28 June 2011

Weird Dream!!

My weird dreams seem to be happening more & more but I have no idea why I had this one. I understand dreaming about someone you talked to that day or there was some kind of commotion about but I dreamt about someone for no reason at all. I dreamed that we went home & for some weird reason this person started cleaning my car out, which was a van, & this person found a note/piece of paper where I had written not nice things about them. Ask Mike & he'll tell you when I'm bored & there is a pad of paper in front of me I'll just randomly write things down. Not a list or anything, I'll just write random words or thoughts or whatever. Well apparently I had done this about my annoyance of this person & because they completely cleaned out my car & were noisy enough to read the little notes I had in the car they found out my dislike for them or really, what I really thought of them. This person of course got pissed & threw a fit saying they were moving away to live with rich inlaws(which this person has none of but go figure). I tried to explain about what I wrote but they wanted nothing of it. More & more people got mad at me & then I woke up. Oooooohhh K! Weird dream! Haha!

Today I bought a kiddie pool for the dogs. (& really for me too!) It's green & it's a 3 ringed inflatable pool. I only did 2 to get the dogs use to it. I bought hersh a pool a few years ago because I knew he loved to swim but he refused to get in it. REFUSED! I know that Cinn will jump in & out of the tub just because. No reason, she'll just jump in, sniff around, & jump out. So, who was the easy peasy, I'll get in the pool dog? Hersh! Surprised the heck out of me. Cinnamon REFUSED to get in. Not even treats were enough to entice her into the pool. I did pick her up & put her in there & she stayed for a short time, while I was bribing them with treats. :) A few hours later I went out there to get wet again she wouldn't even get close to it. Haha! Silly dog! I think eventually she'll get use to it & maybe even get in on her own. We'll see. Here are my pool puppies!

27 June 2011

It's Not Good For You....

It's been a while...... Haha! Ok, I'm weird, whatever! This weekend was actually pretty good. Well, there were good parts. Mike & I drove to Tucson to watch the Green Hornet & it was...hmm. Ryan Reynolds almost naked, YUM! The movie seemed rushed & the action scenes were much too short/quick. They make a big deal of having to defeat these bad guys/smoke monster & it turns out to be pretty much super easy. Also, Ryan Reynolds defeats both by himself. Um...way to drop the ball the rest of the green hornet creatures! Argh! So, it was a weird, not really well made movies. The effects were awesome but the story lines were Boo! Mike had rented 2 movies friday night & we watched one (the dilemma, pretty good/funny, I liked it) friday night & we watched The Rite saturday. The Rite was scary shit! I don't know how that guy could deny the people were being possessed or the crazy things he saw. Cra-azy!

Sunday was pretty much a chill day. We went grocery shopping, grabbed lunch, then chilled. We had a few drinks (which apparently is bad for me as I was kindly told by an apparent family member but one I've never met & really have no idea who he is) & had some good food. Mike made stuffed(with bacon, onions, & cheese) breaded chicken breasts & garlic mashed potatoes. Yum! We also picked up some artisan chips & some sugar cookies to snack on. (I crave sugar & chips when I drink) Freaking Yum!!!

On friday, the USAA guy showed up trying to get ahold of Mike. Mike decided he wanted to make a claim for the sandstorm damage the mustang got in Dec 09. Mike was told as a ballpark estimate that it'd cost 4-5,000 to repaint the whole car & the repair estimate for the mustang is 4,300 (with the $500 deductible we have to pay so USAA is paying 3,800). So I was figuring, as was Mike, that he'd see how much it really would be for a full repaint since so many parts have to be repaired anyways. I was going to make a deal with Mike that he maybe not drive the mustang for a while to save the gas it wastes to make up the difference of money from the 4,300 to whatever full repaint would be. Well, boy is on my shit list! I'm not going into details but after our $500 deductible Mike's mustang spending spree grand total will be at least $5,000. Up from $750 a few weeks ago. If he does a full repaint then you can add whatever additional $$ to that grand total. ***I'm keeping my mouth shut & my feelings off this blog*** :) :) :) :) :)

21 June 2011

Butty Butty Munch!

