31 August 2011

End Of August!

Today is the last day of August & that's kinda sad. 8 months already over of 2011. It is a happy day though!! VERY HAPPY! The last 12 hours has been filled with wonderful news! First, Mike found out that we CAN take christmas leave! Sooo awesome, I'm so glad. (Though was kinda liking the idea of going for Thanksgiving maybe). Second, Mike DOES NOT have to pass the PT test to get leave! He was told it's a right, not a privilege! AWESOME! Then!!! I saw that I made my goal(weight) for August! Also, we're 12 days away from 13 years together!!! So, today rocks! :)

This week is going by very slow. Very Very slow! I've also been attacked almost non-stop all week by the hunger & craving monster. They suck! Staying good though (so far). :) Last week(Sat) I had only lost 1 lb & I was kinda bummed. I mean it's good since on Wednesday I was still the same weight from the Sat before but I was hoping to see a better loss. My eating is completely changed & I had started back at Curves. I was hoping for 2-3lbs. But alas, no. So, this week I started walking. I walked the dogs once around our block after getting home from Curves on Monday. Then last night, Mike & I walked the dogs twice around our block. I actually made it twice! It's not that long really (around 18 houses) but the beginning of this year I was hurting by house 2-3. I was in quite a bit of pain by house 6-8 & wanting to turn back. If I did a whole lap I was in major pain & crying. Crying from pain & frustration at myself. I made it twice last night! My feet hurt but I made it with no problem. I slept like crap last night & I had no energy for Curves today but I still got that done also. I'm proud of myself.

Mike's health is on track I guess. He saw the pulmanologist last Thursday & through the next month he'll be doing tests & a sleep study to see what they can figure out. Mike doesn't have high hopes for getting a permanent profile but we are hoping we find out about the scarring on his lungs. The end of Sept we will hopefully bring some answers! :)

Well, that's about it. I need to start getting ready for my doctor's appt. Tschuess!

24 August 2011


What's new?!?! Let's see. The dogs have been huge pain in the butts lately. They're very whiney & insistant! They whine to be fed an hour before it's time & lately at time they insist on a treat. Hershey will sit pretty, you ask him what he wants, & he'll look over towards the treats. These dogs, they are just too smart. I got to see some smartness from Cinnamon recently too. Hersh came through the doggy door & Cinn started going through while it was swung out (towards the outside). Of course when she started walking through it started moving with her so she backed up a tiny bit & bumped the door/flap with her head & ran through real quick. I was amazed! The previous owner must've had a doggy door too because I have no idea where she learned that.

Mike's car, he's finally getting it back again. See, he bought this new supercharger a few months ago & he's just been waiting to get the car back so he could have a friend install it. Well, Monday he handed it over to this guy & it was suppose to be down by the time he left Monday. Then it was 'Tuesday morning', then 'at 8pm', then 'Wednesday morning'. He wrote Mike at 7:30am to tell him it'd be done by 8:30. Thank goodness, I was beyond annoyed! I couldn't sleep in because I had to take him Tuesday (he didn't want to take my car because he was suppose to get his back) & I had plans today that I had to be late for because of taking him. Not big deals really but I've been bitchy lately.

Weight & Health- I've been kicking ass on my new eating plan. I'm getting all my 6 servings a day. Weekends are my cheap days & apparently I cheated WAY too much because all the weight I lost last week I gained again. I had hoped Monday & Tuesday awesomeness would cancel the weekend's bad but nope. Back to only 6.5 lbs lost instead of 8.7. It sucks but I'm trying to not soothe myself with food. Trouble is, I just really do not want a salad today. It's the last thing in the world I want but I get 4 servings of veggies with those. 4! 66.7% of my daily need I tell ya! So, I'm doing pretty awesome with staying on course but some days are harder. Today is just uber hard. :|

19 August 2011


Hello Hello! How are you? Things here are good. Mike's car is finally home! I was far past done with that car & it's repaint. I didn't really care when we went to pick it up either. But.... I have to admit, the paint job is amazing!!! The color is crazy awesome! They did a really great job, even if it took them 7 freaking weeks!!! Argh! But it's home & I have my car back.

