23 July 2012


Today is a big day! Today I find out whether I'm being induced or if I'm staying on bedrest for a little while longer. Could be til tomorrow, could be for another week or two. I honestly could see it going either way. I don't know how serious my protein numbers are. I know what they are, the actual number, & I know it's considered high, but I don't know if it's induce today high or bedrest is ok high. I slept surprisingly well which may bite me in the ass. Just because if I slept a little crappy then I'd probably zonk again before I have to call & he can't get mad at me for calling later if I'm sleeping. Sleep is great for high bp! :)

Induced today?! Am I really ready to meet our daughter? Not that it matters if I am if the doctor wants her out. I'm hoping because she's still doing so well, because the preeclampsia isn't affecting her at all it seems, that I can stay on bedrest. I will try to take it easy but pst! I have a baby to finish getting ready for! :) Mike is really scared of being induced today or soon. He kept saying it seems too early for her to come, it's only 5 days short of a month early. *Big Breath* I don't know, I honestly don't know what Dr. Silva is going to do or if he even works today. I'm semi hoping he's not there so he can't make the call today. But Stephens would be & they'd most likely let her decide. My life, today, is in my OB's hands. Even if I make it past today without induction it could be tomorrow. I hope they let me wait it out til at least tomorrow since I have an appt. I know if I do make it past today chances are I might not tomorrow. My levels were above the all mighty 300 but the on-call OB did let me go home so it's not super duper induced that day high.

My feelings on it. It is so early! They have me at 36.5 weeks which while is considered 'pre-term', it's only a few days short of 'term'. I know staying in there would be beneficial to her if the pre-eclampsia isn't bad, which I think it is still in the beginning stage...hopefully. Either way, induced or not, I will be happy & disappointed! Not induced- happy we're still ok to keep cooking but a little sad it's not time to meet her. Induced- so scared, she's preterm still, but excited to be on our way to meeting her. I don't want to be induced but part of me does. Ok, I am psycho, I will not be happy either way. I will not be happy if they don't induce me because I am & have been worried sick about being induced. The charge nurse insisted she thinks I'll be sent right back on Monday so in my head I should be being induced today. Also in my head I think "oh, he won't induce. All my labs beside the urine were great!". Only the protein & slight high BP are my problems. I will not be happy if I'm induced because that means right back to the hospital, boo! It also means my numbers are high enough to be dangerous to our daughter & that's really not cool. It's scary as hell! I am SO ready to have her in my arms but I'm also so Not ready yet!

It is a huge week basically. Because like I said, even if I make it past today, if they don't induce me today, he very well could induce me tomorrow! I don't want 8-9am to come because I'm not ready to know but oh my gosh, get here so I can know already! If I'm not induced today then I get to experience all of this anxiety tomorrow!!! Yay!

Update: No induction today (Monday, July 23rd) but I have a feeling I might be tomorrow. I may be able to stay on bedrest if my BP is normal enough but we'll see. At least I'll know by 9:30-10am either way.

22 July 2012

July Baby

I'll start with what's new with us. Mike got evaled for instructor of the quarter so YAY to that. He got instructor of the month for June. :) He was suppose to have a PT test at the end of this month but it got moved to the end of next month. He figured he'd miss next month's one because he plans to take a full month off after baby but....that might not incompass his PT test anymore.

The dogs are good. Spoiled as always. It'll be interesting how they do with baby. Hersh will be great I know, Cinnamon will be the real one to see.

