26 June 2012

Eventful Week

This week is going to be eventful kinda. Mike volunteered the both of us to work at a softball tournment this week. Mike volunteered me because he gets my hours too towards his total. We showed up yesterday & she(volunteer head) wouldn't let me do anything because I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant, not crippled! Oh well I guess, I get to sit there watching the game while supposedly "earning" hours towards Mike's total. Good for him! I guess we'll work Wednesday & Friday again. Then I believe the 7-12th we'll work probably every day through 2 games so it'll add 4 hrs per person per day.

Today I had my first L&D admittance. Technically it's Maternal & Child at our hospital. My BP was very high at my OB appt so they sent me to the hospital. I was scared to death & Mike didn't take his phone today so I was alone. That was the worst part, just not having him there for support and knowing if something was wrong I'd have no way of getting ahold of him. My BP there was nearly perfect & baby was completely fine. She was actually quite feisty today & kicked the doppler machine both at the OB & at the hospital. Her heart beat stayed mostly around 147-154 while we were there. I have no gestational diabetes, I have no signs of preeclampsia, there were no proteins in my urine, & baby is not stressed in any way. I was & am completely fine. It was a long long 2.5 hrs though I will tell you. The last hour was just waiting on results which is frustrating when all you want to do is go home! I did LOVE getting to listen to baby girl's heartbeat non-stop for at least an hour. It's such an amazing sound!!!
Because of the high bp(at the ob) I've been taken off Curves which sucks! I will miss my ladies! I was hoping & expecting to continue past 36 weeks but I'm only 33 now. :( Oh well I guess. If my bp continues to be high I may be put on partial bedrest. I don't do much during the day anyways so that's not really an issue. We'll see I guess. Good to know though that I don't have to worry about g.d. & I have no signs currently for preeclampsia. :) Baby Girl & I are healthy!

The dogs are good also. Our spoiled brats! :)

21 June 2012


The sun is surely shining here. It's been in the 100's this week, ugh! This weekend is suppose to be 100 + rain/storms! Double Yuck! But when I say Sunshine, I mean our baby girl! She loves the song "You are my Sunshine". Almost every time I play it on my phone (& hold it to my belly) she'll react. She loves any music played though. I've also started singing it to her & today she reacted to my singing. Maybe to tell me it was bad, who knows. :) I don't know if this little girl will ever know how truly loved & how truly wanted she was. No one who hasn't struggled with infertility will ever know the pain or heartache and will never know the depth of the love you develop even before conception. I will never be able to show her how much I love her, even if I kissed her non-stop for the rest of her life. She is such an amazing blessing & I can't wait to hold her in my arms. I can't wait to see her, smell her, hold her, comfort her, & love on her. She is my sunshine & she is my everything! My dream come true!

Names, we are getting close. I know she will either be Katie or Allie! I've narrowed it down to 3 names! One of which Mike doesn't like BUT it may be our compromise name. He dreamt of & wants "Allie" but the Allie name he likes I'm on the fence with. At times I love it & times I hate it. The second Allie name is the one he doesn't like. "Katie" is the name I've had picked out since I was 18 so...10 years. Gosh I'm old! He likes the Katie name but he doesn't like my spelling. I'm telling you this man is picky! We're both stubborn so it's been really hard. At times I feel she's a Katie & other times I feel she's an Ally/Allie. Mike also likes the spelling 'Allie' & no other way! I'm telling you, we're two super stubborn people! But I am usually the one who gives in. I don't know if I can give into the Allie name he likes though. We need to discuss it but it never seems like the right time. Oh well, at least I know for sure we're narrowed down to 3 names! Or I am. :) She could surprise us & be born on August 12th, Mimi's birthday. Then she could be named Melissa & I'd call her Ellie. I've decided that I'm not letting one or two people decide what we name our daughter. I don't care who or what was named it before or how this person was associated with the family. This is OUR daughter & that is the name Mimi picked. It is OUR choice whether we use it.

The rest of us are doing good. Baby girl is getting bigger & making me more & more uncomfortable. Mike doesn't seem to understand & he still expects me to be a sprite young thing. He doesn't understand how painful walks can be or how lack of sleep affects me. He's a man! He has a PT test in about 6 weeks, hopefully he'll be good for it. The dogs are good. Spoiled still but they're becoming more momma dogs at times. It's odd but I'll find them crowded around me or snuggling with me when I'm use to them being daddy's dogs. Don't get me wrong, they are still Daddy's dogs but they're having mommy moments. Especially Cinnamon, she's followed me more. :) Welp, I guess that's it for what's new. Tschuess!