Don't even ask about the title, I have NO idea. I'm in a weird mood. I'm tired but it's only 8:30. I'll probably head to bed after this. This week I seem to be more & more tired during the day. Kinda sucks major balls! I think my body is just recovering from the lack of good sleep over the weekend. The stress made my stomach majorly upset for a few days too but all is calming down so my body can calm down. YAY! I know the fire isn't completely contained or out but it's been a calm 2 days & it's suppose to be calm for a few more days. I feel relaxed enough to not pack up everything after I use it. :) (I'm not crazy though, suitcase is still in the "dining room" but it's laying on the floor open. :))

Mike had an early day today, WOO HOO! He got home at like 3:30 & he was in a MUCH better mood, thank goodness! I would've decked him if not! :) Mike has been doing this thing where he'll randomly bring up good news/big news. Yesterday as soon as he got home he mentioned this big news but told me he'd tell me after he was out of the bathroom. Um, ok, why did you even mention it?! This big news was that his unit did such a good job clearing their training site & the rest of the post did such a shitty job that Mike's unit was chosen to finish up & improve the other sites while the rest of the post went back to normal operations. So nice of the commander. Today we were watching TV & he randomly mentions this good news. He always announces it in a way so I don't know if it's good or bad & he always waits a few seconds to answer when I ask what this news is. Punk! Anyways, his good news tonight was that they don't have to go in til noon tomorrow, they have a half day. That is awesome for him! Not awesome is tomorrow is Curves' day so I have to wake up early. It sucks but I shall live. I say this because Mike always gets pissed at me for waking him up with my alarm. It is no louder nor goes off for any longer than his. He just hates it & semi throws a hissy fit. Do Not Interrupt his sleep! I've offered to go later so I don't wake him up but he tells me "no, no, do your thang", haha. If only he kept that feeling at 5 am. What is not awesome about Mike's half day is that it's the hottest part of the day. Yes, he gets to sleep in, but he'll be hiking around the mountains in pants & basically a jacket in 100 degree weather. BOO TO THAT!

Welp, that's about all folks. Tschuess!!!

20 June 2011

Fire Go Away!

It's a nice quiet morning on the mountain, that's refreshing. I know it won't stay that way but at least the winds aren't suppose to be hurricane crazy like yesterday. I seriously don't know how much longer I can take this stupid wildfire. Yesterday was a horrible day for the wildfire & yes weenie mcweener got to leave because his area was possibly mandatory evac. His area was under possible mandatory evac for maybe 30 minutes, now it's pre-evac again. Well, haha, our area became pre-evac but the fire was moving so fast & the they were bumping to pre-evac to mandatory so fast that I freaked. Well, I didn't freak, I just jumped into action & stressed. Did my hub get to come home when we became pre-evac & according to some, mandatory?! Nope, of course not! I swear, such a double standard!!! According to CCSO we are mandatory evac right now. According to the city website we're not even pre-evac. Though....mandatory evacs are in effect 2-3 minutes south of us & 2 minutes east of us. We're in this little "safe" rectangle. So you would think "well just evacuate, go to a hotel". Ya....there are 1,700 evacuees right now. I'd say at least half, if not 2/3 are here in S.V. We are some packed with people that some are camped out at an old car dealerships. It's kinda funny actually, they brought a couch & loveseat in this pinky floral pattern. It's not funny they're evacuated, it's funny they brought their sofas & the crazy pattern on the sofas. :) Evac shelters are filling up, one is full, & animal evac places have been evacuated themselves. A huge (I heard)super nice one got evacuated yesterday. People were pleading to other people to please take in their animals who were at that shelter. It was called 4 Paws & it was a doggy daycare type place (before the fire). How scary to know not only are you evacuated & your pet is at a shelter but now that shelter is getting evacuated itself. Weird Scary times in this part of the state.

The Fire! It got out of control & some beloved restaurants burned. I know this because people posted the same info & pictures 50 times. It's sad for them though, it's a landmark to them & it's gone. The fire became a runaway fire (hence the sudden pre to mandatory status) & it was very scary. There weren't enough resources or people so it took a good while just to get in front of the flames to cut it off. On top of that, some people were refusing to leave, even though the fire was coming towards them. I understand being scared & not wanting to leave your house, your home, & she probably was really old & her whole life was in that home but you have to save yourself!!! Poor lady/man! Also poor firefighters who had to stop fighting to save her/him. I know this because I was listening to the scanner. That's some scary schiesse when the fire is going crazy. The total is now just under 50 homes burned. I think they said 80 addition structures or maybe it's 80 total, including homes. I know a few historic sites/buildings burned. It's so sad.

