29 July 2011


What a week! I'm glad it's almost over. I'll try to make this short & sweet!

Rental Car~ I found out that I can take the car back to our hometown enterprise for a $35 fee. At first I thought 'screw you, I ain't paying that', yup I just said ain't, but after little thought we realized that $35 is a bargain. We'd end up putting in $20 worth of gas in just the rental car to get to Tucson. Add the gas for the G6 & the 2 1/2 hours of just driving there & back. Of course we'd not come straight home, we'd have lunch & maybe watch a movie. Shoot, if we're driving over an hour then we might as well do something there. So anywho, I'm taking it back to our local branch & hopefully not paying anything out of pocket. It might not work that way but maybe, hopefully. USAA is covering a certain amount & I plan to take it back today instead of the Sunday due date so 2 days less of rental should cover the "shipping"(or whatever it's called) fee. YAY!

Flowers!~ It's been a blah/down week & I mentioned to Mike yesterday that it was a blah day when we were texting (cause he was bored). He offered to take me out to dinner to cheer me up but I decided to be a good girl & not go eat wonderfully greasy fast (or sit down) food. We had chicken, fish, brown rice, & fresh broccoli. Yum, except my chicken tasted like fish, yuck. :) So, instead of taking me out Mike brought me roses. Not just the normal one dozen, 2 of them. A dozen red roses & a dozen pink. :) I figured he was getting me flowers because he took FOREVER to get home. Then he ran inside & told me to go get his "stuff" out of the car because he had to throw clothes into the washer RIGHT NOW! Ok, really? Nothing is that important. To race clothes to the laundry or needing stuff out of the car immediately. :) His mess up was I was cooking dinner & right when he got home was when everything was finished. I'm not exaggerating. He runs in the door, tells me that schpel, & my oven beeps. :) Silly boy, Trix's are for kids! Haha! They're beautiful & there's 2 dozen of them! Well nearly, one of each was a goner. Poor roses fell off their stems. :)

Medical~ Mike's doctor changed/he got a new one & the last 3 months are down the drain. He refuses to just pick up where the last doctor ended and refuses to start the process of a permanent profile. He tells Mike he has to do a bunch of tests which who knows how long will take. The high man in the office is being an ass too. He told Mike that he has to write up a eval. since he's coming into the office & since he's currently flagged it has to go on there. It'll take 5 great eval's to null this bad one & eval's are only once a year. So, if Mike wanted to be promoted it'd take 5 years to just be considered. So I don't know if he IS writing it up yet or if he's going to wait a little bit to be nice. Mike says his attitude is that of someone who retires next month, he just plain doesn't give a shit. BTW this guy, the ass, has a permanent profile himself. *rolling eyes*

I tell ya, when are we going to get our great week? We hear good news & it's ripped away. We get our hopes up & smash. I guess that's life. It's just some people have more luck than others & we aren't one of those lucky ones. Then again, those who are super lucky seem to freak out when something bad happens & if there are a few in a row then shoot, the world is ending. Ay yi yi! I think I'd rather be not as lucky anyways cause nothing is ever THAT BAD. FML is used WAY too often, WAY WAY WAY too often. There is always sun in the future, somewhere. :) Sun please come out. It won't this weekend though, literally, all rain on the forecast! :) We need it, our grass is looking AWESOME!!!! And I have Gorgeous roses! & We're having spicy (enchilada) NACHOS for dinner! YUM UM UM UM UUUUMMM!!!
*yup, I've lost my mind. I like this club! :)*

27 July 2011

Suck It Week!

This week is too much, I tell ya. This week hasn't really been that bad but there's been this overall suck feeling. Today, it's major suckage! Mike had figured USAA had the rental paid for 31-33 days which would've taken us to the middle of next week & we would've covered the next few days. Welp, apparently our rental coverage ends Sunday, not Wednesday/Thursday. We got the car on the 2nd, how does it end on the 31st?! I don't know but it sucks! I know it's going to be another 2-3 weeks til the mustang is finally finished. The *bleep*ers are taking FOREVER to do it. I'm pretty sure since Mike has that exercise (army school thing, not physical exercise) for 3 weeks starting Monday that he'll have to go watch them do PT which means I can't go to Curves! I know have to go pay rent & yell at him to fix all the schiesse he's ignoring(that needs fixing) on Friday now, which isn't a big deal because I was thinking about doing that anyways but I was going to be lazy & not pay til it's due (1st). I have a doctor appt next week too so I get to do that fun taking & picking up the spouse from work thing. I'm mostly pissed about the Curves thing. I guess I'm going to have to get a DVD or something to do in the morning. I'm also mad that we have to take a trip to Tucson this weekend when we planned not too. Gas isn't cheap & it's not close! ARGH! This situation is frustrating but it is what it is ya know. Oh well. My day got a whole lot better (sarcasm).

I went to do another fun BP check today. I've been feeling very self conscious this week & I really would rather sit on nails than go out but I have to do these checks. So I go & I notice this chick (whose with her soldier man) staring at me. Whatever, I go check in on the other side of the area & come back. As I'm sitting down she comments to her man, in a normal talking level, that he better not let himself go(like that). Wow, really! She really felt it necessary to be a bitch & tell her husband he better not become a fat ass like the woman in front of them. Wow, awesome! I hope that made her feel better about her imperfect body. She doesn't know my medical history, she doesn't know me or my efforts. Our house literally has NO junk food in it right now & I've been trying to lose weight for years. She doesn't know whether I have medical issues which make it harder to lose weight. But she doesn't care. I'm big & I'm disgusting. It's like all those people who think medical weight loss surgery is "the easy way out". How do you know? From what I've heard, it's FAR from easy. It may be the only way someone is able to do it. There are many medical issues that hinder weight loss. I'm not saying that I didn't do this to myself, I know I did. Food was my comfort, my "feel better" cure. I did this to myself & I've been trying to fix it for years. Literally YEARS! So, am I just lazy or are there other factors that are causing me to fail? Think what you want, I don't care. Talk as much shit as you want but keep it to yourself. Because no one knows what I've been through or what I deal with daily.

26 July 2011

Wha What?!?!