Our weekend started at 10 am this morning. Mike usually gets home around noon but I guess since it was the last day they got off super early. We didn't do anything exciting but oh well. Our weekend has started. :)

My new eating plan....ugh! I am so sick of vegetables & I'm looking forward to relaxing a little this weekend. I literally have to plan my whole day of eating as soon as I wake up. I won't do that on the weekends. I'll try to get veggies in but I'm not going to worry about getting all 6. I weighed myself on our home scale & I was 1 lb lighter. Not a lot but I was expecting to see a higher number than I did at Curves 3 weeks ago. I should weigh myself tomorrow to see how I'm doing. Not that I've been super uber strict but 6 vegs a day has to have some good benefits. Or at least I'm hoping it will. :) Tonight I tried a new veggie, Butternut Squash. Mike bought this thing WEEKS ago when he decided he was going to be all P90X strict. He's no longer doing the eating plan & he didn't even get any to eat for dinner. He did try half of a piece & of course hated it. I didn't care for it either but I ate about 1/2 a serving of them. I may not like them but I still need the veg-ness of it. :) I definitely need to get him more on board with the eating. He's very stubborn!!!

I have pretty pretty nails!!! I'm enjoying painting my nails every so often. The dark purple color I got does not go on well, I don't know why. I put on the pretty pink one today & of course chipped 8 of my 10 nails while doing dishes. I did a repair paint job on them. They don't look awesome but oh well, they're still pretty. I love this color! Very vibrant & girly! :)

13 August 2011

Week End

So, what's new......

Mustang. I seriously am so F*ing tired of this subject. First off, we were told 2 1/2-3 weeks. Then they didn't even get finish with negotiating with USAA til the second week. Every time we've been there it's been "only a few more weeks". Last friday we were told it should be done by the middle of the week. Wednesday we were told "oh yes, it should totally be done by Friday". Yesterday Mike was told it was ALMOST done but they were still waiting on parts. Um....excuse me?! You've had it for 6 weeks & you're STILL waiting on parts. So we go to look at it & while they continue to say it's almost done, it's still in pieces & the hood is STILL not sanded or polished. They were SUPPOSE to replace every piece & when they ordered some the original kind wasn't available so they got taiwanese shit that A) doesn't fit right at all & B) LOOKS like shit. This is from the mouth of the shop owner. The side view mirror holder has a huge scratch in it & they were going to leave it. So, guess what, let's write USAA & see if they'll replace it with OEM ones. A) USAA closed the claim, the shit is DONE! B) Why the F did you think it was ok to leave a scratched piece?! Mike started the day & most of the day so pissed & he repeatedly said "if it looks bad, I'll say. I'm not going to act like before, all overly excited & whatnot". Ya sure & guess what, same shit different day. Slobbing their knob & believing their lies. They are ordering new parts now. Meaning MONDAY they'll order them. & Mike still believes it'll be done probably middle of the week, no later than Friday. A) The car is not even finishing being polished B)It's still in pieces C)Parts are still not there D) you're now having them order NEW parts. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I am so beyond pissed. Another thing, we were told the 10K (which is the biggest rip off I've ever heard, seriously) was TOTALLY going to cover everything. We were not going to have to pay a penny. Now all of a sudden, we have to pay the original co-pay at the time of the damage. $500! I am livid! L I V I D! So, you're telling me, that not only does the 10K not fully cover it now but you're getting paid 10.5K! For having our car for 7, probably more like 8-9 weeks! They know just what to say to him & he buys it all. Not only are we now responsible for the $500 but after the car gets home he's paying someone to put in the new supercharger & I think the car shop people have convinced him to buy a specialize cover for the car. I refuse to get a DSLR camera because I can't warrant spending $600-$1000 on a camera when I don't think I'm good enough but his mustang spending will exceed 5K this year. I can't write anymore, I'm at the breaking point.

Healthy~ My eating is pretty darn good. I went off the deep end last night but that's just because we HAD to drive to Tucson to see the car & hear their BS. Dinner & A Movie. I know we didn't have to do those 2 & I kinda didn't want too. The Help was a great movie though. Totally great! Anyways. I've done pretty good on eating. I 100% expected to have MY car back to be able to go to Curves now but nope. 1-2 more weeks at least. ARGH! The stress & emotions are making me want to binge on junk. :( But I felt SOOOO horrible last night. I was nauseous & my stomach was so upset.  Boo to that!

I'm loving painting my nails. I did the jade color but it did not look on me & even mike said they looked like shit. I said, well I'm not very good at doing it (because I do them maybe once every year or two) & he said 'yea, you'll get better'. Thanks for encouragement butthead. I do really love the pale gold. Mike said it kinda just makes me nails look a little yellow, like they have a fungus infection. Whatever, I like them & I'll probably put a second layer on them today. One hand is definitely darker than the other. I went around with a thinly painted hand(of nails) & a mediumly painted hand(of nails). Whoops! Good thing it's such a sheer color. :)

Welp, that's all. Tschuess.