I read today that John McCain is blaming illegals for the fires. I laughed & thought "oh man, this guy is crazy, he's going to get beat the F out, blaming illegals......". But Oh.....yes! They probably did cause some fires. When he said illegals I thought of the ones living here illegally but he's talking about the dumbfucks still sneaking in. Of course they're going to cause fires. They make fires at night & just leave in the morning. It's too easy for a floating ember to ignite dead brush. Shoot, OUR lawn crunches when you walk on it. It's DRY AS BALLS here & we're in the city. They're sneaking through the mountains not caring about anything but getting to the safety house. What do they care if they start a fire? So, while it's a crazy bold statement, it's probably not far from the truth, if not The Truth! Not saying all fires but probably at least 1 or 2 of them. BTW, the fire total for southern AZ so far is 4-5. It was said last night on the fire facebook page that there was a new fire outside of tucson, not sure if it's true or if it'll become a big one(if true). Out of those 5 fires, ONE is contained. One! That means, southern AZ now has 3-4 fires burning at once! CR-A-ZY!

Now onto the real reason for this blog. Mike & I! Man oh man, times are tough right now. Mike is working his ass off so he's tired & sore. (annoyed, irritable, bitchy, stressed). I'm stressed because fires keep getting out of control & I'm watching the facebook, websites, news, & listening to scanners to see if we're in any "be ready/move" areas. Then we get a pre-evac notice & I have to pack our car. I have to concentrate on stuff that is really important that wouldn't be a good idea to leave. I mean, in honesty, the fire just yesterday reached the streets that were evacuated wed/thurs. The fire is still 5-6 minutes south of us. But I'm not thinking "oh, it's a smoke evacuation, our home will probably be safe", I'm thinking "ok, evacuation....what can we NOT lose in a fire. What is irreplaceable?". Running around our house, packing & planning & trying to do everything while trying to keep on the information is stressful & exhausting. My body is sore too. Not as sore as Mike's, not even close to his soreness, but I have mental exhaustion. Anyways, you get sore, tired, irritable hubby plus tired wife & you get a bounce back effect. He's irritable & bitchy which pisses me off which pisses him off more & on & on. The fire looked amazing last night, the whole mountain was a-glow with flames/hot spots and I was telling Mike but he decided it was snappybutt time. I swear, his mood swings were worse than a girl PMSing! Surprisingly we only "fought" once & it was more of me ignoring him & him being pissed about it. Hahaha! It's quite comical.

Well, I guess that's all. It should be a business as usual day. I think we both need a "business as usual" day. :)

19 June 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the bestest doggy dad around! Any haters who want to think it's not the same because our children aren't human can keep their traps shut & stop reading. My husband gives more love to our dogs then some dads do to their human children. Mike is a dad, just not the "normal" definition of "father". So, Happiest Of Father's Day to my husband!

It will not be a happy father's day for Mike though. He's working once again. Supposedly the whole post is working to clear brush & create a fire break. I don't believe this but what do I know. Mike & all his fellow hard working soldiers don't get any kind of weekend. No time to relax or recover which is a bunch of bullshit! I think they should at least get a 3 day next weekend. They'll probably be working all weekend next weekend too though. I do hope they at least get some kind of kickback extra days off sometime in the near future. It is the army though & they don't believe in treating soldiers fairly. I know the army gives us our lively hood & it's Mike's job but the truth is the truth. The Army treats their soldiers badly. If you don't pop out kids like jack rabbits then you're treated even worse. It sucks but we've experienced it so we know it's the truth. So anyways, BOO for Mike not having any days off!

The fire didn't move much yesterday which was awesome but today is scheduled for horrible winds. The pre-evac line has moved up to Buffalo Soldier Trail, which is only 6 minutes from us. That's scary. It also means douche-bag mcwhiney will probably get off of working today because his family is in the pre-evac area. He's the one who left because he lives off the main street that got evacuated, except he leaves farther down & out of the range of what was told to leave. Pre-evac is scary, I admit, but the fire really is quite far from even the mandatory line & if I can have my car packed in an hour so could his wife. I think the pre-evac area is more for the smoke. I know the area that has been evacuated since thursday was for smoke. The fire still hasn't reached the area that was made to leave a few days ago. Anyways, my point was the PRE-evac line moved up & mr. weenie will probably get out of work which isn't fair. I am still basically ready but still quite far from any evac line & even farther from any real fire. And yes, I'm bitter that some jackaloon (who does whine about alot & is quite weird) will probably get a free pass when I know my hub would never get a free pass. Shoot, I'm sure we could be mandatory evac-ed & he'd still have to work. ARGH! Yes, bitter, annoyed, & angry! So sue me!

18 June 2011

The Only Reason

The ONLY reason my dogs love me is because I share my peanut butter with them! Only reason!