We got some really good news yesterday, well Mike did & since I'm married to him it's mine too!!!! :) Apparently Mike wasn't moved over to the other office as a punishment for being flagged, there was a purpose behind it & it's good! Yesterday was his first day there & I guess the higher ups brought him in to talk to him about his medical stuff/PT test. I thought, "oh no, this is going to be bad!" because Mike had said that now he'll be around all the higher ups so he won't be able to just hide out(about the pt test/flag). Nope, they want to know seriously what was up & what steps were ahead of him. They did tell him what to do (cause legally or army-ly or whatever they can't) but they SUGGESTED that he go get a permanent profile so that his flag can be lifted. I guess when permanent profiles are evaluated every year so if things were better in a year he could get off of it & also it won't affect his career to have a permanent profile. They want him to get that p.profile because THEY HAVE BIGGER PLANS FOR HIM!!! They brought him over because they want to make him more than what he is! Wha Wha What?!?! They even said 'team lead' which is a huge thing. Mike works his butt off & it's going to pay off. They'll probably make him team lead which I guess means in charge of all everyday stuff or something. Anyways, it's a really good thing! This whole thing is a REALLY good thing. This is so awesome & he so deserves it!!! He also found out that his company/unit has it's own doctor so if the doctor(which is changing soon) at the clinic doesn't put in for the permanent profile the company doctor probably will. Basically it's just a waiting game. Wait for his pulm. appt, wait for the permanent profile & then watch him get picked for higher/more important things! So Awesome!!! Things are finally starting to go right for him, it's finally paying off!!! :)

25 July 2011

New Week!

Shello All! How was your weekend? Our was pretty good I suppose. I shall give a short summary of our weekend. Friday we went to see the car & we still don't know when the stupid thing will be done. We ate at 5 Guys Burgers which is suppose to be legendary but I found to be boring & blah. No taste & no texture, disgusting! Then we went to see Captain America & all I can say is Yum Yum Yummmmmm a-yum! That man is deliciously sexy! It was a pretty good movie too & actually decent in 3D. (we happened to get to the theatre too late for one regular showing & way too early for the next one so 3D it was) On the way home we got invited to go hang out at B's house (mike's co-worker) & even though we'd spent almost all day in Tucson it sounded fun. Mike was the DD because the time he decided he was going to drink he had one drink & stopped. That butthead made me stay sober even though he didn't want to drink the alcohol so No More! I will kick his butt if he ever makes me be the DD & then doesn't get at least nicely buzzed! Anywho, I drank & we were there til 2 am.

Saturday! Saturday was a boring day. I remember waking up at 8:30 (went to bed at 3) & I remember falling asleep for like 2 hours in the middle of the day. I know Mike scanned all his military info into the computer. I have NO idea what else we did that day.

Sunday we went to see 'Friends With Benefits' & IT WAS AWESOME! Seriously the best movie of the year so far in my book! It was really really good & their chemistry was great. J.T.-Freaking Yum! Mike liked it too so you know it's pretty good if a guy will say it was good. We also did some grocery shopping (or maybe that was saturday) & our total was nicely low.

Eating/Healthy/Weight Loss- Well, I have a visitor so I skipped Curves this morning & because of my visitor I ate horrible this weekend. Well, we both did. Mike kicked butt last week though & lost 5 lbs! Awesome him! Last night he made a mango onion sauce & a gravy to be used this week. He's really on the eating right thing & I'm surprised. He got dried fruit & almonds to take for snacks too. Wowza, he's kicking butt on this. I wish I were too. I blame it on my visitor though, she's the reason I craved EVERYTHING last week. I am back to the food makes me nauseous crap and my taste buds seem to be off. So food taste nasty & then I feel like I'm going to get sick after I eat. Totally awesome!

Welp, because of Mike's flaggedness (flagged because of failed PT tests) he's being moved off instructing for at least a few months. Someone who moved over there a few months ago is deploying for a few months so Mike is taking his spot. Apparently this is great news for Mike. I guess there is NOTHING to do over there & they do regular PT (instead of Mike having to wake up just to watch all the students do PT) so he'll actually be doing PT &&& he'll be able to go to the gym at lunch too. They may think they're punishing him by moving him but it's actually just what he needs right now. Time to focus on exercising & getting back into shape. BUT! Mike might end up getting a permanent profile. Mike was put on profile because of breathing problems & they saw scar tissue on this X-ray. Next month Mike will get to see a pulmonologist here in town & while at B's Friday night G&B brought up an article in the Army Times. Apparently they've found that multiple deployments can cause a rare lung condition/disease called Constrictive Bronchiolitis.
“I think the whole situation was kind of surprising because this constrictive bronchiolitis is a very uncommon disease in people who are otherwise healthy,” said King, the lead author of the study. “It is common in people who have had lung or bone marrow transplants. It is common in people who have lupus. It is common in people who have autoimmune disease. But it is not at all common in fit, young military personnel or other healthy people.”
How crazy is that?! And how awesome that this article came out now. Mike started going to his doctor because of his breathing problems in May & now we may know why he's having problems. There was no reason for him to be having problems, they couldn't find anything. He's completely healthy except for the breathing problems. I don't know if he does in fact have this or not. He's been over there 3 times so it's very possible but we won't know til they do tests, if this area is even able to diagnose it. So we'll see. He'll probably get mad at me for even putting this out there. You know, getting people worried before there is a reason. I'm not trying to scare people at all & I'm not worked up or worried myself. I'm concerned but I'm calm & patiently waiting for answers. He's healthy & getting healthier, that's all that matters. :)

21 July 2011


but it feels like Friday!!! Why? Because Mike doesn't work tomorrow & I did Curves today so I won't have too tomorrow! 5 hours til the WEEKEND! We're going to Tucson again. To see Penelope of course! Mike wants to see where she is in the repair/repainting department. Did I tell you that the repair coverage was upped to $10,000 by USAA! Meaning USAA is paying the repair shop nearly $10,000 to repaint the car! At first it was only $3800! Yikes, Gikes! Anyways, we're heading up there tomorrow.

