine though, whatever. It was appt. Ugh, if I never see that asshole doctor again it'll be too soon! My BP is high but it's high normal & actually my regular high normal. He wasn't concerned enough to suggest pills. My glucose is great. All my numbers were good but he insisted I WILL have a horrible pregnancy & I will have every single problem possible. He then told me I need to not gain any weight at all. "I'm not telling you to diet but you need to do whatever it takes to not gain". I came away feeling like complete crap about myself. It didn't matter that I lost 30 lbs before pregnancy or that I lost another 10 after, which I have started gaining back. I struggled with gaining some weight back, it devastated me. Then I realized it is what it is & it's not worth the stress I was putting on myself. Apparently this doctor thinks so. Ugh, that doctor was the biggest dick!!!

Good-Mike got to see the baby & he was delighted. I could hear the amazement in his voice, I wish I could've seen his face. He was snappy with me, even scolding me for laughing/chuckling at what he said or his reaction to things. Apparently he didn't realize I couldn't see the screen, that I was just laying there listening to him & nursey talk. I did get to see our "monkey" for a short time and she(or he) was folded in half. Her(his) feet were against the top of her(his) head. Mike got to see the baby scratch it's head which prompted him to tell me I was growing a monkey, not a human. Oh...K! Haha. The baby is getting so big! At first the head was really low & at the top of my stomach/roll were the legs. Later the head was at the top of my stomach. Baby weighed 7 oz! Mike doesn't believe me but I'm pretty sure I felt the baby shifting from left to right & back last night in bed. I had soda with dinner & I think she/he had a sugar high. Very weird feeling. :)

Welp, tomorrow I will be 18 weeks. 4 months! Baby may be small but I'm keeping my DD as I know it. :)

06 March 2012


Is it seriously March already?! February seemed to take forever! Mike came home the 25th at 1:30 am. I kinda got the run around from him, more than kinda really, so I wasn't miss cheery. Also not getting any sleep & being moody. It was a hard adjustment having him home again. He's just SO messy & I was so use to my house being CLEAN. Within an hour the spare bathroom had a tornado hit & within 24 hours Mike the tornado hit the rest of the house. It drove me absolutely crazy!!! I was super anal about my clean house! To where I cleaned everything before he even got up on Sunday which he didn't noticed. We were both pretty moody for the first few days. Grrrr! Then my car battery died on me. Grrr!!! I had a doctor's appt on the 28th which was Mike's first & the first time we got to hear the heartbeat. Mike was not impressed & if fact his words were "it was kinda anti-climatic". Booo! My BP was high at my appt & I brought up my previous cortisol issue which WHOOPS! made me go from a normal 20 wk ultrasound March 28th(ish) to a high risk ultrasound on the 8th. I had to get a copy of all of my medical records & today I took them for the OB office to copy. I also got to clarify why I have a high risk ultrasound. Tuesday was a whirlwind & we were in a hurry because Mike had to get back to work. I was in shock. What do you mean high risk us! So I asked today. Mainly it's basically of the cortisol issue but the high bp & history of high bp are also a concern. Anywho, I am NOT considered High Risk yet, this is just a precaution. Big sigh of relief! I am happy we get to see the baby on Thursday but I am a little bummed it's not the normal 20 wk one at the end of the month where I could ask "so...what are we having!!!". I'm not sure whether the Obsterix people will tell us gender at 17/18 weeks. We may just have to pay for a gender ultrasound. Hopefully Mike seeing the baby on the ultrasound will spark his happy since the HB didn't. Truly, nothing compares to seeing your baby moving on a ultrasound. I know he'll be amazed! Only 2 days away too!!!

18 February 2012


I'm going to bitch!

