10 January 2015

Moving Moving!

There are sure a lot of stresses right now & it sucks! Unexpected & Expected.

We're in middle of a move & it sucks! But I think we're making good progress. We've moved over most of Katie's room, at least the smaller things like all the closet, all her books, most of the toys. We could probably & should probably move more toys over, I swear they come out of nowhere. We have all of the linen/bedding closet moved, all of the baby stuff moved & all but the bed of the spare room moved. We have most of my extra/smaller clothes moved & we'll take a load with kitchen stuff today. We're trucking along on this move & it's really nice we have a full month to move. We're moving on post into a 4 bedroom town home style(2 story, ugh, suck me) home. The kitchen is tiny, the backyard is itty bitty, but Katie will get a play room AND there are 4 bedrooms! We have an actual guest room! Which yes, the big walk in closet will be our storage room BUT it's a room a little bit separate from the other rooms. In my opinion, a true guest room! The 3rd bedroom will be our crap/storage/baby room stuff room for now. It may become a 2nd kid's room but we're not decided. I guess it'll depend on if our second child is a boy or girl. I'm not worried about it now, I'm just focused on moving. The master is smaller than now but I hope it still fits all we need it to fit & the walk in closet is bigger. The best thing is we have a whole month to move over to the new home. On post ran a special where you get 2.5 months of rent free so that allowed us to sign in January & give us the month to move. We have to be out of this home by January 30th.

Good thing we're pocketing a month of rent in February also because our car needs major work. The air bag system/computer went out so it needs a brand new one or no air bags will deploy. It's a $1000 part, plus another $100 part for gas fumes. Add man hours, a new oil change, the diagnosis cost & we're probably going to be talking $2000. I HOPE for only $2000. It's going to wipe out of savings. We're going to have to really focus on building our savings this year, which that February rent will totally help & I guess some of the tax rebate also. Just sucks because the rebate was suppose to go fully towards the credit card. We're putting more money towards this car in the last 12 months than the damn thing is actually worth. But we need 2 vehicles & Mike's mustang is just not it! That thing has more issues than the Pontiac but Mike will never sell it. He refuses to realize it is a money pit or he jus doesn't care that it is. About that stupid thing, we're going to have to save so we can ship it to Ca sometime before we move again. We don't plan to move until the army makes us so we have 2 years or should.

We got another vehicle, a van. I didn't want to get it until February/March but Mike insisted we needed to look at them ASAP. Then we had to buy it ASAP. So December 29th we drove off, or Mike did, in our new 2011 Town & Country. It's a Touring L so that means it has bells & whistles which is AWESOME! Heated seats, heated steering wheel, power doors!, power tailgate, all stow & go seats which helps for moving! There are screens built in for the back 4 windows!!!! That is seriously super awesome to me, that there are sun screens/shields for those windows because you seriously need them with kids. It has navigation, Sirius radio, touch screen monitor. It's awesome basically. And seriously, I didn't want to get it when we did but now it's a life saver. It makes moving so much easier & we actually still have a family vehicle even though the Pontiac is in the shop. It's a good thing Mike insisted on it, we'd be lost right now without it.

Well, I guess one last little bit of news. We're expecting & are a few days(I hope) from finding out whether we're having a boy or girl. Our family will be complete in June 2015.