So apparently Mike is doing awesome with eating better. He took his lunch yesterday & he took it today. Not the salad like he should but sandwiches which is fine by me. He's taking & eating lunch & that's what matters! Last night we were suppose to have stir-fry but the frozen veg mix wasn't good anymore & neither were the skrimps (yes, skrimps). We didn't really have the fresh veggies (we probably could've improvised) but we both weren't in good moods so we switched. I suggested quesadillas since we had chicken out & we had 3 leftover tortillas & a little bit of shredded cheese. We also had black beans(which I added cumin too) & I added the tiny bit of leftover mexican rice to them. Mike was going to make 3 half quesadillas, silly boy, but I suggested just making a 3 layer quesdilla which turned out to be genius! We shredded some mozzarella & pepperjack snack sticks (btw, precious pepperjack snack sticks are GROSS by themselves. both mike & I agree on that. 2 women recommended them at the store but they were soooooo wrong!). Dinner ended up being awesomely amazing! Yum Yum! Back to boring chicken & salmon tonight. Hmm, chicken salad sounds good for me. Yums!

Well....my health took a minor turn for not good but I got to experience my first EKG! My doctor put me on bp pills because she didn't like my high bp (which it's always been) so I was on pill D for a month, didn't work, so she doubled the dose last week. Apparently it worked too well & it caused problems with my heart when I worked out. I knew when I went in today for my bp check that me telling them this fact would lead to a change in medicine. I did not expect to have to have an EKG. They kept saying "shortness of breath", which I didn't have! Geesh! I could breathe fine, oxygen just wasn't getting to my heart(or it felt like it, oxygen was getting to it or else I'd be dead right now). So anyways, I got sent for an EKG which is kinda scary to hear & know but it was a piece of cake. Everything was fine which I knew it would be. I knew it was the meds causing the problems. So I got squeezed in between 2 of my doc's appts because shocker, she had no openings! Dose lowered & new pill, let's hope this works.

Welp, that's all folks! Tschuess!

20 July 2011

Going In Circles

or Head hitting the wall! You pick! I am just seriously frustrated with Mike & it might be hormones or time of the month or whatever but I want to scream! We bought all this healthy food, stuff that I don't like (or we both don't like) but agreed to try because I'm trying to be supportive. If he wants to eat uber healthy, I'm going to do it with him. But he's not doing it! For every one good thing he does, he does 2 bad things. I'm trying to focus on the good. He worked out to P90X last night, he eats salads with dinner, & he took a salad for lunch yesterday. But the negative is pushing on all my buttons! I came home early from Curves because I having difficulties that I won't go into but I was so frustrated with myself. That my body started that crap &  I couldn't finish my workout. So I come home & he's still in bed. I asked him "are you not going for a run?" & he told me he already did. I was gone 45 minutes so it's possible he did but he was sprawled out when I left & he was comfy in bed when I got home. I am trying SO hard to resist all the junk & he's seems to not be. He munches on chips when he gets home (while I'm making dinner), he encourages me to give into my temptations & tells me he'll have some too if I make it, then tries to get me to go with him to get a blizzard because I mention it sounds good. Of course it sound good, everything junk sounds good! He never gives himself time to make breakfast & if he doesn't take lunch he doesn't eat any. He either took or ate crackers & gummy snacks today because I found the bag/box in the garbage. No, I wasn't snooping, he took out the trash & those were the only things in the new bag.

I'm not trying to make this a "bash Mike" post, I'm just so frustrated. It seems to be extra hard to get back into eating right & resisting bad & I'm sure it is for him too but it seems like he's not even trying. He wanted to do this eating plan, the P90X, but he's not doing it. I'm eating chicken every night because I don't like fish but I'm not complaining. I will eat chicken galore because Mike is finally on eating right again. Or at least for dinner he is. :(

It is only Day 4 so it could get better but...chances are it won't. You usually slip just a tiny bit every so often & he has no room to slip more. We'll see, I'll talk to him tonight. Vent Over!

19 July 2011


Today is going by slow & I think I'm about to go insane! Seriously I tell ya! I kept waking up last night which meant I slept super hard this morning. I woke up at 10, 11, 1, 4:30, 6, 7, & ultimately at 8. It was quite frustrating & when I sleep like that it is super hard to fully wake up/enough to get out of bed. I needed to go do my BP check today so up I was. Guess what, still high. The medic told me if any BP was high he had to get a bitch nurse. Left arm was fine, right was high. So, he took the results to my doctor's nurse & he tells me to schedule an appt. The whole time I kept repeating that this was the 1st check with the new dose & I already had another appt in 2 1/2 weeks! They did not listen. My (doctor's) nurse came out & once again told me to make an appt. I re-explained it again & he told me if it's not lower by day 7 I have to make a follow up. They act like follow ups are within a few days, they are not. My last "follow up" was 2 weeks later. I had to make another follow up(did so the day of my appt) to go over test results from a month ago & the soonest opening they had was 3 weeks later which is August 4th. So, I'm going back on Thursday for another check (I'm suppose to do 4-5) & I'm sure I'll be told again to make a follow up. It's quite pointless. I've always had high bp & their meds aren't making any difference.

Dinner! Tonight we're having chicken & swordfish. I tell ya, the people who cut portions for the swordfish need to learn to make them the same size. 3 packets, 3 sizes. There's a small portion, a medium one, & a large one. I KNOW the small portion will not be enough for Mike seeing as his diet has him eating 6 ounces of meat a meal. We had a good dinner last night. We had long & wild rice, broccoli, chicken, & a very hearty salad. It ended up being a huge salad! I used regular salad mix, fresh romaine, spinach, & shredded carrots. Yes I actually put fresh spinach in our salad, my sissy would be shocked! I don't like spinach & I definitely knew when I had some but I survived! We added parmesan cheese & croutons. Parmesan Garlic croutons! Oh yum! I also had tomatoes in my salad. I had maybe 1-2 ounces of rice, all my salad, & then could only eat 1 oz of chicken. I find it funny that I am starving during the day (this week) but I can only eat a small amount at dinner. We then watched the food network & I was hungry again. Stupid show. Oh & I'm pretty sure Mike threw away the rest of the tomato I cut. Punk Ass! I chopped 2 roma tomatoes & only used maybe 1. It is definitely a pain cutting/tearing the romaine lettuce & spinach leaves. Then shredding the carrots! The hubs got baby carrots so it's super fun shredding those. I just know I'm going to "shred" my finger one time. :) Oh well, I'll get an ER visit out of it. I've never been in the ER before(for myself), I wonder what it's like. Not that I WANT to be injured enough to have to go.

