04 December 2011


Happy December!!! I'm so excited because the countdown is on! In 17 hours or so we should be on the road. First to sign out on leave, then Bye Bye AZ! 29 whole days of gloriousness! I can't wait to see our families and spend time in CALIFORNIA! Home Sweet Home! Until I've had enough & then I'll be ready for Home Sweet Az Home! Haha! Yay Yay Yay!

Mike~ Mike's been doing well. He had to weigh in on Wednesday & he ended up at 1% under which is great! He's been running & going to the gym. Not sure if it was for weight loss or for reals but hopefully he keeps it up back home. He's been thinking about his future in the army & he's been throwing around some things. Drill Sergeant & Warrant Officer are the 2 biggies as far as I know. Either way he'll have to get into amazing shape! Health wise he's improving which is great. Finally!!!

Me~ I've lost 35 lbs so far which YAY! Each month I lose less & less though. It's been a roller coaster the last 2 months. I lose for 2 weeks, then gain. 2 months ago it was lose, lose, gain, stay. This month it was Lose, lose, GAIN, LOSE! I lost 2.5 the first 2 weeks, then gained 4 during Thanksgiving, but lost big last week. 35! I'm in denial a little. I keep thinking of a number I want to get too and I've surpassed it. I think "oh, I so want to get to ***" but I'm 10 lbs less than that now. It hasn't clicked. It helps that still wearing the same sizes. Some shirts are looser and they don't look good anymore but I can't stand tight or figure forming. It's a double edge sword. I worry so much about being home & not having my strict schedule. I gained 4 lbs in 4 days 2 weeks ago. I got lazy with my family here and now we're going to be home for a MONTH! It's going to be hard!

Dogs~ Cinnamon has been acting out lately. Getting into all kinds of trouble. She has been more cuddly with me, more of a momma dog. She still is & will always be a daddy's dog but she has her momma time. Hersh has been very close the last few days. He knows the routine, he knows what suitcases mean. He's been on us like a hawk since yesterday. Mike loaded the bags into the car last night so he's going to be on us even worse. Good thing we don't have to leave during the day because I know they'd act out badly.

Anywho, I'm not sure how often I'll post updates but I probably will. We have MAJOR plans this month. Going to a Raider's Game!!! Taking our nephews to the ZOO! Going Skiing (I'll be reading in the lodge)! Lots & Lots of Family time. Including CHRISTMAS! Our weekends will be packed. This weekend with be Cosgrave Time, Next Weekend is the Raider's Game, the one after is Christmas, & the last one is NEW YEARS and basically the end of our time. It'll make the time go by even faster. We'll have to fit in zoo & skiing during a week sometime. Haha. :) Love it!!!

Here's pictures of Santa & Myself with Santa. :) (ps Mike was Santa)