We'll just wait patiently til Mom decides to give us some!
 These are their "Please Mom, you know we love PB!"
 Impatiently Waiting
 My attempt at getting them both in one picture licking the spoon.
 Crazy Eyes!
Yup, they know how to eat from spoons.
Hersh's turn
Hersh has no problem eating PB but she does that crazy licking thing.

You never know!

Welp people, I told you about a fire on Ft. Huachuca & man oh man, did it cause chaos! Main streets were closed, the main gate onto/off post was closed, & houses were evacuated. The fire on post spread so quickly & the flames were so high(part of the reason it spread so fast) that there was an emergency evacuations for homes across from the post. It was crazy & scary as F! It was still away from us but the way it was spreading & the fact they couldn't get it stopped made me freak. I can now say that I am FULLY ready for an evucation. Nothing like a freak fire that's going crazy to make you get your crap together NOW! I mean, right now I have 2 totes in my car, the 2 dog kennels, our file box, 2 dog blankets, & waters. Our suitcase was ready to go, I have a bag with shoes, & all our bathroom stuff ready. Mike called finally to see how I was & what was up and he was annoyed because he had to keep moving computers & BS instead of coming home to get US ready to leave. I told him we were good, we were ready & he said "well, my stuff isn't ready, I haven't been able to pack my clothes". SHOOT! Haha! Our suitcase is 2/3 his stuff. Does he really think I'd pack only my stuff. Here's mike's list of clothes, stuff I KNOW he needs! 1) Tan shirts 2)Army PT shirts 3)PT shorts 4)Workout/Lounge shorts 5)Regular shorts 6)Workout shirts 7)Regular shirts 8)Socks & Undies! I grabbed it ALL. I grabbed all the army awards/unit pictures that would fit in the totes, I grabbed all his award/appreciation coins he's gotten, I grabbed his bronze star & certificate. I was more worried about his stuff then I was my stuff. He can't get his award coins back, he can't get his unit plaques/pictures back! The bronze star stuff was never submitted right so I don't think he could get a replacement! I may not be good in other areas but I will protect his stuff as best I can. Anywho! The Antelope(aka post fire) was crazy & fast but OVER! Thank goodness! We should be safe from the other fire but I am staying ready. Everything in the car will stay in the car. Clothes will stay in the suitcase, bags stay in bathroom ready for quick throw ins. :) I'm not chancing anything. The antelope fire scared the day lights out of me.

Volunteering! So I got my big girl panties on & I went to volunteer. I'm sent to another location & I'm told it's in a 2 story building. Um....ok, can not for the life of me find it. There's a medical supplies/electric type place but that can't be it. I'm told to look for a teal SUV & purple honda. No where to be found. So, it WAS this electric/medical/whatever place and by the time I get there they're good. Rounds done & nothing to do til 12. Ohhh.....K! I'll be back. There was a basset though & I'm going to steal it! It's kinda funky looking but it's a basset & I'm stealing it. :) I'm going back at noon.
They are having a car wash for Monument Fire victims but I have no cash, Mike & I rarely carry cash with us, so I decide I'll go to fast food place & grab a little food & cash. Place A, no ATM (could've swore they did), No cash back, & no lunch yet. ARGH! Ok, Place 2 (BK) I'm pretty sure they have ATM so ok...Nope, same story! ARGH! Home I am! Waiting to go back to the makeshift shelter to walk dogs. :)

Driving around town is saddening. You see all these hotels full, you see the school (evacuation sites) full of cars, you see a bunch of RV's parked in the old walmart parking lot, there are even people just hanging at the park that I think are evacuees too. The town is full!! When I went to volunteer the first thing I was asked was "are you an evacuee?" The vet office I'm helping with/at has 3 sites. There are at least 3-4 other animal places taking animals. I will be walking someone's dog whose house could potentially be ruined, if not already. If they'd let me I'd just love on those dogs all day.

In case anyone is thinking I'm leaving my mans at home (yes I added an s to man) I am not. He's getting to work, moving some BS stuff from place A to place B. Gotta love the army. Half the soldiers yesterday we sent home to pack & be there with family. Not my man! Not his unit! Wait, some of his co-workers did get to leave. Anyways, enough about that. He'll be home eventually & I'll get him all of Sunday. Or at least I hope so. It is the army & they do like to F you.