Well, I've babbled on enough. I was just trying to pass some time. I've done all my errands (the bp check) & even all the cleaning I wanted to do today. It's only 2! Geesh! Tschuess!

18 July 2011


That lunch totally did not fill me up like I expected it too. You suck lunch! So............. Mike finally decided to get back on the healthy eating wagon & he's doing it BIG TIME! (p.s. I just read the bloggess & I'm totally going to talk/write all crazies yo) P90X Big! Mike went through his stupid little book & wrote down everything he needed for meals which equals a whole page of shit! A whole freaking page! Which he stole from my personal notebook when I told him not too. Punk! So, we went shopping & got all his shit which cost $130. Well, not all of it because some of that stuff is weird/never heard of. What the BLEEP is 17 Spice? We got a whole bunch of fresh vegetables which I'm sure was like 3/4 of the cost. He's suppose to eat a 6 egg white omelet scramble in the morning. Good gosh! So, he gets all this stuff & I'm so tired and we both don't want to cook so....pizza! Awesome! All his groceries fill up the fridge! Do you think he made himself a smoothie or 6 egg white omelet this morning? Nope! Did he make himself lunch for work? Nope! He's NOT starting off on the right foot! You could say "hey, you had pizza last night" & I would say "yes we did & wings so booyah! Crazy Healthy Nasty food eating started today or well.... will tonight I guess. My lunch was leftover refried black beans, rice, homemade salsa & OF COURSE cheese. Yum Yum! I did have eggs for breakfast & I rocked Curves so I'm totally more positive than negative. And seeing as how I was all super depressed & wanting to drown myself in some yummylicious BK & I didn't, I'd say I'm doing awesome!!! Mike did go running this morning so yay for him! I'm glad he's finally getting back on track! As for me, it was weigh in day, suck my balls curves, & surprisingly I was the same weight as last time. As in 2 months ago. Then the bitch made me measure which I haven't done since March!!! Argh! Well, I'm up not quite 2 inches in my stomach, fuck you tasty foods!!, but the same or down in other area. Legs, Arms, & Hips are all at least 1 inch smaller. And I weighed less in March so wha wha wha?!?! Now that we're on this uber healthy eating hopefully I'll truly lose weight now! :)

Sop, I've thought of the most awesomest christmas present for our nephews!!! I can't say what because I don't want my SIL to know because hello it's a surprise for the boys!!! It's totally awesome though! If you want to know, email me. Don't know my email well....hmmm. You can comment if you want I suppose. Anyways, it's super awesome & I thought Mike would be all "whats, youz crazy, that's a horrible idea!" But he totally thought it was super awesome too!!! Way to go brain! And turns out, I found them for uber cheap too! Like $10-15!!! Soooo awesome!

So, I'm throwing this out there because it seems everyone else asks for donations for things so I will too. I do not know this family personalized but I've known about their son to be for a while. They're adopting him from overseas & he's special needs. I followed a family that just brought home their son & there was a mix up. The boy they were set to adopt wasn't the one they had a picture for & the one they fell in love with. S worked hard to find a family for Aaron & it worked. 2 boys saved! God work in mysterious way. Anyways, The Chellson's are doing a fundraiser to raise money for the cost of adopting him. They're doing 2 things but I think the stars idea is uber cute & it's super cheap! $2 a star & that boy will know YOU helped give him a forever family & bring him home! I started this boy's adoption fund & I bought 5 stars for his jar! Please add a few stars to his jar also.

Welps, that's all. Tschuess!

15 July 2011

Visitor Free!

Our visitors are gone! I am sad but happy. We had a good visit & I wish they could stay longer but at the same time I'm glad to get back to normal life again & to have Mike to myself! All To Myself!!! *wink* Mike was suppose to be working tomorrow but he doesn't have too. YAY! I need to go workout because I skipped today. Mike is doing special training stuff with his class so No PT! I wouldn't have had the energy anyways, I slept like schiesse! I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day & even worse, I have a doctor's appt today at 1:40. Ugh, I'm going to be mostly asleep by then. Oh well, at least we have tons of leftovers so this girl doesn't have to cook tonight! It was totally not a healthy week but I did eat a lot less than normal so that's something.

So, on to our Thursday! Mike's dad & brother went golfing so us girls went to be pampered! PEDICURES! We got the deluxe pedicure with a seasalt scrub, a sugar scrub, & a foot mask (that burned my legs quite badly! thankfully it was temporary). MIL got a neony reddish-orange. I got a turquoise color. :) The place was actually good too! Thank goodness I found a good pedicure place, the other 2 here I tried sucked balls! So, ya, because the boys were golfing, & that takes forever, MIL & I got quite a bit of alone talking time. It was really nice. The Cosgrave men are so loud & quite frankly like to hear themselves talk (just kidding) that us girls need to go off to be able to talk. Menly stuff doesn't interest us! Hahaha! Anywho, it was a really nice visit. I just wish Mike could've gotten more time off so we could've done more together. Oh well, at least we had Tuesday afternoon/evening & every evening too. :) Oh, how could I forget, the swans guy came & the girls picked "Monkeying Around" which was banana ice cream with nuts or something crunchy. It was Freaking Awesome! I love swan's ice cream, it's the bomb-diggity!

Welp, that's all. I'm about to pass out I'm so sleepy. Bad thing is if I do fall asleep it'll be twice as bad. Boo!!! Ok enough whining/whatever.

13 July 2011


Welp, our visitors arrived about 9:15pm Monday night & man was Mike tired. He stayed up til a little before 10 but had to go to sleep because he has a 4:20 wakeup. YAWN! I stayed up a little longer just because I felt weird going to bed before our guests but once MIL (mother in law) headed to bed so did I. Our dogs have not slept with us since our visitors came. The first night both perros slept with their grandparents. Last night, Hersh slept with his grandparents & Cinn slept with her uncle. Our dogs don't love us anymore.

