31 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

I can not tell you how stressful our trip was at first. It seemed nothing was meant to go right for the trip. By trip I mean the driving part. Mike came home at 5:30 with his signed papers & decided we should leave that night. An hour later (because I prepacked everything but Mike's clothes) we were on the road. Only to hit an accident 10 minutes from the house that delayed us 30 mins, then Cinnamon got car sick. We get to where we plan to stop only to be told "sorry, spring training.....no hotels here or anywhere close". Mind you, it's 10:30 at night. So, on to Blythe, 90 mins away. We spotted at a few hotels along the way only to be told the same crap. The 4th hotel in Blythe & 7th total we tried FINALLY had a room & one away from everyone else. It was 12:30 at night, we were exhausted! The beds sucked & it was on the second floor. It had the open stairs which Hersh is deathly afraid of so he had to be carried up the steps. 40+ lb Hersh! We went to sleep at 1am & at 4:45 I woke up with the world's worst tension headache. I got ready, took the dogs out (carrying my 75 lb dog down & up the stairs), feed them, & we (dogs & I) were fully packed by 6 am. Mike refused to get up before 6:30 & we were both bitchy, majorly bitchy! Mike had forgot his barret so we had to detour to Ft. Irwin! It was a LONG LONG LONG day of driving, of course with another Cinn car sickness. My headache never went away & would come rushing back with a venegence anytime I used the restroom. Something about sitting down on a toilet made the blood rush to my head. I felt like I was going to die. Sounds, smells, anything would make it so much worse. Ugh! I only drove for about 2 hours, of course with my headache splitting nicely. Mike was really awesome though because we were in the car for about 17 hrs total & I only had to drive 2 hours. Anywho, 30 mins from home I sneezed and I thought I might pass out. I started crying, I couldn't help it. I focused on my breathing & trying to not full out cry (just tears). It was from the pain of the headache but also frustration. It had been over 12 hours of a horrible tension headache and I wanted it to go away!!! When Mike noticed my tears he threatened to take me to the ER but I told him I just wanted to get to the house & relax. I wanted to have peace & quiet and be out of that God-forsaken car!!! So yes, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE drive to CA!

Funeral was Friday & it was way more emotional than I thought. Mike looked amazing in his class A's, even though he thought he looked like a stuffed sausage. After the funeral vacation started. We did get to see Mike's aunt & uncle and so awesome-Mim & Pop! Mim rubbed my fat roll but it was nice to have a reason for a rub. :) Anywho, back to vacation. Mike's dad BBQed burgers & we all relaxed. The rest of the vacation was mostly great. Pregnancy & Baby talk, actually being one of those preggos which still to this day seems surreal. Seeing all the stuff our families have bought for our bundle. Showing off all the ultrasounds. Baby shopping, MATERNITY shopping-buying my first actual maternity clothes, not just a size bigger to fit my will be huge belly. At Motherhood, yeah the official maternity store....big time, I put in the "7 month" bump & it was unbelievably surreal. That I will one day be THAT huge. I'm glad Motherhood goes up to 3x because actually maternity clothes shopping is really something every women should get to do. Online or just bigger size shopping isn't the same. ANYWHO!!!! I had a great time shopping & I felt a closeness with Mike. I also got pampered with my sister. Pedicures!!! That was really nice too.

Driving home was so much better than going there. It was easy & breezy!  Mike again drove most of the way. I know he didn't appreciate it but I did. We got home about 2 & I immediately unpacked myself. I was ready to be settled back in home!

As for Baby! We are 21 weeks today. I felt the baby so much over the last 10ish days. Active Active Baby! My next appt is Tuesday & I am so anxious to get the anatomy scan! I want to know what the heck we're having! And, that's all. I want to know what we're having & SEE the baby again. :) So ready!

Well, have a great day. Tschuess!

21 March 2012


Life likes to kick you when you're down. I wouldn't say we're down but life sure is kicking us quite a bit it seems. That's life though right.

First off, Mike's grandmother passed away on Friday. It was a month long roller coaster with her health & finally she was relieved of her pain & suffering. I wish she could've gotten better because she was one of the sweetest women I knew. I'm glad her suffering is over but it is very weird that she's no longer here on earth. The funeral is Friday which means we have to leave early Thursday, seems simple right?! No way. Mike is in class & he's been trying to get it OKed to miss the last 2 days while still passing. Monday was "I'll ask". Yesterday was "it's OK with us if it'll be OK with them" & of course everyone had gone home by then. So, here we are, the last day before our maybe trip & we still don't know if it's a Go or a No. Mike thinks it'll be easy as pie. Just fill out the paperwork & blamo but he's failing to think about how he'll be in class ALL day & everyone will most likely be gone by the time he's out of class like they were yesterday. He called his NCOIC(I think) at 5:30 yesterday & of course the jerk never answered or called back. I know Mike is probably stressed but he's playing it like he's not & this is all no big deal. It would be no big deal if I didn't have to take care of most of the packing. I've been waiting to see if I would need to pack mine & the dogs stuff but I guess today I'll pack in case. I won't know IF we're going until 5-6 pm tonight & we have to leave by 6am to get home by 10pm. That's not including work traffic or delays since it's Thursday. IF we go, we're not sure how long we'll stay but probably around early-mid week. So, that's the MAJOR stressor in my life which basically means I've had a headache off & on for a few days. That's life right! :)