Baby. Well, high blood pressure is definitely back & it's prenatal hypertension now. It's gone up. It was quite high this week & I ended up being sent to the hospital for a 24 hr observance & urine collection. I did the urine test & blood work this week but the stupid lab didn't do it correctly. It was frustrating being at the hospital for over 24 hrs just because the lab fucked up my protein analyst & trust me, I was B I T C H Y! :) I figured all would be fine. Not so fast! My BP in the hospital (once I settled down from the shock & anger) was decent. It was my high normal, 130's. It went back into the 120's for most of the stay & it went back to 130's waiting to leave because, yeah I was BEYOND ready! Protein analyst came back high. My OB wasn't working this weekend so I was released, thank goodness. I have to call my OB on Monday to see what he wants to do. If I can just stay on bedrest for another week or two or if they're going to induce me. I'll be at least 36.5 weeks according to them (37.5 according to me). Oh, I did get an ultrasound at the hospital to measure her size & she's now 6lbs. She was 6 exactly on Friday! :) It's crazy to think we may be holding a 6 lb baby in our arms this week. :)

Well, that's about it. Tschuess!

Oh, a few fun tidbits. She's still very active!!! Also, I felt my first set of hiccups. Actually, I've felt 2 sets for sure & both were at the hospital. Oh my gosh, she takes after Mommy with those, they were SOOOO strong. It really was amazing! :)

12 July 2012

Baby Girl

Who would've thunk it. Little baby girl will be here in less than a month. Saturday hits 4 weeks til she's due. Now, she may be early or late & I'm hoping she's not late! I told her before anything after 36 weeks is good. Now.....she must wait til 38 because I can't imagine her coming already. That'd just crazy! I probably won't be ready at 38 either but those 2 extra weeks currently are letting me breathe easier. Speaking of breathing...ok, not really. Supposedly these little ones should be less active because they have less room right? Pst! This little girl is an acrobat at night. Bedtime is her playtime & she moves like crazy. It's so amazing! She's everywhere too. Low, Middle, High. Everywhere. No rib kicks yet & I wonder if I'll get any. Maybe as a parting shot she'll kick ribs. :) No braxton hicks either. No hiccups either. :)

The good stuff. We had an ultrasound today & for the first time they were incredibly slow & I got called early. Whoops, Mike wasn't there so I waited. Baby girl was active today which they always seemed to want at other appts (where she was sleeping) but today the lady said "oh, she's tired of being messed with". You want her active but when she is you make the scan short. Not happy because we didn't get a single picture. I was hoping a face shot would help us decide on her name. But nope. We do know she's measuring at(about) 5lbs 7oz which is the 41st percentile. She's a small average baby! :) I told Mike at lunch "I have a 5.5 lb baby in there right now! That's crazy". It truly is crazy.

Well, that's all I really wanted to write about. We're down to 2 names & one of the choices changed but oh well. Mike polled his work & they like one name a lot. I'm not so sure about the name. Most likely she'll be named at the hospital, once we see her. :)

03 July 2012


Today was my first weekly OB appt. I admit since my last appt I've been so anxious to get everything ready for the hospital. Nothing like being admitted to kick you in the ass & tell you "hey, baby could come any day". I didn't go crazy prepping because I still had 6 weeks til she's due and my bp was nearly perfect at the hospital. Still, there was still always that "you need to be ready in case....". I washed, santized, & prepped quite a bit for baby. My diaper bag is about half packed & my hospital suitcase(small) is basically empty. Should I have been sent back to the hospital today I probably would've been fully ready by next week BUT I wasn't. BP still high but high normal. No concern! I can rest easily for another week & hope for the best next week. The BIG week. We have labor class & an ultrasound next week. An exciting week! :)

Her name, our munchkin's name. We're close. It's down to 2. I've yet to talk to Mike about them because it never seems like the right time. Why is it so hard for me to bring up what we want to name her? I don't know. But I do know it's between 2 names. 2 good names! :)

Mike is rocking it on exercise. He goes to the gym often and he's been doing nightly walks with the dogs. I usually am too sore or not feeling well. I'm hoping to be able to start going again soon. This week though it's been gloomy & stormy. You don't know if it's going to rain or not & here it starts at the drop of dime and it starts out HARD! If we were in the middle of our walk we'd be completely soaked within 2 mins. Just what I need, the extra weight of drenched clothes. It's hard enough with the weight I already have. :) But I'm proud of Mike. He has a PT test at the end of this month.

Welp, that's all folks!