I had a doctor's appt yesterday but I switched it because Mike was going to see about getting off. Then he said he couldn't so I started the slow-cooked tri-trip for enchiladas. The in-laws & I headed to Chipotle for lunch, then to wally world. Not 10 minutes after we got home Mike showed up & guess what he was done for the day. Ay! So, meat came out of the crockpot & into the oven (to cool, it was super hot) so we could head to Tucson. Mike's car is quite behind schedule (*grumble*) but it's already had parts taken off & some sanding. It did not look like his car anymore. Mike was a bit upset, that's his baby. He kept saying she looked like she was in a wreck. :( Then we headed to the movies. We were 2 hours early so there was game playing. Mike & Jason kicked some Terminator butt!($12 worth). Then we headed to go watch Transformers again! The BIL really really wanted to see it so we agreed to watch it again. :) After the movie (at 7pm) we ate Olive Garden!!! Yums! MIL & I shared the Lemon Cream Cake....ohm it was GOOD! Mike & his dad shared the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake. We got home about 9:15 & pretty much headed to bed. YAWN AWN!!! Mike woke up at 4:20 & I was up at 5 so we were SLEEPY!

Today has been a lazy day. The BIL is still sleeping & it's 1pm! The PIL(parents in law) are sleepy but I think holding it together. I too am super sleepy! YAWNS! My tri-trip is already shredded & just stewy in the enchilada sauce. Tonight, we will feast!!! Beef Enchilada, Fajita Rice, & Black Bean Refried Beans. Oh, how could I forget, MIL's homemade SALSA! Yum um um um UM!!!! I love her homemade salsa!

Welp, that's all that's going on. The visit is good & dinner should be too. Goodness, I need to stop yawning!

11 July 2011


I am almost done cleaning my house. Why? Because I got a call at 1 from my mother in law asking if it was ok for them to show tonight. What am I going to say?! I know you're bored in S.D. but no, you can't come. Hahaha! So I panicked for a while. In 3 hours I went from thinking, 'oh I have today & tomorrow, maybe a little of wednesday' to 'shoot, it needs to be 95% done today so I can finished up the last bit tomorrow morning' to 'it needs to be done in 8 hrs' which add dinner & clean up from that to it. I was freaking for 30 minutes then just went into clearheaded cleaning. My house is 80% done. I have mostly minor things & a few big things. Sweeping the kitchen & dining room is the big thing. Bathing the dogs & myself is the other big thing. I think my bath will be the last thing for the day. I know I've freaked about my in-laws coming but that was just from the cleaning stress. I want the house to be clean & nice for company. Family or Not, I don't them coming into a dirty stinky house. Ja know! :) I am excited about them coming, I've been hoping they'd come since my family came the end of May. I wish Mike had more time off but hopefully he's able to take part of Thursday off so they get some real time with him. We'll have fun, I knows-zit!

Ugh! I guess I need to go clean my beasts. Or wash the new dishes. Or clean the tables. Or sweep. Hahaha! So I have a few more things to do. :) Happy Week Everys-one!

(I do realize some things have added 's' or letters, I meant to do that)

Never Know how the ??? will fall.

What is that saying? I can't freaking think of it. Anyways, you get my drift. So today was suppose to be our Tucson trip. I talked to Mike yesterday & his mind is about as absent as mine has been. I told him my proposal (switching to thurs so he could get family time) & he kinda 'ey...maybe'd me. I bring it up a few hours later & he doesn't know what I'm talking about, why would we not go tomorrow? *head meets wall* He says he's not sure but he'll ask. Last night I bring it up again, man I seem like a nag, haha, but actually was just asking if we were just going to go today & not worry about trying to change it. He said yes because "it was hard enough getting the ok for monday off so he didn't think he'd be able to get all of Thurs off". Ok, it was NOT hard for him to get it off. He mentioned it to me & within 3 minutes he's telling me we have the go-ahead. Also, he could've worked the first half of Thursday & then we take off for Tucson. Still a half day but more time for fun/good eats in Tucson. So anyways, he was kinda being a butt but whatever. So I get excited. I'm a little worried with the not being able to clean today but hey, I didn't feel like it anyways so ya....lunch in Tucson with my babe. Or not! Hahaha! They're short staffed so we couldn't go & I think he said it'll be moved to Thursday. Well.....hahaha! It's good if it really is moved to Thursday because then he will get family time. I am disappointed because I was looking forward to today. Also, I really am not feeling this cleaning crap today, ugh! :) I really don't have much left to do but I still don't want to do it. I've been cleaning off & on all morning.
  • Spare bedroom-almost ready
  • Computer room aka 2nd spare bedroom-almost ready.
  • Our bedroom-needs vacuuming & that's all.
  • Our bath, noone will see it so who cares.
  • Spare Bath-Mike scrubbed the tub & that's all. Punk! Though I did say when I was all energized yesterday that I would take care of the rest. I later kicked myself for saying it.
  • Kitchen & Dining room-counters scrubbed & everyday dishes clean. New dishes need washing. Sweep & Mop!
  • Livingroom-vacuumed. will again on Tuesday or Wednesday (whatever day they're coming) Need dusting & window cleaning.
  • Dogs Need Baths!
  • Laundry room-CLEAN!
  • Laundry-working on it. It's a never-ending process.
I just sneezed & bite my tongue. Freaking OW! My allergeries are going insane the last few days. So is my body. Not cool, nooooot coooool! :) I'm in a weird mood. A partly asleep, don't feel like cleaning but I have too, really want fast food, mood. Ya, I swear every single time I restart my "no junk" eating the very first day I have the biggest fast food craving. Oh, you want to eat no junk today...ok, I shall make you crave the worst junk food.... FAST FOOD!!!! *bwah-hahahahaha* Damn body is laughing at me & I don't appreciate it. :) (see told you I'm in a weird mood). My tongue still hurts. :) OK, enough jibber-jabber. Time for more cleaning.
So, the fam WILL be here tomorrow. That means I HAVE to finish everything today. UGH! I keep telling the dogs they need to turn into humans so they can help me. They're not listening or obeying.

09 July 2011


I will get to why I'm stressed in just a bit. Maybe writing about other stuff will take my mind off that for a few minutes. AAAAAHHHH!!!(stressed scream)

Today I spent a good hour or two reading my old blogs. Who knew it took that long to read through old blogs. I only got through 6 months & I still have at least 3 to go. I was kinda surprised how tame they were. I remember feeling like I was letting it all out, screw it if that person reads it too & it seemed I was always annoyed by someone. But nope, it was mostly just our normal stuff with a mini rant here or there. I must've deleted all the bad stuff. Hahaha! Or wrote it on a different blog. I really do have a problem starting blogs & forgetting about them or just skipping to a new blog, like a fresh start. So, it was interesting reading through all the old blogs & remembering the times when I wrote them.