Other Stresses but not major!
My phone died basically for no apparent reason. I didn't drop it, I didn't get it wet, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The screen just went out & I may not be able to get calls. I can still touch the screen & it responds but I can't see anything on the screen. I think I silenced it or turned on airplane mode a few times. I tried getting it off airplane/silent mode & calling it from my temporary/old track phone we have but what I didn't know until last night was It's Not Functional! It's not registered & the minutes are expired. Man, I would've been in deep schiesse if something happened while I was out yesterday! Oh well, I guess I MAY be able to get calls on my black screen phone & that's good enough for now. I'll look into a new phone when I can. :)
Stress #2: Vets! Yesterday I had to take Hersh for his shots. No big deal, it was only $45. Still seems high for 2 shots but it's close to the house & it was a quick visit. Not quick or cheap was Cinnie's vet trip. She had an ear infection, a very bad infection! Apparently the nurses & the doctor are chickens without heads at 3pm, it was majorly frustrating. The doctor comes in, checks her out, & tells me he'll have someone add up the cost for my approval. It's an ear infection, not a surgery! Still nice that they'd let me know the damage before they did the treatment. $250. I figured between 200-300 anyways so while it sucks it wasn't a total shock. 2 shots, 2 twice a day ear cleaner/cream, & 2 pills! One pills is twice a day for 10 days, then once a day for 10 days & one pill is 3 times a day for 10 days. Whooo! I'm suppose to go back in 2 weeks but hopefully her ear will be good by then.
Stress #3 & the least stressful. My OB appt! I'm paranoid, very paranoid! I haven't felt the baby in over a week & that worries me. I've had growing pains, I've had boob/nipple pains, I've had slight nausea. These still don't convince me everything is ok. I need to feel the baby move. Now I kick myself for not getting a doppler! My appt is Tuesday! My appt will need to be moved if we go to Ca which is fine, I just really really hope they can get me in early that next week. I have to go to that appt to get scheduled my anatomy scan & I really want to know what we're having. Mainly, I need to go to my appt to start the other doctor visit to test my adrenal gland & get paperwork for more bloodwork/tests. Adrenal problems I'm told are very bad for pregnancy. So, I'm stressed that everything has to be postponed at least a week.

Mainly I've been stressed being in limbo. Do I need to pack, do I need to reschedule, do I need to prepay our rent before our trip (which I will do today). ARE WE GOING TO CALI!!! Ugh, stress! Which is horrible for pregnancy! :) I'm stressed about the financial aspect too. Replacing my phone, the vet visits, OUR TRIP! Gas is horribly expensive right now, add dietary supplement (food), & any outing that may happen while home. Goodness Gracious!

I am trying hard to not stress but it's my nature. I have to stress because Mike doesn't & A LOT has to happen for this trip. BUT! I will pack for myself & the dogs today in case. I will have all clothes washed for hopefully an easy pack for Mike. I will go drop off a check for the rent & I will stash my appt card in my purse so I can call if needed. I will be ready to throw snacks in a bag for easy travels tomorrow & to throw away all foods that will go bad in the fridge. I will have all dishes washed & the house looking tidy. The house has to be clean before we leave, it's a weird pet peeve! I will think of all the small items & details that we'll need on our trip. I tell you, if we don't end up getting to go it's going to suck unpacking everything. Haha! Oh well, at least I'll be ready! :)

12 March 2012


It's Monday which means another fun filled week. I have nothing going on this week so it's just a week for me. Mike started classes at work which he was excited about. I guess the next 3 weeks are classes for him too so he's really happy about that. We seem to be back to our really good relationship. He still annoys me something fierce at times but it's marriage not a fairytale. Also I'm a moody preggo so there's that. :) Nothing new on that front, no new baby feelings/flutters.

Diet/Exercise: Mike insists we need to start walking but I think he's crazy. A) he gets home fairly late  b) I don't have the energy some days to not nap, let alone leave the house c)I'll definite not feel like it after dinner. Exhausted & Full!!! He's crazy! Eating right.... Mike means well & I know he really wants to start but he's just been doing that all talk no action stuff. I would like to eat healthy but I seem to be seriously replused by healthy food. We're trying though, just gotta keep trying!!!