13 June 2012

Why is this so freaking hard!!!

I am so tired of trying to name our daughter! So tired! I'm tired of hearing about what everyone thinks of the names we're thinking about. I like this name, I think that one, no you can't name her that. Everyone is going to have their opinions & that's fine. It really doesn't bother me hearing what everyone likes or doesn't like. My problem is I can't decide what I like. No, I take that back, I KNOW what I like but Mike doesn't. Mike thinks we're close but we did kinda have a "it's coming together" moment a few nights ago. We were watching TV and one of the names I like came on the screen. Mike asked if that's how I would spell it. Yup! What would her nickname be. *name* Of course he likes it, I knew he would. It's the nickname he dreamed about in December before we knew we were expecting. I ran with it, ok, these are 2 other names that would also use that nickname. He likes both. There are 2-3 names popping around & I was SO excited that we finally had it narrowed down. 2 names but one has 2 ending options (ra or ria). I have tried so hard to accept one of these names. I LOVE one name but it seems to big & fancy for our sweet little girl. I like the other but it seems a little plain & I know someone who has a daughter with that name. Why can't Mike just like the name that originally started that night's conversation?! Then we'd both be extremely happy. He'd get his nickname & I'd get the name I like. But is that name too cute & sweet? Both of the name Mike thinks we're considering would be great adult names. Great for when she's going out into the world & making a great success for herself. Yes, I have high hopes for her. But I can't picture our sweet girl with such a strong powerful name when she's so tiny.

There is another name that we're suppose to use if baby girl is born on someone's birthday. We made this person a promise, if we liked the name she could name her. It's a great name & EVERYONE loves it. Everyone seriously loves this name. I haven't had one negative comment on it......except for one person on Mike's side. It's the name of an ex-wife of someone. Everyone tells me & even Mike says it, "so what! what does that have to do with your/our daughter?". It has nothing to do with our daughter really & it shouldn't matter what we name her. It would be HER name. Yes, it's an ex-wife's name but it's also a friend's name that is partially to thank for our miracle even coming. She was a little birdy in my ear telling me "hey hey, maybe.....". I mean, Mike & I did the work so most of the credit goes to us. :) & God! We wouldn't be using the name to honor the birdy or to spite a family member opposed to the name. We'd be doing it because Mike & I both like the name & it's the name birthday person picked. I know we can't use it though because it would seem like we're doing it out of spite. That even though we know it may make some people uncomfortable we used it anyways. It's really not fair, it shouldn't be an issue because this is OUR daughter! Our Miracle! The good thing is this is only a problem we'll face if baby girl decides to share her birthday with someone. This single day out of the whole month. Then again, she may come out & the name will seem perfect for her. Then we're screwed! :)

So, hopefully baby girl's nick name will start kicking in because I've still yet to use it when talking to her. I like the nickname & I love that Mike had a dream about having a daughter with that name. It's very sweet. I just wish I could love a full name to go with it. :| It's very frustrating not having a name for her when she's due in 2 months.

The End!

09 June 2012

Long Time!

Is it really June already?!? That's just crazy I tell you. I haven't written in a long time. I know, lazy me! Baby shower came & went, it was awesome! I got a lot of great stuff. Read more on my pregnancy blog if you want. Apparently baby girl is about 3.5 lbs currently & 17 inches. The tickers actually say "almost 4 lbs" but she's a small-in so probably closer to the 3.5 mark. I still feel her moving around & she loves to stay low. Some people have rib monster babies but she's a pelvic monster baby. I swear she's going to pop herself out early because she insists on staying so low & pressing/stretching down there. Anywho, enough about her. There is plenty more about her on the pregnancy blog so I'll let you go there for more deets! She's still nameless, we haven't even discussed possible names since our last talk weeks ago. Yeah....we should get to that. :)

Not sure how Mike is doing on weight loss. We haven't discussed it so I'm guessing not great. I'm refocusing on losing alittle. I went a few weeks/months with not caring about gaining or focusing on my food choices. I haven't gained a HUGE amount but more than I care too. So, I'm refocused on eating better & maybe losing a few lbs before I start gaining again. I know I'll gain more, it is prime gain time, but I'm hoping to minimize it now. Less gained is less I have to re-lose & heaven knows how hard I worked the first time to lose it.

The dogs are doing well. I'm not sure if they know/understand that a baby is coming. I've talked to them about it but who knows what/if they understand. I look forward to seeing how they interact with her. I know Hershey will be a rockstar brother. :) Cinnamon....will probably come around once she stops being so afraid of her. She really is a fraidy-cat.