27 April 2012

End of April

How weird is that?! That it is the end of April! We still have a few more days left.

TGIF! Weeks seems so long, especially since I kinda do nothing all week. I clean the house & that's basically it. It's too late to look for a job because we only have 3 1/2 months left on this pregnancy. Whose going to hire a 5 1/2 month pregnant chick? No one. Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy the peace & quiet before our beautiful storm comes.

Health & Exercise- Mike is kicking ass! He kicks butt at the gym & he's been eating pretty healthy I'd say. Not sure how much he's lost but I'm sure he hit his goal this week. :) As for me.... exercise is lacking, seriously lacking, but I've actually been eating really healthy. Well, I've been eating way more fruits & veggies. It's helping on the scale which I like!!! The last few weeks I've gained between .2-.6 per week. Not horrible! But I didn't like the number I was getting close too so I decided to try & lose some again. I lost .8 this week which makes me very happy! My pregnancy app uses week ** day 6 for what you've gain for that week. Kinda makes sense I suppose. Today's "gain" is the same as 3 weeks ago. Heck Yeah!!!

Pregnancy: Everything is fine. Sleeping crappy some days, exhaustion, fatigue, pregnancy brain. All the fun stuff. Then you have the really fun stuff, kicks! Mike has still yet to feel one. He's very impatient though & since she kicks all over you never know where she'll strike. :) I did a little shopping at a consignment shop this week. It was weird! I felt awkward in the girl section & had a hard time finding things I wanted. I also didn't want 0-3 because I'm sure we'll get a lot of those at the baby shower. I did find 2 very cute 12 month outfits. I got 6 items for under $18! Heck Yes! In about 3 weeks I should be heading to CA for my baby shower. That is if everything works out which I hope it does. :) It'd be nice to have one. :)

Well that's about it. Tschuess Gooses!

19 April 2012


To say today's appt was annoying is an understatement. I had my OJ, a dark chocolate square, & my ice water. Baby was active at 10:45, my appt time. 11, still active. 11:15.....barely active. 11:25, ASLEEP! I was so pissed! "Did you have a good lunch? You should make an appt for when we first open, it's better at that time". I was good!!!! My baby was active when it was suppose to be active! At My Appt Time!!!! I'm sorry I didn't plan to be seen over 30 mins AFTER my time! Grrrr! Ask Mike, I was very bitchy!

So, because Baby C was sleepy, she didn't get the measurements she needed. She did measure head, stomach, & femur. She asked if I wanted to know what it was & I informed her I thought I saw a penis or balls. Ok, I thought I saw balls! I declared it was a boy. Um...nope. The "balls" were her girl parts. It's A Girl!!! I was so ecstatic! I actually put my arms up in celebration & I kept mumbling to myself "it's a girl!!!". I couldn't believe we're actually having a girl. Still a tiny bit in denial. I just knew it'd be a boy. Awww! So excited & everyone is so excited for us! Great Great Day!!! :)

We only got 4 ultrasound pictures. One showing us it's a girl & 3 head shots. Those creepy front view ones. I like side view, it looks like a human that way. Here is the best one!

This is our Baby Girl!!! Now it's time to settle on her name!

Today is the Day

I'll get back to the title!
Weight- Mike is kicking weight's butt! I have every confidence that he'll succeed to his goal. Very proud of him. Me on the other hand....gaining is my destiny for now. Slowly at least! The CA trip really really screwed me. Like so royally!!! But at least I'm still within a normal gain. I just wish I had more energy & stamina for working out. Any kind of working out. :)

Pregnancy- Baby has been kicking up a storm lately. I have felt it on the outside a few times and tried to get Mike to feel but he's not graceful in bed and not patient during sleep times. :) All the rocking from him trying to get over to my belly made baby hide. Silly boy! I think I'm finally looking pregnant. Fat pregnant. Still have 2 rolls which amazes me, I'd figured it'd be morphed into one by now. But the top roll definitely has a pregnancy roundness to it. It's just cut off by my belly button dividing line. Grrr! Baby's sex. Today we find out. Here is my prediction. Boy! I instantly felt girl when we found out and did so until at least 16-18. Then I wasn't sure & would have times of strong feelings towards a certain sex but I still would say Girl. I think it's a girl! Everyone wants it to be a girl & heaven knows the Cosgrave side needs a girl. All boys on that side, all boys! I've been feeling the pull towards boy for a few weeks and I think I've finally accepted it. I think, even though I felt SO strongly we were having a girl, this munchkin is A Son! Mike says he's going against the odds & saying it's a Girl. Odds because you typically look at what the father's father & the father's grandfather had (kids). Points to 2 boys, then a girl so....Number 1 should be a Boy! We'll see today!!! :)

13 April 2012

What's Up!