This early morning insomnia seriously is way past annoying! I haven't taken a nap all week long, I go to bed at a normal time, basically no caffeine in my body all day long. I have had some chocolates & I know that has caffeine but minimally! I can't have regular caffeine due to my miracle so that's fine. I've tried early bedtimes, I've tried later bedtimes. Nothing works. Sometime between 12-2 I wake up & don't fall asleep again until 3-4. Wonderful night it's 12-4 of being awake. THIS morning! It was 1:45-4:45ish. I was in quite a bit of pain from my back, I guess I slept wrong & when I tried stretching it out I tweaked it so I was in pain all day yesterday & therefore last night/this morning. I also apparently am getting sick. My throat is now in a constant scratchy annoying-ness! So my morning insomnia was accompanied by pain & throat troubles. Water, Non-Aspirin, & Cough Drop barely worked! But I got back to sleep around 5ish. Grrr!

My weight, Grrrr! I was kicking ass the beginning of the week. I was losing nicely & definitely on track for my goal. Then all of a sudden I see a gain yesterday but pushed it off. Again today which I really don't get. I haven't been eating bad. I did sit & read and had a better weigh-in 30 mins later but not as good as I hoped. Still good I guess, I lost. I know I'll gain eventually but I'm not ready. I probably will never be ready to see the scale start heading in the other direction though. I worked so hard to get to 40 & it'll be sad to gain it back. For a good reason or not, it's sad. :(

Good things!!! Mike should be home in a week! I'm so ready!!! A few days after he returns I have a doctor's appt & he'll finally be able to go! His first visit with me and I'm hoping our peanut cooperates so we can hear some beating! :) Truly a peanut because LO(little one) is measuring small. I'm still keeping my DD as I have it because I know dates & stuff. Tell me I'm off all you want but I have my records! :)

15 February 2012

Mid February

I can't believe February is half-over! That's crazy. So what's new?!

Mike has been gone 2 1/2 weeks & I seriously can't wait til he's home! 11 days! Yay! I hate that he has missed a few important things while gone & I'm not meaning my birthday & valentine's day. I did get sad on my birthday without him but I seriously have some of the most amazing girls here. The girls & I went to do pedicures & then to lunch. We always spend at least 2 hours at lunch because we talk so much about everything. I ate crazy that day, it was MY day! I gained 2 lbs that day, I'm not even joking! It was the best birthday ever! I really could not of asked for better presents, one you can't buy :), & for all the love I was shown! I bought myself "Lady & The Tramp" the day before to finally start our disney collection and my husband surprised me by getting me "The Beauty & The Beast" & "The Lion King". It made me very teary eyed which sounds silly but it was a big deal to me to start our collection for our kids. It just really meant a lot, more than he'll ever understand! Valentine's Day! Well, I will admit it was a little sad. I treated myself by buying a bag of dark chocolate dove squares! Sooooo good! I had a doctor's appt which upset me a tiny bit but then again, the reason for it is amazing. Mike might not have been with me but I was surrounded by 3 amazing valentine's. I'm sad for what Mike has missed but I know it's not that big of a deal. Pictures & Videos can always be shared, I just can't wait til he's here in person to experience it. :) Yay!!!

Weight/Eating! Yeah, it's hard when you want to eat everything junk food in sight! Haha! I hit 40 lbs lost about 10 days ago. Then I gained 2. Now I'm working on losing them again! :) It's an adventure & I am so anal about my weight. I want to lose as much as I can while I can. Seems silly but when I eat right, really healthy, I lose easily. Even sandwiches I make more healthy by putting tomatoes & loading up lettuce. I prefer it that way now. My new favorite is grilled ham & cheese with tomato & lettuce. Funny but I can't stand cucumbers anymore. They make me gag & after a while sick. Cucumbers were MY FAVORITE! Now, ugh! 

Anywho, that's about it for what's new! Sticking kicking around here. :)

04 February 2012

Happy February!

It's been an interesting week. :) Mike left at midnight Sunday morning for a 4 week training thing at Ft. Irwin, southern Ca. It was really hard for me but I'm an emotional mess. It was just the first day that I felt lost, like a chicken without it's head. We're nearly a week down, YAY! It's awesome!

