30 September 2011


It's been a while since I've blogged here. I've been quite busy with the whole healthy eating & exercising stuff. Wooh, it's hard work I tell ya. Not much else has really been happening.

Mike is still doing his pulmonology stuff. Still trying to figure out what's going on. We should have answers soon I hope and then we can go from there. There has been some headway with that but until we know for sure what's going on I won't say. I will say that we found out Mike is highly(& some not so highly) allergic to some things. Some grasses, plants, trees, that sort of things. So we have a few answers but we're waiting on more.
As for me, things are well. The adrenal meds/supplements are working great. I feel alot better & I definitely have more energy/stamina. I've lost 22.5 lbs in just under 3 months. I'm eating VERY healthy (like uber healthy yo!) & working my ass off, literally! Curves 3 times a week & walking 6 days a week usually twice a day. I do 3-4 miles a day during the week. Slowly going farther & longer. In 3 weeks I racked up 50 miles. WOOO HOOO! And according to endomondo, I've burned 15 burgers! That cracks me up & delights me. To know I've worked off 15 burgers. I've had 3-4 during that time but still. Haha! 3-4 burgers or not, I lost 11.5 lbs in September & that's awesome! I can't wait to hit 25, then 30, then 35, etc. I can't wait. I love knowing I'm actually making a difference and that this time, my hard work is actually paying off. :) I'm FINALLY starting to see changes in my body too. Finally!

10 September 2011

Run Baby Run!

Today was our mustang run & it was awesome! Only 4 other cars showed up but they were nice cars. The lead car ended up being pulled over for speeding (thank goodness he only got the first person) but he was nice & cut her a break. Legally he could've taken away her license for criminal speed (20 over) but he did not. We ate in Douglas which is LITERALLY a hop skip & jump from mexico! One sign said Douglas-10 miles Mexico-11 miles. Crazy!!!
Turn Right for Mexico. No thank you!
Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Eh-decent I guess food, good people, & great cars! It's a really great group, everyone is so friendly. We are by far the youngest in the group though. All other members are grandparents. We don't even have kids yet & they're talking about grandkids. So weird but they're really nice people! I think we're going to love the P-51 Mustang club. :)

Sometime today my throat decided it wanted to be quite tender & sore. I did not wake up with a sore throat, I am not sick, & I did not do any yelling today but my throat is not happy. It might be my tonsils or something similar. It doesn't feel like the normal sore throat or at least the normal first day sore throat. It feels like a bad sore throat without the severe pain. Which kinda doesn't make sense but it's sensitive & feels very swollen. I hope I don't wake up saying "mommy". There is just something about a severe sore throat or being really sick that makes you want your mommy. To make it all better & take care of you. :)

Well, that's all for now. Goodnight!

50th Post

This is my 50th post. Not that it matters but whatever. :)

Today we have another mustang run. Me-rolling eyes. It's been a tight few weeks but of course there's no way Mike will not go on a mustang run. It's literally just driving in a car but we have to go. Whatever, I'll been the camera person. Good news is that Mike said if we skimp like we have been (which hello, I've always been good at money management & skimping) that we could save 2-300, maybe more by the end of the month which would go directly to our CHRISTMAS FUND!!! We even found the perfect christmas gift for Mike's dad last weekend in Tombstone. We'll need to go back next weekend to get one so we can get that cheap price & a good sized one. :) YAY!

Mike & I have been kicking butt on losing weight. He lost around 2 lbs this week I believe & I lost 2.5 lbs. Bringing my grand total to 16 lbs. I look forward to delicious delicious food this weekend! I'm pretty strict during the week so I definitely look forward to the weekends. Each weekend I do seem to eat better though. Junk or Fast/Restaurant food just weighs me down now. I've heard people say "oh, that stuff just weighs you down, it just makes you feel bad" & ya know what, it's true. I feel so different on the weekends, I feel heavy & lethargic. My muscles tighten up too. Seriously, junk food now makes me feel so bad. But I love it so! Slowly but surely I make healthier choices on the weekend. It may just mean getting more veggies in but it's a start. I just wish I could Mike to eat more veggies, I think he'd lose more too.

Welp, that's about it. I have a feeling it's going to be a long weekend. Doesn't help that I've been waking up at 4-5 am on the weekends. Booo to that!

04 September 2011

What A Long Saturday!

