18 February 2012


I'm going to bitch!

This early morning insomnia seriously is way past annoying! I haven't taken a nap all week long, I go to bed at a normal time, basically no caffeine in my body all day long. I have had some chocolates & I know that has caffeine but minimally! I can't have regular caffeine due to my miracle so that's fine. I've tried early bedtimes, I've tried later bedtimes. Nothing works. Sometime between 12-2 I wake up & don't fall asleep again until 3-4. Wonderful night it's 12-4 of being awake. THIS morning! It was 1:45-4:45ish. I was in quite a bit of pain from my back, I guess I slept wrong & when I tried stretching it out I tweaked it so I was in pain all day yesterday & therefore last night/this morning. I also apparently am getting sick. My throat is now in a constant scratchy annoying-ness! So my morning insomnia was accompanied by pain & throat troubles. Water, Non-Aspirin, & Cough Drop barely worked! But I got back to sleep around 5ish. Grrr!

My weight, Grrrr! I was kicking ass the beginning of the week. I was losing nicely & definitely on track for my goal. Then all of a sudden I see a gain yesterday but pushed it off. Again today which I really don't get. I haven't been eating bad. I did sit & read and had a better weigh-in 30 mins later but not as good as I hoped. Still good I guess, I lost. I know I'll gain eventually but I'm not ready. I probably will never be ready to see the scale start heading in the other direction though. I worked so hard to get to 40 & it'll be sad to gain it back. For a good reason or not, it's sad. :(

Good things!!! Mike should be home in a week! I'm so ready!!! A few days after he returns I have a doctor's appt & he'll finally be able to go! His first visit with me and I'm hoping our peanut cooperates so we can hear some beating! :) Truly a peanut because LO(little one) is measuring small. I'm still keeping my DD as I have it because I know dates & stuff. Tell me I'm off all you want but I have my records! :)

15 February 2012

Mid February

I can't believe February is half-over! That's crazy. So what's new?!

Mike has been gone 2 1/2 weeks & I seriously can't wait til he's home! 11 days! Yay! I hate that he has missed a few important things while gone & I'm not meaning my birthday & valentine's day. I did get sad on my birthday without him but I seriously have some of the most amazing girls here. The girls & I went to do pedicures & then to lunch. We always spend at least 2 hours at lunch because we talk so much about everything. I ate crazy that day, it was MY day! I gained 2 lbs that day, I'm not even joking! It was the best birthday ever! I really could not of asked for better presents, one you can't buy :), & for all the love I was shown! I bought myself "Lady & The Tramp" the day before to finally start our disney collection and my husband surprised me by getting me "The Beauty & The Beast" & "The Lion King". It made me very teary eyed which sounds silly but it was a big deal to me to start our collection for our kids. It just really meant a lot, more than he'll ever understand! Valentine's Day! Well, I will admit it was a little sad. I treated myself by buying a bag of dark chocolate dove squares! Sooooo good! I had a doctor's appt which upset me a tiny bit but then again, the reason for it is amazing. Mike might not have been with me but I was surrounded by 3 amazing valentine's. I'm sad for what Mike has missed but I know it's not that big of a deal. Pictures & Videos can always be shared, I just can't wait til he's here in person to experience it. :) Yay!!!

Weight/Eating! Yeah, it's hard when you want to eat everything junk food in sight! Haha! I hit 40 lbs lost about 10 days ago. Then I gained 2. Now I'm working on losing them again! :) It's an adventure & I am so anal about my weight. I want to lose as much as I can while I can. Seems silly but when I eat right, really healthy, I lose easily. Even sandwiches I make more healthy by putting tomatoes & loading up lettuce. I prefer it that way now. My new favorite is grilled ham & cheese with tomato & lettuce. Funny but I can't stand cucumbers anymore. They make me gag & after a while sick. Cucumbers were MY FAVORITE! Now, ugh! 

Anywho, that's about it for what's new! Sticking kicking around here. :)

04 February 2012

Happy February!

It's been an interesting week. :) Mike left at midnight Sunday morning for a 4 week training thing at Ft. Irwin, southern Ca. It was really hard for me but I'm an emotional mess. It was just the first day that I felt lost, like a chicken without it's head. We're nearly a week down, YAY! It's awesome!

The dogs are good. I still need to get their licenses, I've been dragging my feet on going down there. I know it'll take literally 2 minutes but ugh, driving out there. Yeah, I've been lazy! The dogs are usually my cuddlebugs since Mike is gone. Kinda nice for them to cuddle with ME! :)

I'm currently down 40 lbs which is awesome! So excited. It's been a slow losing month kinda or it feels like it since I weigh almost everyday.  But it's ok. I can lose slow. I'd be concerned if I lost fast right now. :) Easy breezy slow weight loss. :) It's been a little scary health wise this week but I'm staying positive. All will be ok! I have faith that everything will be ok. Faith Faith Faith!!!

Well, that's all really. Have a great February! I turn 28 in 4 days!!! :)