17 June 2011


I am trying my best to stay calm. I go back & forth between wanting to pack the whole house & coming to my senses. We are a good distance from the evacuation line and even though the pre-evac line has come north we are still 7 minutes from it. The fire seems to be going northeast & we're more straight north. They say no homes have been destroyed east of 92(highway) & there are ALOT of homes over there that the fire has passed so the firefighters are doing a great job. The fire is only 15% contained & is now close to 20,000 acres burned. It's so crazy & sad. I "liked" a facebook page about the fire which basically more of people asking about family there (like we know their family) & spreading rumors. Someone said part of S.V. is evacuated & that's in no way true. We aren't even pre-evac-ed yet. They just recently sent out pre-evacs for the 2 streets north of Ramsey. People were actually allowed to go back home last night to get more things but had to leave again this morning. So while Hereford & Ramsey were evacted, they were allowed to go back for a few hours. In honesty, I don't think we'll get pre or emergency evacuated. I think we'll be fine. Doesn't mean I haven't started packing. Haha! I have pictures, albums, & mike's mustang books in a tote which is super heavy. I have some dog stuff in their(the dog's) backpack & I have stuff in my backpack(jewelry & all my pills). I wish I had extra deodorants, toothbrushes & toothpastes so they could be packed. I want to be as ready as I can be. If we ever do get a pre-evac warning my car will SO be packed. Waters, Totes, Pillows, Blankets, Dog backpack, My backpack, Suitcases, Kennels! Kennels would be a hard fit but we'd do what we have to do. It'd probably be me & the dogs in the front seats of my car & mike would have his car.

So I have packed some stuff but I've restrained from pulling down pictures or awards(army). If a pre-evac came I'd definitely start with those. I just knew when Mike came home he'd get annoyed with me about the totes. He thinks I'm being paranoid & I figured he'd shake his head at me. He might've, I wasn't in the room when he came into it, but he didn't say a single word to me. I don't know if he noticed ALL his mustang books missing from the shelf or not but he'd know where they were. I really hate this anxious feeling. I feel so overwhelmed & on the brink of tears. It was overwhelming packing the totes & bags. It's so surreal to know there's a small chance you might be evacuated, that you might be forced out of your home. It's scary. I've seen it on the news & I've felt horrible for them but never thought we'd be in a situation where we'd be there. I'm going to start talking in bulletins cause I think it'll be easier for me.
Things I know!
  • Mike had to get his gloves & eyewear & meet at certain site. They weren't told what they'd be doing but you kinda know. Working! Clearing brush & any other preventative measure for the fire.
  • Ft. Huachuca residents are being told/ordered to do pre-fire measures. Watering grass all night, etc
  • Ft. Huachucians have been put on 48 hr evacuation notice (or something like that). I think meaning that they could have to evacuate in as little as 48 hours. But maybe they will be evacuated in 48 hrs just because.
  • If Ft. H-ians do HAVE to leave in 48 hrs then OH LORD! All houses on Ft. H are north of us so if they have to leave sunday/monday then what does that mean for us?
  • The fire is moving faster & faster each day. It went from 4,600 on Wed to 6,500 on Thurs to 9,000 Friday night to nearly 20,000 this morning. It doubled overnight!
I'm thinking we won't have to evacuate because.....
S.V. is a huge town & I don't think they'll let it get up to us (I hope). Most evacuees are sheltered here in S.V. Animals & People! 2-3 schools have people & 2-3 vets are taking animals. Homes are being opened up for people & pets. We are the main safety place! If we have to evacuate then where the H will we ALL go?!

They need SO many donations here. I've thought about raiding our closets for blankets for the shelters & volunteering. I'm scared too. I think if I actually SEE all the animals & all the craziness it'll make it more real. I know it's real, I see the smoke & flames(at night) but it's not here. It's not up close & personal. I am scared! I feel like I'm being paranoid & overly sensitive but I can't help it. This is so unlike anything I've ever experienced. I am scared to death of the "what ifs". I want to pack more but it makes me more upset. Well, I'm off to pack a little more (pillows, blankets, etc) then we'll see. Maybe I will head to a vet's place to help or donate.

Update: Just looked at the M. fire (facebook) page & I guess Ft. H does have fire. I'm sure on the edge, up in the mountains where they do all the training exercises AKA far away from homes & people. It's still scary to know the fire has reached Ft. H! :(

16 June 2011

Freaking Out!