Today we ate out twice & surprisingly it wasn't my idea. We had Chili's for lunch, which we haven't had in a LONG time. Mike's was awesome, mine....ey. Mike wanted to be lazy for the rest of the day even though we needed to go shopping. Walmart & Groceries. It was apparent Mike wasn't going anywhere at the time so I figured I'd do walmart myself & we'd do groceries later. We did not. Mike actually got mad at me at dinner when I brought up needing groceries. He said I could've gone myself, I didn't need his help. *scowl* Obviously I don't NEED him to go with me but seeing as we basically ran out of food yesterday & he indicated we'd go together I figured we'd go do it today. So, since we didn't have food for dinner (& apparently he had no plans to go get stuff for dinner) Mike brought up Olive Garden. It opened here a few months ago but we've never braved the crowds. It sounded pretty good so ey, what the heck. We got a cheese fondue with bread, yum, for appetizer, M had soup & I had salad, which OMG was sooooo freaking good! I'm not a big salad person & I was worried I wouldn't like the house dressing but Ohmmmm! I could've eaten the whole huge bowl it was so good. Back to dinner, they were out of shrimp so Mike got a steak something & I had chicken with cheese pasta in creamy sauce. Mike loved his, mine....was ok. We even saved room for desert. Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake! OH MY GOODNESS! Mike doesn't even like cheesecakes but he picked it & loved it! Even though I had appetizer, salad, dinner, & desert, I was barely stuffed. I'm proud of myself. Seriously, that salad was soooooo good. Hahaha! I saw someone else serving his people salad & my mouth watered and this was after desert. Anywho! Today was good, I'm sleepy but I know I won't be able to sleep.

Why? Because I will have much too much on my mind. First off, THANK GOODNESS we didn't go grocery shopping today. Why you ask? Because Mike's mom called tonight & asked if it'd be ok if the 3 of them (mom, dad, brother) came out tuesday/wednesday. THIS tuesday/wednesday. Mike made sure to get the ok from me & I gave it because seriously, what am I going to say? NO! No your family can't come out? Then he tells me the day(s). Aaaaaahhh, you mean like in 3 days?! (*sigh*......shit!) I don't mind his family coming out, it's nice having company. But 2 days notice? A) tomorrow is sunday & I know for damn certain if I can't get Mike to go grocery shopping he's not going to CLEAN tomorrow. Shoot, I don't want to clean tomorrow/on the weekend. B) Monday we're heading to Tucson to see the car. We'll be gone til at least 1 pm because we're going to have lunch in Tucson. *straight face*(with a little anger). I do most of my cleaning in my morning, maybe trailing into early afternoon. I know after being up for 9 hrs, driving to Tucson, to lunch, & back from tucson with a full belly I am NOT going to feel like cleaning. Our house really isn't THAT dirty & the two guest rooms will only take an hour or two to get ready. It's the rest of the house. Making the rest of the house SPOTLESS! My family, I want the house clean. His family, it has to be spotless. So, I'm stressing. Really bad! It's really weird that they're coming during the week. Mike works til 5:30-6 every day & he has to work this Saturday too so he literally won't get any time off while they're here. What the heck will we do all day?! Last time I had to entertain his family it was not good. Awkward, Lost, Near Wreck, Horrible Movie! I don't know how many days they'll be here but last year I bombed having to entertain them for ONE day. There is nothing to do here, not during the week while he's working. Maybe I can convince Mike to switch his "tucson trip" to thursday or something so that he'll have some time with his family. We'll all head to Tucson & see the car, eat good food, & maybe a movie?! Maybe he could get the whole day off since SSG doesn't mind him taking half of monday off. Hope Hope Hope!!! Another concern, cooking! Our boring chicken, brown rice & veggies is not good enough for family meals. Maybe I'll do chili, that's easy & it'll be good. My chili rocks ass! Ok, one meal! only need 2 more or so. Will they want to eat out? It'd sure be easier but ugh, this week is suppose to start our super awesome healthy eating. No Junk AT ALL! I can't have no snacks in the house if we have visitors. Ugh! Ok, there's a bazillion things running through my head & I expect very little sleep the next 2-3 nights.
We are getting visitors! YAY!!!! In 3(-4) days.....yikes! Hahaha!
Oh Schiesse, I just remembered I have a doctor's appt on Tuesday! So much for thinking I had at least half of tuesday to clean. Minus 1.5-2 hrs for that crap now. They really did pick the worse 3 days for a 3 day notice. Hahaha!!! I do find all of this somewhat comical. The other part is saying 'shit, shit, shit'. :) Such is life I guess. :)


Over the last 24 hours, I have become a blinkie-aholic! As much as one person can be when they run out of good links the first night. Hahaha! I've continued my search today while Mike was sleeping & now while he's gone but I think I've found all the good stuff. I remember in the days of Myspace there were endless blinkie sites & I probably could spend days on photobucket going through their blinkies but alas, I am not that crazy. I'm also addicting to decorating my different blogs. Even the ones I'm hardly on or ones no one else can see. Sites just need to stop making so many cute backgrounds. Then I have my editing program so I can make headers for my blogs. Not completely awesome ones like some people have but worded ones. Such as the "The Cosgrave's" at the top of this blog. I think my hubby needs to get home before I go crazy & redecorate another blog. I've redecorated this one twice in 12 hours. Though, in my defense, the first redo I did I didn't care for the color. The flowers matched my header & the background had the word family on it which I liked. When I looked at it again later I realized I kinda hated it. It was boring & blah. All of this is pretty boring & pointless (talking about it). So anyways, I'm sure I'll change it sometime this week again. Have a great weekend! Tschuess

08 July 2011

What What!!!

I just happened to glance at our tickers & what do I see!!!

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

We've been married 7 years, 8 months!!!
We are 4 days away from being together 12 years, 10 months!


