04 December 2014


Wow, I haven't updated this in FOREVER!  Big things are happening, big big things. Our baby girl is 2. What? That's freaking crazy yo! I can't believe my baby girl is so grown up. She's so smart & full of energy. She's just like me which is good & bad. She's got my temper for sure. She knows her alphabet & we work on numbers. She's obsessed with the moon, clocks, trucks, buses, etc. She loves to be read to & to read herself. She loves fake talking on the phone but not so much real talking on the phone. She was 20 lbs at her 2 year appt & yesterday our scale said 21.6 lbs which usually is off by a pound or 2. Still I'd say she's about 22 lbs. Grow girl grow!

We found out this week we'll be moving & I am SO stressed about it. We found out they are raising our rent & we really can't afford that with the new changes coming in 2015. We'll be getting a new vehicle & have some things to buy so we can't put more towards rent. We found a place on post which will most likely be our new place. I'm not thrilled about being on post but there are some huge pros for it. Like no deposit & free rent for a few months. We don't have extra money for another deposit & being able to pocket a few weeks of BAH/rent to put towards the credit card or whatever will be so nice. On post place has 4 bedrooms even, which is super nice. It's 2 stories though, blah, but I guess that's nice. People sleeping won't be disturbed by people watching tv or whatever. The livingroom is under the master bedroom. The master is WAY smaller than we have now but the one now is HUGE! I hope we're able to fit everything in there. It might be a tight squeeze but we'll make due. We'll also have an extra bedroom if needed, before it becomes kid #2's room. The 4th bedroom, guest room, is down the hall from the other 3 rooms so our guests will have a little privacy. Also, that extra room could be a 2nd guest room if needed. We don't usually have so many people we need 2 rooms but it's happened. Anyways, moving. Ugh, Suck! If we pick on post, which come on, it's pretty set because of those huge pros aka no out of pocket money & pocketing some, we have to sign by 31 Dec. That'll give us all of January to move on post & clean this place. We have to be out of this place by 31 January but that'll easily be done having a place already. We'll start moving things over ASAP, the first days/weekend.

Anyways, I guess that's about it. The important things at least. :)

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