16 May 2012


Tomorrow is the day I fly to CA. I am extremely sad & I know I won't sleep well tonight. I'll be stressing & thinking over every little detail. Thinking of every negative possibility. Thinking about leaving Mike & our dogs. Mike has been ULTRA sweet since Friday & it needs to stop! Ok, it doesn't, it's been amazingly awesome, but it's going to make tomorrow morning even harder! Good thing a friend is driving me to the airport! I get to say goodbye to Mike at our house where I can cry alone. :( I wasn't an emotional preggo but apparently in the last few weeks that side has come out! I'm not excited about WHY I'm going to CA because I'm so sad about leaving Az, even if it's only for 6 days. I am sad! I am dreading it! :(

Baby girl has been active lately, so active. She kicks all the time and she seems to respond to me. As crazy as that seems it's true. If I ask her to kick me she will. I guess she's responding to my voice & she likes to be talked too. We're still in the air about the name but we maybe agreed on one possible. All others are out the door. Abbigayle, Katherine, Madilyn, Alyssa! Oh, we have 2 possibles.....maybe! We MAY have 2 possibles. It's hard to tell with Mike. So awesome having a shower for a nameless baby. :) She's loved, that's all that matters. :)

Mike had an eval on his teaching today. I guess it didn't go as well as he hoped but he passed! Yay! That means he can go to a class & become a SILVER instructor! The middle level of instructor. Hopefully he has enough time to make it to Gold, that'd be great for him! :)

That's about it folks. Tschuess!

13 May 2012

Mother's Day

My first real Mother's Day! I've celebrate with our dogs but this year, I get to celebrate because of a little miracle growing inside of me. A little 2+ lb miracle daughter! I do not know if Mike has any surprises for me but I HOPE so! I know we're suppose to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast & I picked raviolis for dinner. We aren't daring to go out tonight because every single place will be packed all day long! We're having a big outing tomorrow. Well, movie & food in Tucson. The Avengers! :)

The last 2 days have been amazing. Mike took a 4 day so he's been around to annoy me since Thursday night. But we've actually had a great time so far. We went to the movies on friday, then lunch, then grocery shopping, then chilling. :) Yesterday was by far the best day ever. Mike was in a cleaning mood, thank goodness, & did lots. Made our bed, picked up a few things in the livingroom, cleaned his part of the spare closet (baby girl's closet now), put away all his folded clothes, cleaning the computer room, did dishes, & cooked dinner. I'm so glad he cleaned the computer room because my family will be here in just over 2 weeks & I needed this room clean. Then we (he) put together the crib & the baby's dresser! AAAAHHHHH, It makes it more real! I love the crib & dresser! Mike worked hard getting them together! I did help. The crib is in the spare/baby's room and the PnP(pack n play) & her dresser are in our room! She's officially taking over our house. Just wait until all the presents from the shower show up! Crazy! Best part of yesterday though was our baby girl decided gymnastics was on the agenda. After some ice cream she became a tumbling star. Normally I just feel kicks but I felt her MOVING. Moving all around in there. I called Mike over & of course impatient male with his "I don't feel anything" after 5 seconds. I made him wait, told him she was moving like crazy, & 30 seconds later JUDO KICK! He looked at me because he thought I did it. That I flinched my muscles or something. Oh no, that was ALL baby. It stunned even me, she's never kicked so hard before. She kicked again about a minute later & Mike was done with being patient. She continued to be active the rest of the night. From 8 until midnight, kicking a few times at least every 45 or so minutes. She even kicked at 2 am when I used the bathroom & immediately after waking up at 6 am. She's continued to kick here & there since then, it's 7:30. She is an ACTIVE one these last 12 hrs! About time, she's been super chill for the last 10 days.

