17 October 2011

Mid October

I can't believe it's October, let alone mid October. Crazy I tell ya! Next month is huge for us & then the one after, HELLO CHRISTMAS! We're awesome on getting gifts. We have Mike's parents both done, his nephews done, My dad both, my mom almost done, my grandma done, & both sets of Mike's grandparents. (well, we're taking one set out to dinner which is to us a late lunch. haha). I need to buy a little something extra for my mom & something for my aunt/uncle. Then we're done! Well, of course the SF zoo trip with the boys (nephews) too. :) The next 10-12 weeks will be great. Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversary, Thanksgiving (with my family here), then heading home for Christmas! Awesome!

Health: Mike seems to be back on track and I am mostly on track. I didn't get in my night walks really last week but I still managed to lose 3 lbs. WOO HOO! I know I'll probably have a small lose this week but as long as I lose 4+ in the next 2 weeks I'll be SMILING! My goal is 30 by November 1st. :) I take weekends off & it's starting to get to me. I was just taking off from super strict eating but I'd still walk. Then it was only 1-2 times during the weekend. Now it seems to be no walking Friday-Sunday. I still eat mostly healthy friday but dinner is the start of not eating right. Slipping Slipping Slipping. I need to stop that.

Mustang: Don't get me started. We got it back this weekend which yay but apparently there is something wrong with it. A friend of Mike's was suppose to look at it but not sure why since Mike knows what the problem is. Something with the suspension or shocks I think. Even Mike even agreed that there seems to always been something wrong with that car. He tells me "I guess it wasn't meant to be a daily driver". Ha, really? You mean a high performance car with a supercharger wasn't meant to be an everyday car? Shock! He wants to sell the super charger now too & put the old one back on. He put that thing on like 6 weeks ago & now he wants to sell it? Argh! I guess Mike wants to do a mini mustang run with his friend & his friend's friend this weekend. We couldn't do the P51 run because his car was at the shop so he wants to do this one. I hope it gets cancel, I'm really not interested in it. Also Mike is suppose to be putting together next month's P51 Mustang's run. He's planning it for the weekend of the phoenix nascar race that he wants to go too. Sometimes that boy makes no sense. The weekend before that one though is closer to our anniversary though & the one after is close to thanksgiving. We'll see I guess.

Mike might not even be here end of October- 23rd November because he volunteered to go to another post for who knows what. I'm not sure when we'll find out whether he got picked or not but I'm hoping it's not like a day or two before he leaves. It's the army though so you know that's how it'll be. Darn Army! Anywho, that's about all that's happening here.
Oh, Mike's health is ok. It turns out it's a moderate infection in his lungs. No tumor or anything more serious. Lots of antibiotics & fingers crossed for a permanent profile for PT. :)

06 October 2011

New Blue

So what's new? Not too much but I'll still tell you about life the last week or so.

Mike's car is going BACK to the paint shop. Why? Because the paint bubbled by the door. I know there's a few things he wants looked at or whatever. My guess is it'll be there for at least 2 weeks maybe more. Mike sees no problem with this but I hate being down to one car. He tells me "at least we're not paying for it to be fixed". Don't even get me started! We're paying by me being without a car basically for 2 or more weeks. He was suppose to be taking my car on the days I didn't have curves & about half the time he will take my car. So much for saving money on gas. I guess we will now because we'll have too.

Eating right/exercise. This week has been a real struggle for me on both fronts. I've been craving bad food all week and staying away from it has been hard. I've slipped a few times. I'm not thinking I'll lose the 2.5 that'll get me to 25 which is disappointing. Mike basically is off the eating right train again. It lasted for one week. He's back to buying his lunches. We could save SO much money by him just taking his lunch. He averages at least $10 a day.

I seem obsessed with money. We're not poor & most of the time we aren't struggling but we're suppose to be saving for christmas. After christmas we should be saving to pay off the credit card or his car loan. Should! It use to be important to him to do these kinds of things but the last year he could care less. That's frustrating.

Mike's surgery/procedure was Monday. Talk about stressful. They saw something on the chest cat scan so they went in to look at it & biopsy it. All is fine. It was smaller than it appeared & it's benign. I guess he'll be on steriods to clear up whatever it is. He has asthma & he's allergic to lots of things. Hopefully once we move most of his problems will go away. Only 18 or so month for that. Then who knows where we'll go. He's liking Korea for a one year tour by himself. Whatever, I guess we'll decide once the time gets closer.

That's all, Tschuess.