10 August 2011

I'm a Kid

In a candy store. My Avon FINALLY arrived today & I was so happy. I got one eyeshadow quad, some antibacterial sanitizer, & 9 nail things. A base coat, a strengthener, an whoops fixer, & 6 colors.
 Colors are: Jade, Golden Sand, Pale Gold, Powder Pink, Pink Radiance, & Midnight Plum.
My favorite by far is Jade, it's so pretty. The "gold" looks more like iridescence but maybe once it's on the gold will come out. I like the golden sand too but the name doesn't quite fit it. It reminds me of copper or terracotta. :) I can't wait to use them, especially the Jade. I seriously am in love with the Jade one. I would've named it mint or sage. :)

So yup, that's all really. The 'stang should be done Friday. SHOULD! I'm gonna go apeshit on someone if it's not done! :)

09 August 2011


It's been a while since I've written. Our lives aren't all that exciting so you haven't missed much.

Miss 'Stang is almost done. We went to see her on Friday & she's looking interesting. The red is very pretty, I do admit. They were sanding her so one side was shiny & the other not so much. :) Mike was ecstatic. He could not stop smiling & laughing. We should be able to pick her up in the next few days. There is a Vale mustang meet this weekend but it's just a dinner meet, not a driving meet so we're not going. Mike has also decided that I've been right all along & he probably shouldn't drive the mustang to work every day. YAY! So, we're so going to be saving on gas which helps since Christmas is coming up. YAY!

Christmas: Well....Mike & I started getting really excited about Christmas on Friday. We even spent the extra time between lunch & movie Christmas shopping. We now have one person finished & 3 little boys started. We've decided to stop going to Tucson to see movies so much & start just pulling that money out for Christmas savings. If all goes to plan we'll have $700 saved for Christmas. We may spend some of that money along the way on presents but that's what it's for anyways. :) Then....when we got home Mike realized that 2 guys will be just getting home from a 4 month volunteer deployment. After deployments you get leave. So, we might be screwed royally & not get to come home for Christmas. I will be so pissed!!!

Healthy-ness: I had a doc appt on Thursday to get some test results. They were half good & half not good. Apparently my adrenal glands are not working properly & my cortisol levels were very low. New book to read, new pill regimen (vitamins & supplements), & new eating plan. Read about it HERE! I haven't been able to exercise because of only one car & Mike's early & unpredictable schedule. He's working out which is great. Once we get the 'stang back I can start back at Curves, yay! Hopefully with this new diet/pill regimen I'll have lots more energy in the morning to really kick butt there. :) If not, I may have to switch my workout time to get maximum workout-age! :)

Well, that's about all that's going on here. I hope life is treating you well!

04 August 2011

Jenny Dream???

This post is strictly a "jenny dream" post. Nothing to do with our family so if you want, go ahead & skip this post. For those that don't know I've been visited by my friend Jenny who passed away Oct 28th, 2007. She was one of my best friends. Our wake up this morning was 3:45, ugh so early, & I was startled out of my dream, thank goodness the Jenny part was already over. It didn't hit me that it was a Jenny dream til I was doing my hair & then I thought "oh my gosh, I had a Jenny dream". Here is the dream. (to read about the last Jenny dream, click.....HERE)

It took place at my parent's house & for some reason Jenny's brother, C, was there & we were talking. He was comforting me but I don't remember why. All of a sudden I was leaning back in a chair & C was cooking something is the microwave when he noticed I was tear-ing up. (ok, C has NEVER been in my house so why this dream took place there I don't know. Also, I hardly know C ((other than J's sister & working with him a few times)) but this is the second 'jenny' dream he's been in.) C asked me what was wrong & I told him that I just miss Jenny alot. I tell him about the dreams I've had with her & at first he thinks I'm crazy but then believes me. What's weird & how this was a 'jenny dream' was because I kept seeing Jenny instead of C & I kept calling him Jenny. They do look alike so I brushed it off in the dream but I kept seeing her & wanting to say her name. I think it really was her though. Here's the horrible part. I've always worried that I'd never get to see Jenny again in a dream & I'm pretty sure this was the last one. In the dream I told C that I don't think I'll ever see Jenny in a dream again & he agreed. *sad face* I think Jenny was telling me that was her final dream. That definitely makes me sad. For one, I didn't realize it was a Jenny dream at the time & that's not fair. I didn't know it was goodbye but I guess that's how our last IM was. I love being able to see & talk to Jenny in dreams. Those dreams truly are the most amazing experiences & I will dearly miss them. I miss her so much. :(