So, it's been an amazing few days. I really love feeling her move & kick. Best Mother's Day present I could ask for. :) Also, my awesome husband! Cleaning & getting baby stuff up & ready! :)

07 May 2012


Life isn't too bad. I am exhausted today. Benadryl does not always work for helping me get a good night's rest. Boo to that!!! Weight loss-Mike is kicking butt. He's doing great! I apparently am finding the weight he's losing times two. My preg appt says "excessive" next to my weight gain. Thanks alot app! I did make  it to Curves today so that's an accomplishment! :)

Baby- Oh baby! It seems Mike had a mini freakout about baby stuff the end of last week. I think the price of everything hit him hard and he decided being a butt was his way of coping. Didn't help that I've become highly sensitive. That crazy super emotional preggo! Anywho, after the shock wore off & he realized I'm not trying to bankrupt us we were able to get stuff for our baby. I finally found our crib on the walmart site (it had said it was only available in stores) & I even got a mattress! It'll all be here by Friday! Exciting! I insisted we get the playard I wanted (with newborn sleeper) from the store(target) because we do have a baby fund that we gotta spend. We started saving in January for all the big stuff we'd need to buy except I failed to realize you buy most of that stuff online & ship it to yourself. Especially since we just have cars. Slowly I've been using our baby fund for baby stuff. A few clothes, a few items from army wives, our playard!!!, & today, a breast pump! Found an amazing deal on a Avent Isis IQ uno breast pump. Normally $120 for $25! SCORE! The replacement parts are super cheap too! :) It's weird truthfully to baby shop. We put the playard together, Mike couldn't wait! It's.....weird seeing it up. Maybe it's just still denial. Who knows. I do enjoy hearing Mike talk about our daughter. He said in Target "ugh, Justin Bieber.......thank goodness he'll be like 30 by the time our girl is old enough to like boys". I had to process that, did he just say "our girl". Haha! I laughed so hard and Mike didn't understand at first. He told me "yeah, that's going to be my job. To keep the boys away". He laughed when he really thought about it.

Well, not much is going on this week. Probably just cleaning & whatnot. Fun stuff! Mike has a 4 day weekend starting Friday, YAY!!!

03 May 2012


May is going to be a very interesting & full month. I had my OB appt on the 1st & girl's lunch on the 2nd. I have an echocardiogram on the 10th, I fly home the 17th, my baby shower the 19th, fly home the 22nd, family comes out the 28th-29th, OB appt on the 29th, & an ultrasound the 31st. Busy!
May has not started healthy. Last week I was super healthy & wanted so much to get back on the eating right train. Yeah, not this week. I want junk junk junk! I did finally go to Curves for the first time in like 2 weeks yesterday. I had to drug myself to sleep with Children's Benadryl but it was SOOOO worth it. I slept good & felt amazing when I woke up. Felt amazing working out & after I worked out. I even took the dogs around our little block. My hips & butt were hurting. Not sure how Mike is doing, he hasn't talked about it.
Pregnancy-all is well I suppose. I recorded our daughter's heartbeat at my appt. I bought a few things from an army wife who had a 2 month old daughter. A sanitizer, belly pillow, bottle rack, & a breast feeding cover that was too small. I got my first baby gift! YAY! Such adorable stuff. Mike even seemed happy about everything we got. He remarked "I'm surprised there isn't a monkey on the butt" of one of the onsies "there is always a monkey on the butt of these things". Then he pulled out the bunny outfit that did have the bunny on the butt. "Like this". But he seemed to really like everything. Maybe because it was our first baby present. :) He hasn't been interested in any of the clothes I've bought.
Our daughter is going to be known as Penny for P.N.D/Poor Nameless Daughter for now! Every name I've picked is vetoed! I was told Katherine, the name I had picked YEARS ago, was an old person's name. Abigail is an old person's name. Madilyn is a "grey haired, tea & crumpets" person's name. It's not a nice simple "nope, don't like it", he goes on & on about how horrible the name is. Don't be surprised when I knock his ass out with drugs when it comes time to filling out the birth certificate. I take naming our daughter very seriously & I pick names that I love, that I could see our daughter being named. He refuses to pick any or discuss names. I am so frustrated by him! I don't want to go to the hospital with no idea what we're naming her. We don't have to be completely set, I understand her name may change once we meet her, but at least have a few that we're agreed on. So Penny it is until he gets his head out of his ass so we can come up with some names.
Why Penny is PERFECT(right now)!
Mike's car is Penny & it's his baby! Baby Girl is my baby!(our baby yes but he's off in lala-land).
Mike's car cost him a pretty penny & has continued to cost us a pretty penny with all the work she's needed, plus the 2 times she's been in the paint shop. Our daughter is going to cost us many many pretty pennies over the years. I will have fun spending those pennies!
And...that's all I got.