I am freaked the fuck out. Sorry for the cursing but seriously! It's day 6 of this fire & it's now burned 9,300 acres. Mandatory evacuations are up to Ramsey Road! That's NORTH of Hereford Road which we were basically at 2 days ago. Here's a mapquest map! Snyder is at the top of this map, we are barely above Snyder. The evacuations are are only about 8 minutes from us. Are you kidding me?! I want to start packing up totes now. I want to start packing my car up. My mind is racing through all the stuff we have that I don't want to lose. I hope the fire won't get this far north but shoot, they jumped the evacuations up to Ramsey Road today, Day 6 of the fire. It's only 17% contained. There is SO much stuff that we can't/I don't want to lose. I joked about having to pack up our cars but it may very well happen. I want to pack now because I know if we get a evacuate notice we'll have 30 minutes to get OUT! Not saying the fire will be that close but they may make us leave. We'd have to pack up all of Mike's army stuff cause that crap is EXPENSIVE! It probably won't all fit in my car. All our photos, Mike's fancy books, clothes, ????  I'd pack our grandfather clock if I could. That thing was mucho money! I think I need to really start going through boxes & finding all the things (photos) that we can't lose. Mike will call me paranoid but oh well. I'm seriously freaking out! Ramsey Road! That's not that far from us. There's TONS of dry gas/weeds/everything between us & them. We're up hill too. It's been windy as balls today & what if it is tomorrow too. I'm not saying for sure we'll be evacuated but I'm seriously not counting it out. I am REALLY scared! Where is my hubby to calm me down when I need him?! :(

15 June 2011

Smokey Love

Those 2 really have nothing to do with each other but whats evers yo!

The Monument Fire is growing like crazy. You could say, spreading like wildfire because...it is one. It's (believed to be) man made/set & it is still 0% contained. It's now at 6,500 acres, up from 4,600 this morning. How truly sad. Here's a picture from today, Day 4, of this fire!
Last night we drove down towards the fire so I could get some better shots but it turned out that I got better shots here in town. Also there was a police blockaid in Hereford, 7-10 minutes southwest of us. The fire from my understanding is 30-45 minutes from us. Probably closer to 30 now. There are alot of civilain instructors who live out that way and could potentially lose their homes. Mike told me today that many of those houses don't have fire insurance. I guess it's a too high risk area so you can't get fire insurance! How's that for life kicking ya in the butt! I really hope very few people lose their homes. An article today said around 6 homes have been destroyed by the fire so far. Here it is if you want to read it.

This is why I love my hubby! A close family member is going through a hard time & I wanted to get them a gift/cash card so that they can have something nice. This person mentioned 'True Blood' but they don't have HBO & I guess it's $15 a month for that channel(package probably, can't get anything by itself with directv). That's why I initially wanted to get the cash card, so they could get the channel for a few months. But this person can spend it any way they want. I wrote Mike to ask if it was ok because in all fairness & truth, he's the one making the money. He said yes of course. :) I wanted to get a $50 cash card but Walmart was also asking for supplies for the firefighters. I asked Mike about the amount but said I also was debating who to help. My family member or the firefighter's. This is why I love him, he told me to do both. He willing gave up nearly $100 of his hard earned cash so I could help both parties I wanted too. Now I know $100 isn't THAT much really but it is a good chunk of money. I also know his money is our money & I have no problem buying whatever I want or need when I want or need it. I'm not a big spender so he doesn't have to worry. Buying a gift card or basically just giving someone else money so they can have something nice is a little different. What can I say, my man is good guy. He sees my heart, he understands that sometimes I have to do things like this. He has a big heart too. I think our total donations to charities is at least $300 so far this year. Crazy. (I'm not looking for applause or anything, just thinking & typing at the same time). Anywho, that man of mine is home so Tschuess!

13 June 2011

Pictures & Such

Today I had a doctor's appt & according to that height thing (cause I was bored waiting for the doctor) I am 5'5 1/2! What bitches! A full inch taller than I really am. Haha! It all started because I was looking at it & I thought, that's so off, that can't be how short 5'4 is. That's so short! So I did myself & I was 5'5(& 1/2). That's still short. I told Mike at lunch that I was really short. He tried to tell me that is normal but still, it's short man! Or I should say it looked really short on the wall.

So, guess what. Another fire started yesterday & it's even closer to us this time. In fact, one of mike's fellow instructors, a civilian, was told to evacuate their house. Actually hub & wife are both instructors, but they were told to leave their house. It takes probably 30 minutes to get to their house cause they live in Palominas but it's a nice house. How scary! Shoot, we'd have bins tied to the roof if we had to get out. All our photo albums, all Mike's mustang stuff, army stuff, all the stuff we really wanted to keep, then we'd have to buy a wagon to pull behind the car for Hersh & Cinn. JUST KIDDING! We would fill up our cars though. Anyways, here's a picture taken from our front porch of the smoke! Click it to see it bigger. :)
Here's a picture of the moon, taken same time as the smoke one. 5 pm.

