19 August 2012

Crazy Life

Life is so totally crazy but so totally amazing! Our daughter is 19 days old & I'm still in denial that she's ours. Our baby girl, our daughter! It's weird to call her Katie & know we have a daughter named Katelyn. A name I picked out 10 years ago for a daughter should we ever be blessed with one. Life is so totally amazing with her. I admit, the late night/early morning feedings are HARD! It's hard to have to wake up every 3-4 hrs. I often take midday naps because my energy is zapped. I'm also still healing from the Csection. Mike is a pretty good daddy but his patience is lacking. A fussy baby & daddy don't mix. :) She's actually a really really good baby so we're definitely lucky when it comes to that. If you want to know all about her birth click here.

The dogs are doing pretty good with baby. Hershey of course is a big brother & wants to help when she's fussy. Well, he wants to help all the time. He kisses her whenever he can sneak a kiss & he's always checking on her. Cinnamon has kissed her a few times but she's more interested in getting attention & being loved on. Both have had their jealous moments but Cinnamon definitely is way more jealous. I figured she would be. She can't have all the attention now which she doesn't like.

I'm not sure how Mike is doing on weight loss but I am nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm definitely hoping to be at pre-pregnancy by Katie's 3 week birthday which is in 2 days. :) I can definitely get there if I don't eat horribly. Not that I've been keeping track of my weight, I actually just first stepped on the home scale 3 days ago. The next goal will be to get to my lowest weight so far which is 10 lbs away. :) Mike has a PT test at the end of this month so fingers crossed he's ready for it & is at a good enough weight for it. :)

Well, that's about it. Have a great day!