I am so exhausted the title doesn't even have the E! Yup! I laid down with Hersh around 8:30 & I zonked out! I fell into such a deep sleep & I couldn't wake myself up. I'd wake up a tiny bit, enough for me to realize I was sleeping & dreaming, but I couldn't wake up more than that. It was like I was drugged! I think Mike drugged my egg sandwich that he was no where around when I made it. :) Speaking of dreams, I've been having FUNKY ones lately! More upsetting than funky but geesh, dream fest! I finally woke up around 10:30 & I felt so out of it. To make matters even better, it is soooooo gloomy outside. Yuck! How's a girl suppose to get energy & smiles when there is no sun?!?!

Weight & such! After my horrific weigh in on Wednesday I've really been watching what I eat & really trying not to eat snacks. If I do eat something between lunch & dinner I eat fruit. It worked, I'm back down to my June weight. I don't know if I should be happy I lost the weight I gained or upset by the fact that I didn't lose any weight in 5 weeks & basically in 6 months. Ugh, how depressing! I am going to really start focusing on eating right though & one of my dreams was about that so it's definitely time to throw away everything & start over. I told Mike about my weight yesterday & he told me he'd gained too. That boy.....he frustrates me. He never eats lunch so when he gets home & while I'm cooking dinner (because he's never home at the same time & I hate dinner being done before he's home) he'll snack so much. He's even made sandwiches before dinner. Hello, I'm cooking! We both need to get back to January's way of eating. It sucked, major ass, but it worked. Or maybe it did, I don't know the stupid scales at Curves went screwy. Their scales still have a problem settling for me. ARGH!

Apparently Mike has joined his unit/company/battalion/something's team for flag football & he has practice tomorrow. I do get a little mad when he makes "exclude the wife" plans but it'll be good for him. Maybe with eating right & his practicing he can start losing the weight he needs too. Anyways, he has those football plans & I'm sure we'll go see a movie. Horrible Bosses comes out today, WOO HOO! I've got to admit, he's finally turned me into a movie junkie. Not so much home/rent movie junkie but at least he's making progress. :) I'm not sure what else we'll do. Probably chill. We are heading to Tucson on Monday to see ol' Penelope. She should be sanded down & maybe stripped down. She may be missing some parts, haha. Mike is quite excited about going & I'm surprised his higher up is letting him but then again, he isn't teaching so he's really not doing anything but being a 'teacher's aid'. He'd probably kill me for calling him that.

Well, I should go do something productive. Good thing I did most of the important stuff yesterday. :)

06 July 2011

Oh My Goodness

That is what I can't stop saying today. I am deliriously not fully awake. It is so "one of those days" & ugh! I woke up with Mike at 4:20. My alarm was set for 5:15 & I didn't feel like getting up so I decided I would sleep til mine went off. 15 minutes later I got out of bed & started my morning. Mostly lazily getting ready to work out. I pretty much realized by 4:45 I'd probably regret getting up. I was kinda screwed either way. Get ready quite early, then slowly get more & more tired as I waited to leave or sleep til my alarm & probably be exhausted & out of it. Lose Lose! So, anyways, I was basically ready to leave by 5 but Curves doesn't open til 6 so by the time 5:45 rolled around I was already tired. Curves SUCKED! The little bit of energy I had was zapped quickly. I'm started on round 2 of my working out &........Then 2 morons decided to jump ahead of me. Ok, they were a full minute ahead of me aka one machine & one recovery mat. That's fine, no big deal. Except one of them was using the CurvesSmart card, which usually goes over the 30 sec intervals & they were right next to each other so they kept holding me up. How you may ask, they were a full minute ahead of you. Why yes but because dumbbutt 1 used the card & they were gabbing so much it took them 90 seconds for them both to do one machine. I'd catch up to them so I'd wait on a machine for an extra 30 seconds to give me room then proceed normal for about a minute then I'd have to wait another extra 30 seconds. I did this 4 times & I said FUCK IT! I'm done! Oh, I also started off my Curves session by weighing myself. I told myself it was a bad idea but NO, I didn't listen. I felt skinny today so I felt confident about weighing myself. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Apparently this hippo had gained weight. Curves was frustrating. Super fat, no energy, & morons holding me up, getting on my last nerve! Seriously I CAN NOT STAND working out right next to someone. Then you have to wait for them to get off the machine, then get on yourself & by that time it's 15 seconds into the 30 second push. If you want to gab & take your sweet f*ing time step back & let me go by! ARGH! Ok.....relax. I'm done, I stretch, & go to my car. My.....key......won't turn! The ignition seemed locked & I didn't know how to unlock it. It ended up being just stuck. Then the car didn't seem to want to go. It kept jerking while driving. I hate that car, I seriously hate it! Kia Optimas SUCK! It is a cute car, I like the look of them but they suck. Uncomfortable, Uber sensitive pedals, & you sit SO high! I feel so awkward in that car. My head is only a few inches from the roof. Mike is a ft taller than me, I can't imagine him driving it. :)

Back to my "one of THOSE days" day. I keep dropping everything. I dropped my phone in the car, I nearly dropped my breakfast (over easy eggs) on myself, & I've spilled water on myself at least 3 times. Hahaha! Let's see, I called my vet's office so Cinnie can get her shots (totally should've done them last month) & the number is now something else. Ok, look up the new number & call. Fax, I called a fax machine. 3rd time was the charm, I FINALLY had the right number. Oh geesh, I felt like a dork. So we have an appt this morning with Dr. Ruhfel! Dr. Ruff-el. Hahaha! Oh goodness, this is quite the day. Staying awake will probably be my greatest obstacle. Think Mike would be down for pizza? I'm sure I'll be a zombie by dinner time. :)

03 July 2011


Today is Sunday & it makes me a little sad. Sunday is always the end of the weekend but we have one more day. This 4 day has gone fast though & that does make me sad. It also sucks that my emotions have been out of whack & creating chaos. Eventually things will settle & I'll be ok.