Today Mike took his car in for the repair & he's now driving a rental. It's......interesting! Haha! It has Mississippi plates, which makes no sense for a Az rental car but whatever I guess. Here is his new beast. A 2011 HHR LT Flex Fuel! I've decided to call it Murphy!
It's VERY weird to ride in too. You sit very high like in an SUV but it's car height. Sooo weird. I also made the comment that I felt like I was inside a fish tank. The seats were really high but the middle console is super low. This car was not built very well & sorry but it's UGLY! If you like HHR's I'm sorry but I think it's fugly!
Fugly Murphy!

Wakey Wakey

is NOT happening today. Early morning I was mostly awake but refused to look at the clock because then I can never go back to sleep because it's usually close to wake up time. Then I fell asleep UBER hard. I had the weirdest dream that my alarm woke me up from. It took my nearly 10 minutes to wake up enough to get out of bed & I never woke up enough for Curves. Oh I went & I tried to work out but my body was frozen. No amount of stretching or shaking or working out woke up my body enough. I managed to do one round but pst. I knew it'd be pointless to continue. It was so frustrating because I was trying to wake up, I was trying to work out but it was just pointless. Maybe I'll go tomorrow to make up for today. Even though I got the most pathetic workout I still got nauseous. Makes no sense, no sense I tell ya. :)

Mike is on his way to Tucson to drop off his baby for repair. He asked me to go but I have a doctor's appt at 10. It sucks because I probably won't see him til dinner time. I woke up, got ready & left for Curves & I got home to him getting ready to leave & leaving. He'll probably get home about the time of my appt but I'll be there for at least an hour. I MAY get home in time to see him for 5-10 mins before he heads to work. I mean I guess it's not that different than normal work but it just sucks that we're doing this back & forth game. Oh well, at least I get him for dinner this week. What will be for dinner anyways?! Probably chicken & fish.

Welp, I suppose that's all. Dropping off my tests at the post office for shipping & my appt is all on my agenda today. Fun stuff I know. Have a good day all!

11 June 2011

Saturday, Saturday!

Happy Saturday Ya'll! What fun things have you gotten into today. What fun are you planning on getting into?! Our Saturday is nothing fun. Mike is at work, BOO!, & I'm getting to spit into tubes for some kind of test. It's glorious fun! Luckily I'm 75% done with my wonderful saliva test. What sucks about it is no caffeine. Not that I normally have a lot but you always crave stuff you can't have. I woke up craving it. I made due to strawberry kiwi off-brand crystal light. Ohm, that stuff is SOOOOOO good. Right after I took a bath I managed to drop the container of it which shattered the bottom. At least 1.5 liters of crystal light..... all   over   my floor! ARGH! Gotta love unexpected mopping & sticky feet! Oh well, such is life & I made some more yummy-licious strawberry kiwi. Mike should be home in an hour or so, yay! Not sure what we're having for dinner but I'm looking forward to it. It'll probably be breakfast for dinner.

I am looking forward to Sunday. We'll probably sleep in! We'll probably go out to eat for lunch or dinner and then who knows. Maybe a movie, maybe relaxing at the house, maybe...who knows. It doesn't really matter, as long as I get time with him. :) Welp, that's all folks. Have a great weekend!

09 June 2011

Mike's Mistress

AKA his mustang, Penelope. I forgot to update about the car repair. Why are men such bad direction takers?! We got lost & I get the GPS up but Mike doesn't want to listen. It took us an extra 30 minutes to get to this place. It's a nice place though & the people are super nice. While going towards the bathroom we walked by a SUPER purple looks black car. It was GORGEOUS! It seriously looked black til you hit the right angle & you could see that it was just really really dark purple. Guess who's getting her car painted! Haha, just kidding! The guy said it's called black cherry. Super dark red looks black-black cherry-yes but super dark PURPLE is not dark cherry! I still love it & you can call it whatever you want, I want it! Back to Mike's baby. It's going to cost $600 to repair/repaint the car. YIKES! I was worried Safelite would think 'what the...$600 for a SCRATCH?!' Deep or not, that's A LOT. But the place is awesome & they do it right. Safelite has been awesome too. The repair shop faxed the estimate in & within a few hours safelite had called the place & prepaid for the repair. They're also paying for a rental car for Mike. WHAT?!?! That's awesome! Now I don't have to drive up there with him to bring him home on Monday & then do it again on Tuesday/Wednesday. It's about 90 minutes one way! Yup, so that's it. Awesome Place, $600 repair, Safelite awesome, & rental car! Checky Check!