03 August 2011

What's New

It seems like lately things are changing left & right. Mike is doing this 3 week exercise & while he had no PT on Monday & Tuesday this morning he started work at 5:30. That meant I didn't get to go to Curves. I probably would've taken him to work so I could have the car but I have to do that tomorrow so I figured pushing it one day isn't a big deal. Well......... *scowl*, tomorrow he starts work at 4:30. STARTS work at 4:30, that means we have to be up around 3:45 so we can leave by 4. Him having to be at work at 5:30 was perfect because I would've been at Curves by 6 which is my late-normal time. (normal time is 5:30-6). But 4:30, ugh! I'll be home by 5 & I'll most likely want to crawl into bed then. Crap, I just remembered Tues & Thur it doesn't open til 6. Seriously, I'm so going to fall asleep before I can leave for Curves tomorrow, haha.

The mustang. Well, she's painted. Mike called yesterday & she officially has color again. The paint has to cure & then you know, sanding, clear coat, polishing. So we're thinking by the end of next week we'll finally be a 2 car family again. YAY!!!

So, the only person who 'follows' me is a polish-a-holic & I've been wanting to get a few new polishes for a while. Welp, Avon to the rescue. I got 6 new polishes, a strengthening polish, a base coat, & a smudge corrector. All these nail things were on sale baby! Also because I spent over $30 I'm getting a free mascara. So awesome, I really need a new one. The one I use is forever old! I am so excited, I can't wait for my package! I'm hoping it's here by the end of next week. Fingers Crossed!!!! :)

01 August 2011


Happy August! I can't believe it's the 8th month of the year. I also can't believe how nothing has changed when I had such big plans! Waa Waa!

It is a new month & that means a new start. Getting back into exercising, getting back to uber healthy eating (yes we started this 2 weeks ago but we didn't do super awesome, just good), & getting back to....aaahhhh. Ok I don't know what else but whatever. I have a doctor's appt on Thursday & that kinda feels like that'll be a new start too. :) This weekend while trying to braid my hair without the use of a rubberband at the top I strained my shoulders. I just can't braid my hair without first putting it into a rubber band. Ay. So, anywho, I did that Saturday night & I had a MASSIVE headache all of Sunday. It'd get better but the smallest thing would send it off on a throbbing episode. I tried relaxing, I tried drinking my weight in water, I tried soda (someone told me this & I thought they were crazy but it's actually worked before & now if water doesn't help, I try drinking a soda). Nothing worked!! NOTHING! I finally broke down & took some aspirin. I'm really really trying to not use aspirin anymore for a certain reason that I won't go into here but whatever, I'm trying not to use them. I'm almost to the point of taking some now too. This headache won't go away!!!! I actually feel like crap today. I slept so hard, woke up at 5 to work out & by 8 I was exhausted. I ended up zonking at 8:30 & though I had planned to wake back up at 9:30 that did not happen. I ended up sleeping til 10:30 & I really truly could've slept til noon or later. I was SO tired & energy less. It's such a horrible feeling. I did manage to wash dishes, make myself lunch, & wash our sheets which are on their second run through the dryer. Partly to make sure they're dry & partly so I don't have to put them back on the bed. :) I do not know how I'm going to have the energy to cook dinner tonight. Good news, we have all new fresh stuff for salads!!! YAY!

This weekend was a huge lazy weekend. I really truly did nothing productive. Mike was productive somewhat. He mowed, sprayed weeds, met our new neighbor (& went missing for an hour which freaked me out), he put in the insert with the doggie door into our sliding backdoor, & vacuumed (which I was going to do & I don't remember why I didn't). We went to Sonoita for dinner at a really great steakhouse. Their steak fries are AWESOME! And lastly we went grocery shopping. We spent $100 still, even with our small list, but we got a ton of meat. We should definitely be good on steaks for a long time. :) The rest of the weekend was spent watching tv or movies. Lazy Dazies we were & it was nice.

Welp, that's all. I shall try to stay awake for the next 90 minutes, haha, & then spend time with my hubs a licious!