03 September 2012

Month 2

We have entered our second month as parents. Tomorrow Kate will be 5 weeks old which isn't real. She's getting SOOOOO big & it makes me sad. At her month appt last Tuesday she weighed 6 lbs 9oz & was 19 inches long. I don't think she really stretched her out though because she had to of grown more than 1/4 inch in 2 weeks. She grew 1.5 inches in her first 2 weeks & she seems so much longer than 19 inches. She's getting so heavy too. I'm amazed how heavy she feels. She's still a good baby but she fusses way more than before. Sometimes she just needs her daddy though. I can rock, bounce, pat, jiggle her for an hr but daddy takes over and 5 mins later she's asleep. Grrrr! It's quite frustrating. My patience has grown though, I don't get as frustrated or overwhelmed during her crying fits now. Mike's patience is still growing, he gets frustrated quickly but he sticks with it now instead of handing her back off. :) She's still in newborn clothes & newborn diapers. I will sad when we need to move up to size 1 diapers & bigger clothes. Thankfully I do have some bigger newborn clothes so I can pretend my baby isn't growing so quickly. She's still in the smaller ones but when needed we can switch to the slightly bigger ones and Mommy can take happiness that Kate is still wearing newborn clothes. :)

Weight is not still coming off. "Breastfeeding melts the weight off" my ass! I've stayed the same weight for 2 weeks now. Not sure how Mike is doing but he's been gyming it.

CA! We'll hopefully be going in 2 weeks. My wound isn't healing quite as fastly as hoped. It's about half closed & it's been a month. Currently *TMI-maybe* it's 3.75 inches wide & 1.75 inches deep. It's infected too because some dumbass nurse didn't use proper hygeine practices when changing & repacking my wound. It now has 2 infections & I'm on 2 meds to fight it. We found out about 1 infection & quickly the wound started looking better but this weekend it started looking worse & come to find out it had developed a second infection. Grrr! We called off the CA trip because of infection 1(& other reasons) but once it started getting better I pushed for going again. Then infection 2.... So we'll see. I am worried about going home while the wound is still open but I really really want my dad to meet his granddaughter. Mike's parents have met her & my mom & sister have met her but the one person I desperately want to meet her is my dad. I also want her to meet her great-grandpa Papa(Fred) & also Mimi. She is their first great-granddaughter & all. :) I know other people want to meet her too but the 2/3 people I care about her meeting are my dad & the great-grandparents. :)

Well, I guess that's all. I guess I should get back to baby girl. I think I'll always call her baby girl.