Scrapbooking! Today I was going to start my pregnancy scrapbook. I don't have a book yet because I'd like to get either blue or pink to go with gender. Who knows I may end up buying a neutral color anyways. I was going to start scraping our ultrasound pictures & my appt cards. I was going through my scrapbook cabinet thing & realized I have a lot of junk in there. So, I cleaned it out so only scrapbook stuff is in the drawers. I also realized I have A LOT more stuff than I realized. I know I'll buy more scrapbook stuff; stickers, letters, etc, but I could probably get away with not buying a single thing. Now too I can just carry my cabinet to the livingroom or table for easy access. Tooo easy! Scrapbook Party at my house soon! After cleaning it out I was too tired to actually start scraping. Another day I suppose.

Welp, that's about it. I could so go for a nap but I won't. :) Good day!

09 March 2012

New Blue

So, yesterday was 13 & 1/2 years that we've been together. Crazy! It was also our ultrasound & my appt with their doctor. I'll paragraph good & bad!

Bad! First off, Mike couldn't record the ultrasound which sucks because I didn't get to watch too. She turned the screen for about 15-20 seconds for me to see the baby but that's it. It SUCKS only being able to hear people talk about the baby & body parts. I asked about gender & she was snappy about how it's too early. Whatever lady! She did look but couldn't see. Oh & the US hurt so bad! She pressed so hard & I actually have sore spots today. Bitch! She also ignored my questions. I had to repeat myself 3 times to get an answer. The US was fine though, whatever. It was appt. Ugh, if I never see that asshole doctor again it'll be too soon! My BP is high but it's high normal & actually my regular high normal. He wasn't concerned enough to suggest pills. My glucose is great. All my numbers were good but he insisted I WILL have a horrible pregnancy & I will have every single problem possible. He then told me I need to not gain any weight at all. "I'm not telling you to diet but you need to do whatever it takes to not gain". I came away feeling like complete crap about myself. It didn't matter that I lost 30 lbs before pregnancy or that I lost another 10 after, which I have started gaining back. I struggled with gaining some weight back, it devastated me. Then I realized it is what it is & it's not worth the stress I was putting on myself. Apparently this doctor thinks so. Ugh, that doctor was the biggest dick!!!

Good-Mike got to see the baby & he was delighted. I could hear the amazement in his voice, I wish I could've seen his face. He was snappy with me, even scolding me for laughing/chuckling at what he said or his reaction to things. Apparently he didn't realize I couldn't see the screen, that I was just laying there listening to him & nursey talk. I did get to see our "monkey" for a short time and she(or he) was folded in half. Her(his) feet were against the top of her(his) head. Mike got to see the baby scratch it's head which prompted him to tell me I was growing a monkey, not a human. Oh...K! Haha. The baby is getting so big! At first the head was really low & at the top of my stomach/roll were the legs. Later the head was at the top of my stomach. Baby weighed 7 oz! Mike doesn't believe me but I'm pretty sure I felt the baby shifting from left to right & back last night in bed. I had soda with dinner & I think she/he had a sugar high. Very weird feeling. :)

Welp, tomorrow I will be 18 weeks. 4 months! Baby may be small but I'm keeping my DD as I know it. :)

06 March 2012


Is it seriously March already?! February seemed to take forever! Mike came home the 25th at 1:30 am. I kinda got the run around from him, more than kinda really, so I wasn't miss cheery. Also not getting any sleep & being moody. It was a hard adjustment having him home again. He's just SO messy & I was so use to my house being CLEAN. Within an hour the spare bathroom had a tornado hit & within 24 hours Mike the tornado hit the rest of the house. It drove me absolutely crazy!!! I was super anal about my clean house! To where I cleaned everything before he even got up on Sunday which he didn't noticed. We were both pretty moody for the first few days. Grrrr! Then my car battery died on me. Grrr!!! I had a doctor's appt on the 28th which was Mike's first & the first time we got to hear the heartbeat. Mike was not impressed & if fact his words were "it was kinda anti-climatic". Booo! My BP was high at my appt & I brought up my previous cortisol issue which WHOOPS! made me go from a normal 20 wk ultrasound March 28th(ish) to a high risk ultrasound on the 8th. I had to get a copy of all of my medical records & today I took them for the OB office to copy. I also got to clarify why I have a high risk ultrasound. Tuesday was a whirlwind & we were in a hurry because Mike had to get back to work. I was in shock. What do you mean high risk us! So I asked today. Mainly it's basically of the cortisol issue but the high bp & history of high bp are also a concern. Anywho, I am NOT considered High Risk yet, this is just a precaution. Big sigh of relief! I am happy we get to see the baby on Thursday but I am a little bummed it's not the normal 20 wk one at the end of the month where I could ask "so...what are we having!!!". I'm not sure whether the Obsterix people will tell us gender at 17/18 weeks. We may just have to pay for a gender ultrasound. Hopefully Mike seeing the baby on the ultrasound will spark his happy since the HB didn't. Truly, nothing compares to seeing your baby moving on a ultrasound. I know he'll be amazed! Only 2 days away too!!!