The dogs are good. I still need to get their licenses, I've been dragging my feet on going down there. I know it'll take literally 2 minutes but ugh, driving out there. Yeah, I've been lazy! The dogs are usually my cuddlebugs since Mike is gone. Kinda nice for them to cuddle with ME! :)

I'm currently down 40 lbs which is awesome! So excited. It's been a slow losing month kinda or it feels like it since I weigh almost everyday.  But it's ok. I can lose slow. I'd be concerned if I lost fast right now. :) Easy breezy slow weight loss. :) It's been a little scary health wise this week but I'm staying positive. All will be ok! I have faith that everything will be ok. Faith Faith Faith!!!

Well, that's all really. Have a great February! I turn 28 in 4 days!!! :)

22 January 2012


It's been a few more weeks since I've written. I've been really bad about keeping this updated. :) I'll break it down per person!

Mike- He's kicking weight's butt & I'm proud. He's sticking to his eating plan & I'm surprised how strict he is with himself.  He got the permanent profile & HOPEFULLY will pass the PT test this coming up week. He also needs to get his army driver's license for his Ft. Irwin trip. He'll leave Saturday or Sunday for a month training thing at Ft. Irwin. It makes me sad. We haven't been separated since we moved here. I know it's only a month but it's weird. Kinda emotional.

Me- Well..... eating right & exercise.....not going so well. I'm trying to eat right but it's been hard. Certain foods just don't sounds good anymore & it's hard to eat them. I also can't eat as much as I use too. If I over stuff, I get sick. Exercise! Yeah..... I have been so exhausted for the last 10-ish days. The first whole week we were back I was a cleaning machine. My house had to be clean & everyday I cleaned something. Good cleaning too. Last week, it took work just to do the minimum stuff & it hasn't really gotten better. I'm keeping up on laundry & dishes. Still cooking dinner & all the normal wifely stuff. Just nothing extra. I'm going to try my best to do Curves M,W,F and do our gym dates those days too. I will try to make myself walk the dogs in between those 2 things. I can & I will do this. I've lost a few lbs since getting back too. Not as much as I'd hope but oh well. I'm still about 3 lbs away from 40 lost. And if I kick butt this week I may get close. My regular doctor I love went on vacation in November & I got transferred to another one. Tomorrow is my first appt with a new one. I have high hopes! :)

This year has started out great & I know it'll continue to be great.  I can't wait to see what the future holds. Oh, Hersh & Cinn are good. Spoiled brats still. :)

10 January 2012


It's been a while since I wrote. Not too much going on but I'll summarize what's been happening the last few weeks.

Home for Christmas. It was great but got old quick. We spent lots of time with family & even took the nephews to a children's museum. I could go way farther into the nephews & our experiences but I shall not. Not all were good. Christmas didn't feel the same as it use too and Mike & I aren't sure we'll go back this year. We may do our own thing here for Christmas. I tried to stay on the healthy eating kick but it was hard with going back & forth between families' homes. I managed to only gain back 3 lbs overall. We did walk a few times, at least 25% of the time. Which isn't great but better than nada!

Mike has joined the healthy eating kick. I've had a hard time getting back into it though. I'm trying though & am doing mostly good. I've gone to the gym once but honestly it's been hectic for the last week. My gym buddy had an appt on Friday so we went Thursday. I had medical stuff going on yesterday so we couldn't go then. We are going Wednesday & Friday and will continue M,W,F every week unless someone has an appt or whatever. I'm starting Curves again tomorrow too. 5 am wake up. Yucky! Haha! I will get back into the hang of it. I want to get healthy for myself & any future kids we may have. It's really important to me. Oh, I had my lowest weigh-in last Friday. I was .1 away from 36 lbs lost. Hoping I lose 1-2 more this week. My goal is 40 by Feb 3rd! :)

Other than that, not much really going on. It seems like it's going to be a great year. Things are finally looking up for us and it's really nice. I can't wait to see how things change, including myself. :)