Michael's birthday came & went. We did head to Tucson & tried to do the double feature but we're old & crapped out. We had lunch at On The Border, then headed to Wrath of the Titans. 21 Jumpstreet didn't start for 90 mins so we went outside. It was hot & we had to use the restroom so we headed to Coldstone. Mine sucked but Mike's was good. We sat outside for a while, trying to decide whether to stay or go home. I finally suggested seeing the movie the next day in town. It was HOT, we were both thirsty, & I was just done with the day. We stopped at a gas station for waters & Mike decided to get birthday scratchers. $20 worth. He won $20 back! Not bad! $5 of it was my doing because I picked a certain scratcher for him & made him get 2! The second one was the winner! Oh yeah! :) We came home & later went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We went to 21 Jumpstreet the next day, HILARIOUS!

Baby! Mike got some money for his birthday & we also got some extra cash from an awesome relative so we put all of that into the Baby Fund! I told Mike he had to at least keep a little of his birthday money but he refused. :) Awww! We have $500 in our baby fund now! That's so awesome! We haven't bought anything though. We have onsies but I know not nearly enough. I want to start looking at & buying some baby stuff soon. It's about time, we're already 5 months! I've cleaned my closet & part of the spare closet. I know I'll use the dresser in the spare room for bigger size clothes & whatnot. I want/need a dresser to go in our room for the baby too. The stuff we'll use right away. I want to buy a mini crib/bassinet too. I really don't know how we'll fit baby in our room but I may just have to go with a carry bassinet/basket for at first. I know I don't want a changing table. If it's attached to the dresser that's cool but I don't need one. It's weird to me to change the baby sideways. I have a perfectly good bed, couch, & floor that'll work. :) Hmm. I guess that's all for baby. Nothing that exciting. 6 days until we know. That is exciting! :)

05 April 2012


April is going to be a busy but good month! Lots of stuff pertaining to the pregnancy & a special birthday!!!

The most important dates:
April 7th-Mike's 30th Birthday
April 19th-We Find Out If Baby C is a Boy or a Girl!

I had a OB appt on the 3rd & it was ok. The baby's heartbeat was strong, so strong! 159 which still points to girl! Yay! When I found out we were pregnant I instantly felt it was a girl. About the second trimester I started wondering if maybe my initial prediction(pre-pregnancy) that we'd have a boy first was right. Then last night I had a dream that indicated we might be having a boy, not a girl. It'll be interesting because I did strongly feel girl & it's not because I wanted a girl first. I know some people insist they're having a certain sex because that's what they really want. That's not me, I honestly just wanted to be a mother & the pregnancy was a complete surprise. I know I'll be surprised either way when we find out. That we're having a SON or that we're really having a Daughter! I want to know & 2 more weeks is AGONY! April is full of baby stuff. I did a glucose test & bloodwork today. Also I did my EKG(history of high bp) & pre-registered at the hospital for maternity. I have more bloodwork on Monday. The 17th I/we go to Tucson to see an Endocrinologist about my possible adrenal problems. Wow, talk about overwhelming!!! Then finally, the 19th....We See Our Munchkin again & find out BOY or GIRL! Seriously Apr 19th Get The Freak Here!!!!

Mike's birthday! We're heading to Tucson of course. Mike wants to do a double feature but I don't think I could. I understand it's his birthday but one movie & lunch/dinner usually exhausts me. I don't know if I can handle 2 movies! I guess I can try to soldier on. I do also kinda want to baby shop. Mike has gotten more into baby shopping which is so fun. Most likely we'll wait til we find out chico or chica!

Welp, that's about it. Tschuess!