It's bleeping hot yo! Like melting yo! I apologize, I've seen that new tropical/desert dating show commercial WAY too many times & they always play a clip with some britney spears sounding girl saying "we're in the sahara yo". Mike & I make fun of it & today it's stuck in my head. I haven't even watched tv today but that phrase is in my head. Annoying!! So plan on 'yo' a lot today. :)

I LOVE Arizona & I've said I can see myself living here for the rest of lives, after mike gets out or retires from the military. I like it. The monsoon season is crazy but it makes our dry dry place so prettily green. My skin has FINALLY found balance, thank goodness the ultra dry skin sucked butt, but my hair still is always dry. Such is life. The weather for the most part is awesome. I love it. Ya...this year is making me not so sure anymore! This spring/summer is killer! It is so dry & windy here that allergies are horrible & breathing troubles/difficulties aren't rare. The fire-palooza is HORRIFIC! We've had one fire that has been burning for 3-4 months. New fires are always sprouting up or the other ones are getting worse. When the winds are right you can't even go outside because of the smoke in the air. The news actually tells you "don't go outside in possible". So if the dryness & allergies weren't bad enough, there's the smoke. Yesterday while driving to Tucson the smoke was SO bad that both of our eyes hurt & mine felt like they were going to swell shut. The fire that's causing this smoke was 5 hrs away, 5 1/2 from S.V. My eyes are sensitive & sore. This is a picture from Benson, 30 minutes north of S.V. & 30 mins southeast of Tucson.
All that grey is smoke!!!

It'll be an interesting next few days. Tomorrow I have Curves(grumble) & an oil change for the car. All day saturday I have to collect my saliva for some kind of testing. Monday I have Curves & a doctor's appt. It's not really a lot but I feel very anxious & stressed. Really doesn't make sense but if there's one thing I know about myself/my body, it never makes sense!!! Interesting tidbit, I picked up my refill today & my pills are now purple. Very pretty but weird! Doesn't seem like you should take something if it's purple. Or green or yellow or orange. I wonder what color they will be next time? Maybe back to boring white. Haha!

Welp, I suppose I'm done. Nothing else to report. I hope you like the look, it took me a few hours to fancy it all up. Had to find a background I liked, then the white part is super wide so I had to keep redoing the header to fit properly. Ay yi yi! Anywho, Tscheuss!

08 June 2011


Today we have been married 7 years, 7 months. A week from now should be EXTRA lucky, triple 7's! I can't believe we've been married that long. That's just crazy. We've been together for 12.75 years though & that's even crazier! It's great though. We don't always get along but we make it work.

Today Mike is going to Tucson to get an estimate to repair the deep scratch the Safelite people made. It's bad. He gets his window replaced finally & bam, that happens. He's been on a mustang spending spree kinda. 2 months ago he bought a new metal grill but didn't like it so last month he traded with co-worker for some new fancy parts. In the last 2 weeks he's gotten his windows tinted, got a new windshield, & now he's going to get an estimate for the scratch which will turn into a whole new paint job. They won't be able to match the paint for the repair & he won't be happy with a different color repair or repainted whatever it's called. The piece on the driver's side over the front wheel. Mike doesn't want to take me with him because he knows I won't be happy with the price. I wouldn't care if he was just getting the estimate for the claims people. If he was just going to get the scratch repaired but I know it'll turn into more. I'm sure he'll hit at least 1K by the end of this month.*Sigh* Such is life I guess.

I weighed myself today & I've gained. Only .5 & I did have a good size cup of water this morning but still. It was quite discouraging. Some people lose weight without even trying. If they do try, it melts off. I haven't been eating SUPER great but I have been watching what I eat. I've also been pushing myself at Curves. I really pushed myself today. I need an energy shot for the second round of Curves. By the time I'm 75% done, I'm running on sparse fumes. I still push myself but I just can't push myself as long as before. My heart rate still gets super high. I'm kicking myself for falling off the wagon. Where could I be if I didn't basically take May off, if I didn't stumble in April. Oh well, look to the future. I now have 7 lbs to lose in 3 weeks. Hopefully I was just building back my muscles this week so next week I'll see a decent loss. We'll see I guess. All I can do is eat right & push at Curves! :)

Welp, off to eat some breakfast & wake Mike up so he can go to Tuck-sin! :) Tschuess!