Today was a pretty good day. We went to a place called SUBStandards (haha) for lunch & Mike & I had gyros, yum! The lady got mad at me because I didn't add a tip to the receipt. It's a sandwich place lady! Oh well. Then we headed to the grocery store to get stuff for tonight (tacos/nachos) & tomorrow, BBQ hamburgers. Yums! After we got home we pulled out the kiddie pool & Hersh kept walking through it. It was funny. He wouldn't stay in it but he'd go out of his way to walk through it. :) Cinnamon still refuses to get in. Mike put her in & rubbed her down with water. Just getting her wet to cool her down. She was NOT happy! :) Silly girl! We ended up renting 2 movies, one with Zach Galifinakis (spelling) which really was completely weird & stupid & Mike rented Resident Evil which is why I'm in here. :) Tomorrow I think will be a mostly lazy day but I'm sure I'll be awake no later than 8 am. Thanks body, I really love NOT sleeping in on the weekend.

Welp, that's all. Tschuess!

02 July 2011

Saturday, July 2nd

Can you believe it's JULY already? That half of 2011 is over. I find it kind of sad. But I won't get into that cause who wants a debby downer post?! :)

The weather has been interesting. We got rain Wednesday & Thursday which we desperately needed. We're suppose to get rain again Sunday & Monday. Our nice "break" in rain on Friday & Saturday means it's MUGGY!!! Ugh! It's so humid & sticky. It's 5:23 & I feel like I'm in a sauna. Yesterday I walked the dogs at 6:30 am & I was sweating by halfway. Not because we went very far or because we were walking fast. We only went around the block, which is probably a 5 minute walk, but I let them sniff & saunter along. The sun is what make me sweat, it was so bright & hot at 6:30 in the morning!!! Nasty

We had a decent Friday. I woke up at 4:30 & even though I slept like schiesse and was fully out of it I went to Curves. Ok, I went to Curves because after I turned off my alarm I was wide awake. I wake up 30 minutes early, I felt so exhausted & knew there was no way I could drag my butt out of bed for Curves & if I did it'd be pointless. Been there, tried that, was pointless. So I decided to turn off my alarm & just sleep til whenever. Bam, Awake! Not FULLY awake but that "crap, there's no way I'm going back to sleep so I might as well get up". So I did & I headed to Curves. I tried to weigh in but the damn scale would not settle. I had this problem before when it said I had lost 25 lbs in 6 wks. Then Curved move to a new place & I magically gained back 21 lbs in 9 days. Yeah, what a crash to realize all that "weight loss" was a freaking cruel joke by the scale. So anyways, I stepped on the scale but it wouldn't settle so I called over Sorina (curves' "couch") so she can watch the scale. I figured if I didn't have to keep looking down it might settle. It wouldn't not! It kept jumping from **2.5 to **9.0. Six & a Half Pounds! So fine, whatever, I won't find out if I've lost weight. I know "figure it's in the middle" but that sucks so screw that. I've busted my ass the last 2 weeks. I work harder than ANYONE else at Curves. Granted one person does do 3 rounds but I think I still push myself harder. I don't go as long but every machine I push myself as hard as I can until I'm limping along. Yesterday I'd take an extra 30 seconds (on the second round) every few machines to catch my breathe so I can go hard core again. You're think "of course you think you work out harder" but a number of people have told me the same thing and getting the "is she ok" looks isn't rare. (I moan, groan, grunt, speak to myself when I'm really pushing myself. I can't help it, the shits hard man! :) ) Now, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. My point is I push myself so hard & I don't eat that horrible. I eat pretty good. And yet I'm not losing weight. So new lady, been there maybe a month, got on the scale & I told her how it wouldn't settle for me. She replied "well, it set for me" & she sounded disappointed. I felt bad for her, I know it sucks when you don't see a lose. Nope, she's lost 12 lbs so far. *Loud Internal Grumble* Glad Curves works for someone else. ;(  Ok, enough. I came home & since I kinda limped the last few machines I decided to take the dogs for a walk. They enjoyed it. :) I decided to stay up because it always takes me a while to fall back asleep & Mike really is an ass when he's woken up. So I played on the computer til 9. I walked into the room & Hersh is laying on the floor by the footboard wagging his tail. I was talking to him & he just kept wagging his tail so I called him into the livingroom so I could give him a rubdown. Mr. Merl isn't normally the "pet me pet me pet me" one but I guess yesterday he wanted to be. :) It was kinda nice for him to be lovey & towards me. In case you don't know, both dogs are daddy's dog. They ADORE Mike. They put up with me. Once in a while they will cuddle & love on me for no reason. :) So anywho, surprisingly Mike woke up soon after & our day started. "Bad Teacher" was playing here at 10:50 & even though Mike doesn't like Cameron Diaz he wanted to see the movie because he didn't want to stay home. Haha. Gotta love when you go to the movies just because you don't have anything else to do & you don't feel like sitting at home. We've done that a few times. So anyways, I did want to see it & I'm glad we did. It was actually a really good movie. JT was really weird in it but the story line was cute. Well, the romance was cute. For lunch we went to Chipotle & I got a chicken bowl with lettuce. A few years ago I started adding lettuce to nachos & I fell in love. Delicious! The bowl actually wasn't very big but I only ate half. Then again, I did get lots of popcorn. My freaking weakness, I LOVES movie popcorn! We came home & chilled the rest of the night. Mike insisted on watching stupid stupid shows & I went to bed at 10.

Today, oh.......today. Haha! Today we get a rental car! We get a rental car because Mike's car is going into the shop to get repaired/painted & it's suppose to take a month. Oh what will my guy do without his beloved mustang? What will he do having to fill up only half as much as the 'stang required? I do not know!

ARGH!!!! I just finished this stupid post, spell checked it, clicked publish & it went to the sign in page. It also did not save the rest of my post. ARGH ARGH ARGH!!!

Ok back. A summary of what I wrote already. We're going to Tucson for Penelope, mike calls her Peen-elope. That's his car. We're getting a rental car & it should be a good size one. Like G6 or Malibu size. Mike wants a G6 so we'll have 2 in the driveway. He's a dork! After that we're going to go see Transformer. Possibly in 3D if we miss the earlier showing (regular screen). After that, Joe's Crabshack. Mike will enjoy his seafood, I will enjoy my drinks. I will probably get the cajun chicken sandwich or whatever. Yay! I'm writing this pissed off because I had all kinds of funnyness already written but stupid blogger signed me off & didn't save that crap. ARGH!

I do not know what the rest of the day holds or the rest of the weekend but time will tell. Tschuess!