16 February 2014


I miss my family, I don't like being so far away. I've always hated that the military takes me away from our families & all the events that happen with them. I miss that, I miss the normalcy of going to birthday parties, weddings, gatherings. Since moving to Tn, it seems worse. I talk to my grandma more & she seems so sad. I know I'd probably end up mad if I was actually able to visit because she's so judgemental & she'd say something to offend me. So it's better that I just send cards & pictures and I talk to her on the phone once in a while. My dad & brother are in AR visiting my dad's dad. He's in the hospital & while I don't feel a connection to that grandpa, I do want to see my dad & brother, more my dad. They're only 7 hours away but with Hersh it's not feasible to pick up & go. I can't drive alone, that's too long for Katie to not go full breakdown. Shoot, she has about a million as it is. Terrible 1.5's! It makes me sad that our families are missing watching Katie grow up. I know they'll visit but once or twice a year to see your grandbabies is not ok. That sucks! :( I wish she got more extended family time. But I guess it is what it is.

Mike found out we may not be at Campbell for the full 3 years. This is an air assault post & because Mike has a profile he can't go to Air Assault school, therefore they don't want him here. We just moved so we're guessing it'll be a little while before they'd move us, maybe another year and by then Mike is hoping he's ready for the school. He just needs to lose the weight & get physically better so he can do it. He asked where I wanted to go. He brought up Irwin(southern Ca) or Riley(Ks, my brother lives in Ks). Both of those are more for me & being closer to family. I've been to Irwin once & honestly I'd be fine without ever going back. It's in the middle of NOWHERE! But it's also 5-6 hours from HOME! Back Home! What would beat being so darn close to family. I could go stay with them for a week here or there, go to family gatherings, etc. Nothing would beat being SO close to them. Except that it'd be because of being stationed in Irwin. Riley, the only upside I know is being close to my brother and we're actually not that's close (relationship). I like seeing him & spending time with him but I don't know, we're different I guess. I'm closer to my sister than my brother. Anyways, so we may be leaving Campbell sooner than the 3 years but I guess time will tell on that. And where we go, who knows. I know Mike mentioned Bragg right after we got here so who knows, maybe it'd be Bragg. It needs to be where Mike wants to go or he won't be happy. Truly, it's his needs/wants above everything else and that kind of sucks but I know that's how it is. Like I said, if it's not where he wants, he won't be happy and that'd make for a miserable life.

Anyways, back to life. Bye blog world! :)

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