Yesterday was the Mustang Run with the Thunder Mountain Mustangs & what a F*ing joke. We were told to be there BY 9:30 & we'd leave shortly after. We didn't leave til 10:10 & the 5 cars that went on our "run" were all there by 9:30. Then the president is seriously a dick driver & they didn't know where they were going. He sped leaving the rest of us trying to keep up. The last car got stuck at the light so we were trying to keep the front guys in sight but not so fast to try & let the last guy show up. Dick kept weaving in & out of traffic & a few of the other drivers were dumbf*cks too. Dangerous! We passed our street so of course finally he slips into a super busy lane & Mike & I were the only ones that didn't make it over. We finally find 3 of the cars & as soon as we turn into that area they take off & of course, we weren't able to make it across traffic to follow them. The group is crap. If you aren't 40+ & have been a part of the group awhile then they don't really talk to you. There was literally 2 groups the old asses & then Mike & his co-worker. We FINALLY get to Sabino Canyon & it's nothing. First you had to pay to park & then the trolley cost too. We never carry cash we always use the card so what the heck. The other NICE mustang, the only other modified mustang, which ended up being Mike's co-worker was in the same boat. His family also wasn't dressed for a walk around this place. The wife also has hip & knee problems so she couldn't.
Here's what the lead of the group should do & should have!!! EVERY CAR GROUP when going on a trip needs these:

  • Research, Research, Research!!! Know all about the place we're going!!!
  • Know WHERE we're going & HAVE GPS! or print directions for everyone
  • Stay together as a GROUP, what makes it a club if we're all separated
  • Have a meet location before the destination in case someone gets separated
  • Tell other drivers What they need to bring (cash) & what kind of attire to wear or what type of destination it is.
The head guy did NONE of this & he never has. He acts like it's a large family trip, wait no because families stay together. It was basically his group of friends going on a ride & we were the 5th wheel. That was our last trip with that joke of a group!

Once we got to Sabino Canyon, Mike & his co-worker(&family) decided we were going to drive up to Mt. Lemmon instead. It was an hr drive which at least 40 of which was driving UP the mountain. It was cooler, it was GORGEOUS, Fresh Air! The only restaurant (which is a cookie bar) was packed & we had to wait for around 15-20 minutes in line but it was pretty tasty. We found a table easily inside. The guys split the cost (cause it was pricey). D got the soda(for 5 people) & 3 cookies which are the size of a paper plate & Mike got the pizza. All pretty tasty!!! :) They each spent $25 which isn't too bad in a rich mountain town. The co-workers family are from Georgia so they were SUPER friendly & the wife & I talked up a storm the whole time. It really was such a wonderful time. Then we all came home. Our day started at 9 & we got home at 5:15. LONG day of driving!

We get home & I really did not over eat (& my schedule was all messed up. I normally eat lunch at 11 & we didn't eat til 2:30) so I was hungry by dinner time. Mike didn't feel like going out & I really didn't want pizza again but if Mike won't leave the house, he won't leave the house. Pizza it was. I've been craving Burger King for WEEKS! Literally weeks, 3-4 now & surprisingly the thought of a greasy burger was disgusting. BK isn't even that greasy but the thought of a fast food burger repulsed me. Soooo weird. Pizza is SOOOOO way more greasy but I don't know. The pizza we had wasn't that good. I don't remember the name but it was alfredo sauce, spinach, a few cheeses, ham, chicken, onions, & mike added sausage. Not that tasty. We also got chicken strips which they put the wrong sauce, good thing we had buffalo sauce here, but those were pathetic. Mike loved them. They reminded me of cafeteria chicken flat strips.

Oh well, we had some good food, some good company, & a good time.....once we ditched the TMM group. Haha!

03 September 2011

Run Shelby Run!!!

I have been informed a few times by Mike that Penelope is not a mustang, she's a SHELBY! Don't get it twisted, she's a shelby. :) Today is the mustang run & we're really hoping there's a good turn out. The whole 3 car convey last time was pathetic. I have a feeling it won't be a big turn out but let's hope since this is the first run in months & only 3rd of the year that we'll have lots of 'stangs a-running. We're also hoping the rain stays away! Stay Stay Away Rain!!!

I am so excited because I am officially at 13 lbs lost in 2 months. Slow & Steady but HEALTHY! I lost 2.5 lbs in 2 days!!! Ok, that doesn't seem very healthy but I didn't do anything different other than walking. We started going for walks this week. Wednesday & Thursday I racked up 60 minutes of walktime. I also wore lighter clothes to weigh in. So, a little bit of that was the clothes but still. :) I even completed Mike's marathon nearly 1.25 mile loop last night. I would've never in a million years thought I'd be able to finish it the first week we started walks but I did. My feet were quite yelpy by the end & there was some pain in various parts but I made it without stopping or whining. I can't believe it. It took us 35 minutes to complete. :)

Also, a little side note. My nails, toe & finger, nearly match the car! Oh ya, this girl is doing it up for this mustang run. This 13 lb lighter woman with her red nails a blazin' will be riding in a beautiful red beast today! :)